FPS drop after GU4

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Matcap86, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. nitram1000

    I don't think Planetside 2 likes computers in general.
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  2. nitram1000

    Fire their developers would be the first step as they clearly have not got a ******* clue what they're doing.

    Right now, the best step would be to roll back GU4 and reinstate GU3. Then release GU4 on the test sever.
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  3. Munglord

    Same here crashed my plane many times until I figured it out.

    Running an i5 new pc works fine on everything else, planetside2 per patch included.
  4. Matcap86

    Alt-tabbed out of the game to thank you guys, performance is a lot better now, for me at least! 80-100fps at warpgate 60 in small scale battle 40-45 in large scale battle, 30ish in amp-stations and Biolabs, so it's improving! Thanks! Did notice that the longer you play the lower the fps go.
  5. Turel2

    My system runs really slow after update 4. I used to get around 60 - 90 fps. I get around 20 fps now. Its unplayable due to the additional lag. No double xp weekend for me, my computer cannot cope as it is after this backwards update.
  6. ThereIsNoTry

    Same here. FPS cut down by half. Old system I know, but it went from playable to unplayable.

    E8400, 4GB Ram, GTX460 768MB

    And by the way, Infinity Ward and Treyarch always put a large emphasis on the fact that CoD runs at 60FPS on consoles because movement and aiming is much smoother that way and the gameplay experience better.
  7. Plasmaszap

    NO GPU. I lnow the game is CPU focused. The point is that is SHOULD NOT BE.

    Planetside 2 SHOULD BE GPU FOCUSED to get max performance.

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  8. TeknoBug

    Yes there's that, after I cranked everything in the graphics settings to ultra and set renderquality to 1.21 the game ran smooth but after 50 minutes I was getting sub 20 fps, that memory leak is a real killer. But now renderquality 1.21 is making my GPU hit 76C, not really sure i fI want that.
  9. TeknoBug

    I recently switched from AMD to Intel, the difference with PS2 is night and day.
  10. Papio

    I feel like I've been ripped off, I've dumped money into this game even though I didn't have too, I'm premium even though the reward is ****, I've bought weapons and then watched as bullet speed dropped, damage was "adjusted" and explosions shrunk like a steroid users ball sack.

    I picked my faction based on people and not tech, TR seemed to have less 12 year olds, less people who give a **** about forum avatars and snazzy signatures, less whining *******.

    I can live with all the ********, I don't care that I need to damn near shove my prowlers HE cannon up some rank 7's *** to kill him, I don't care that I'm playing on an American server because this is where all my friends wanted and now they've all quit, what i can't live with is 15fps at biolab and amp station fights.


    *rant over*
  11. Nate1


    I do think they should let the bugs stay fixed a bit longer before introducing new ones. Why make double XP at the same time as new bugs? Its just going to piss people off 2x more.
  12. Badgered

    I am happy to report that by unparking my cores and setting the GPU as my PhysX processor I've gained about 20 FPS. It is my hope that anyone who does so will be even better off than before when they fix whatever is causing the performance issues with GU04.


    Do it. You won't regret it.
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  13. Delain81

    I'm a super noob when it comes to computer stuff and ****..can that in any way affect my system ina negative way?
  14. Nate1

    If you have a multicore processor [dual, quad, etc] Parking a core puts it to sleep to save energy and reduce heat.

    Disabling core parking keeps the core awake so that it can do any work that is available.

    Typically you'd want to keep all your cores awake while playing PS2, by disabling core parking.

    The disadvantage to disabling core parking would be battery life and heat output, which is not a concern to me because I keep my laptop plugged in, and I have a cooler for it. Laptops typically run a little hotter without a seperate cooler.
  15. Andy79

    It would be very helpful to indicate in the graphic settings if they are CPU or GPU related, while unsuccessfully trying to improve my fps after GU04 I tried everything on low and it was awful, then I switched everything to high and it was - the same.

    Maybe have some setting presets, like
    High CPU / High GPU (modern intel with dedicated modern AMD or Intel graphics)
    Low CPU / High GPU (AMD users with a modern GPU)
    High CPU / Low GPU (basically players using a modern intels integrated graphics)
    Low CPU / Low GPU (old computers or amds modern APU offerings)

    or have an integrated benchmark that figures out which settings are best and give a recommendation
  16. nitram1000

    Being an SOE programmer must be the easiest job in the world.

    Literally do nothing to improve the game you are working on, totally **** it up and still get paid. If I performed like this in my job I would be fired for lacking competence.

    Hopefully the numbers show a steady decline in players, then and only then will SOE listen.

    I can handle overpowered Prowlers, I can handle bugs, but what I cannot handle is awful frame rate on a machine of my spec.

    SOE should be embarrassed.
  17. Sevre

    Pre GU04 I had 30-60 FPS.
    Post GU04 I have 6 FPS in battles.
    Post GU04 and most recent hotfix I get BSOD every hour to hour and a half.

    Anyone else getting Blue Screens of Death? I've been playing 3 hours and I've had 3 already. This isn't something I've ever experienced with this game -- at least at this rate -- prior to the most recent GU and hotfix.
  18. kazumi

    No blue screen. However I've crashed to windows 70% of the time when I try to redeploy to Warp gate. I've just stopped using redeploy completely.

    As for FPS, I'm currently playing Slide show universe. Which is just plain stupid.
  19. Evileet

  20. kazumi

    Yea, my bad, I totally ment Planetside 2...These days they are both so similar i get em confused :confused: