FPS drop after GU4

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Matcap86, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. Dan1192

    Same here.

    If you press Alt+F (default) and bring up the in game FPS display, I tend to notice the most jutters when you see FPS xx [CPU] - Mostly occuring in congested areas. I notice no jitters when you see ...[GPU]

    It becomes utterly unplayable over large structures - like amp stations in particular.

    Also noted that the buildings take a while to load all their components (for example, the banner showing which faction owns the facility)... causing more jutters.

    All since GU4.
  2. TeknoBug

    OK I'm blown away, I set everything to 4 again except graphicsquality to 3 (can't stand the brightness of 4) and set renderquality to 1.41, now I'm having a hard time dropping below 38 fps and very often seeing [GPU]... Setting it to 1.21 lowered the min to about 35 fps.

    What gives? So we have to really really push the graphics settings so high to get the game to use the GPU more?
  3. Galantis

    Unplayable again... really good luck getting money with dumb programers you have hired.
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  4. JDC052

    Does anyone else think its sad noone ever reads the posts before theres? I just read too many to count comments that had been answered at least 5 times before theirs and it only added to the totally clutter of this thread. Seriously, read before you type, dont just be some *** who likes to complain then go watch TV for an hour. And the worst part? Noone is even going to see this thread because it will be immersed in MOUNTAINS of things already discussed.

    It's sad people, just sad.
    (Stating your PC configuration WONT HELP ANYONE and just uses up entire pages, I mean come on.)
    (The mods are going to work on this and hopefully a patch will come out soon, the one i got today was totally ignorant of the problem but we can always hope for the next one. :) )
    ( The human eye can only interpret 30 frames per second, anything more is not noticable, my honest opinion is if you get less than 30 FPS you should stop playing as you are easy pickings for those with 30+ FPS)

    Thanks for (maybe) reading my post, Hope it helps.

    IGN: Gcloud
  5. Sea of Ink

    Hi. Do you even play FPS games? Playing w/ 30 fps feels like I'm playing UT back in the day on a AOL dailup modem w/ 400 ping. Playing w/ 100 FPS is like playing w/ 60 ping.

    Just sayin'.

    And right now I"m getting 20 FPS in large battles post patch.
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  6. MisterBond


    Proven by the army in the 1970's, the untrained human eye can detect movement of up to 240FPS, a trained fighter pilot or hockey player can detect movement or change in framerate of up to 300FPS

    Further proven in the last few years by a scientist who showed your eyes do not work like a constant visual feed like we once thought, your eyes work instead like digital camera's. Everytime your eye stops moving in some way (Rotates, lens adjusts size etc) your eye snaps a picture, sends it to your brain and then your brain tells your eyes to make adjustments to what you were looking at to help you look at and focus on a object

    He found at rest a normal person when doing daily things that interest them, or when concentrating, they jump up to around 240 eye movements per second. People such as fighter pilots had around 300 eye movements per second, hockey goalies had 320 eye movements impulses per second, and video game addicts who played lots and lots of videogames had not only up to 340 eye movements per second, they also had the fastest response times. The average response time of a fighter pilot/hockey goalie was 8MS, video gamers had a response time from years of training their brain to hand eye coordination of 6.5MS response time between seeing something and reacting to it. (Normal baseline person has a response time of 10-11MS).

    The static amount of pictures your eyes take WHEN RELAXING and not doing anything high end cerebral or requiring user response is reading a book or watching TV, in which he recorded the eyes reaching a all time low of 100 eye movements per second. This can actually get so low because of somebody being extremely bored etc where the eyes will stop moving for an extended period of time, which results in a room "Dimming" briefly which wakes us back up. Some people who are so extremely bored of long term viewing a object such as waiting in a doctors office for hours can cause the eyes to go so relaxed and the visual center to shut down to such an extreme that all vision ceases for up to a second, and you see nothing but blackness. This is how he proved the phenomenon where if a group of people are sitting in a room long enough doing nothing, they'll eventually complain about "The lights flickering", which is just a result of their individual selves eyes slowing down to the point it starts inputting blackness cause the eyes won't move to update a new picture.

    But yeah, the "Myth" that the human eye can only see 30FPS, and no reason to go higher in videogames/media is a outright fabrication, your eyes are capable of detecting movement well beyond 30FPS, to at least the 240FPS range.


    Here is a easy to see image, where you can clearly see the differences in 15, 30 and 60FPS
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  7. JDC052

    No, im pretty sure im right, though higher frames do increase gameplay experience, but thats only for gaming, so my bad.
  8. JDC052

    You probably think im wrong, and although i dont think i am, im actually reallly glad you guys took the time to read my posting :p
    Did you just read a paper on this or somtin? I cant think you read this just to prove me wrong lol.
  9. MisterBond

    Not just now no not for you, this is years and years of listening to console gamers say "Oh you don't need more then 30FPS, SONY/MS told me that you can't see higher then 30FPS" so this was me educating myself on how the visual centers of the brain worked and how FPS your brain and eyes views

    Tons of misinformation going on about FPS, so I educated myself on the topic, like I hope I am educating other people now.
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  10. GhanzMeister

    Great to see such a big list of updates but none are related to optimization?! can't grasp this. I really love this game and played a lot.
    In the current state however it is unplayable. And please SOE, do not switch warpgates when updating big. Its confusing to fire up the game and see everything stutter and a new horizon. Wait for it to run smoother again. Having a double xp weekend right after the update doesn't help either. This game can be a real gem, don't turn it into ordinary rock.
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  11. geiselOne

    try it yourself.
    compensating for recoil and tracking an enemy with your mouse is significantly easier the more information your eye gets, aka the higher your frames per second are. this is especially important the faster your targets move relative to you - think people in biolabs, 1-2m from you, jumping up and down. try hitting their heads with those 'hollywood-proven' 24 fps.
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  12. JDC052

    Thats cool, i might look into now that i cant play anymore :(. Glad to see the whole world isnt ignorant.

    "We can always agree that under 30 is still really bad though, yes?"
  13. Bobjim

    As everyone else is saying, performance took a huge hit this patch, in busy areas I used to drop to ~50FPS [CPU] at the worst, I am now dropping to ~30FPS [CPU] but it feels MUCH slower with frames dropping everywhere, everything is so damn jerky. Flying has gotten impossible. Running around in an emptyish warpgate or just out in the middle of nowhere, I actually seem to have had a slight performance increase but that doesn't sweeten the overall situation one bit.
  14. Bobjim

    Yes, definitely, 30FPS is generally the absolute lowest rate at which most would class a game as 'playable'.
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  15. CannedBullets

    GU5 better be an optimization patch. Nobody should give SOE any money until they get the game optimized. The only way for Sony to take notice is if we Burt them in their wallets.
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  16. JDC052

    I would really like to see a thread in the roadmap for "Optimization".
    Although it would probably break because of all the likes it would get!

    Like if you want this!!!
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  17. Sworaven

    Just thought I'd share, I did get a bit better for me by installing the latest nVidia beta drivers.
  18. GhanzMeister

    Got improvement by unparking cores and enabling all ram after suggestion here on the forum to google both subjects.
    Got from 30 fps to 80 fps.
  19. AstroCat

    I've lost 20-30fps since GU04 using a Titan with latest drivers.
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  20. zewper

    This fixed it for me it seems.

    Edit: Nevermind. It seemed like it was working for a minute then it stopped.