FPS drop after GU4

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Matcap86, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. Kargul

    20 fps standing in warpgate, from 60-80
  2. MisterBond

  3. sadnhappy

    Nothing is fixed, FPS wise. I had 30fps just standing in Warpgate just now. -.-

    I'm not even going to start writing out long essays about SOE and all these problems regarding game optimization. I'm just too tired of this. With every update they just keep adding new stuff, stuff that they haven't tested on a huge scale, on already broken legs. The knees are buckling under as they can't take it. Sooner than later they will not stand the weight.

    Waiting for GU5: 100% optimization. That is the ONLY priority SOE should have. The only one.
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  4. Evileet

  5. N0008918

  6. Dragam

    Lol, i just logged in now... new personal low... 40 fps at warpgate... im speechless... thats a wooping 20 fps decrease from pre gu4.

    Edit : no, it just went down to 30 at warpgate now -_-'
  7. Evileet

    FPS worse than ever. Had 20 at the warpgate.
  8. MisterBond

    Hey now, whoa, hold on a second, lets not get crazy here.

    Nothing, and I mean nothing, will ever beat crazy legs for best game glitch of all time. I wish they kept it in.

  9. Chipskream

    Persistent microstutter is now replaced by a very short, 1-2 frames lasting drop to 10-15 fps. Still unplayable. Sub obviously cancelled. Goodbye 2x XP weekend.
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  10. Matcap86

    Right, used to have

    before GU4
    80 fps at warpgate
    60 fps in small scale combat
    35-40 fps in large scale combat

    After GU4
    60 FPS at warpgate
    40 fps in small scale combat
    20ish fps in large scale combat

    first hotfix didn't do anything for me.

    After the latest hotfix:
    35 fps at warpgate, standing still looking at a wall...
    15-20 while moving around/flying
    small scale combat = 10ish fps
    Large scale combat was single digits...
    Seriously: WTF?
  11. Chipskream

    While I am very angry that my game s basically unplayable, I feel with the coders. I am pretty sure that they put in their best efforts, only to see that it borked it up even more. Must be horribly frustrating.
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  12. Chackle

    they need to fix render distance still. make 300 minimum and then our FPS will be higher if we want it to be
  13. XRIST0

  14. Ponder

    I mentioned this much earlier in this thread but I feel it's worth saying again to see if any of you see the same thing...

    It appears the CPU is being worked LESS than before. Core usage data seems about the same but my CPU pre-update would have the hardest working core up to 50 degrees Celcius. Now even in heavy fights I'm only reaching 45C max. 2 or 3 degree drop on the vid card as well.

    i7 3770k at 4.5 ghz
    Gtx 670
  15. Basileus

    Lol I love how at first, SOE was on this fix like white on rice. Then after their "fix(which didn't seem to do anything)" not a word has been spoken. I'd rather be able to play this game, like I use to be able to, then to see them go balls to the wall to get outfit's back in game. Their priority's are a bit skewed at the moment and it's making me question why I've supported this game as long as I have.
  16. JuntaM

    Dear SOE,

    unfortunately the three last patch/hotfixes where, lets say: "not the best releases in game history".
    Considering what the very last one caused for me:

    - same low FPS as before.
    - "crazy arms"
    - outfits gone
    - super-weird running animations (looks like i am falling)

    ... it is becoming obvious that your staff has come to their edge.

    PLEASE give your employees a break and the weekend off.

    The game has turned back into a late alpha / closed beta version state.
    Let your guys relax a bit and let them regain their senses. After logging in today I'd prefer to wait some days rather than experiencing what the next hotkill will do.

  17. Lude86

    Well for me the calculation is like this: Double XP for a quarter of the performance (I'm guessing... I used to play with VSync, so I got 61 FPS stable, now it's more like 15 FPS unstable), which keeps me from playing, so 2 times 0, what was that again?
    I really hope they fix that FPS thing before the double XP is over, because currently they could also make it ten times and it wouldn't give me any pleasure.
  18. Fairlightfire

    Yeah, I'd like to tell those who work on this game: don't be too hard on yourself. The game is buggy as ****, but... still, you can be happy that it's probably the best game with huge battles there is, even if it's just a demo it's still a good effort. :D You can take the weekend off, nobody's going to play it anyway. :D I mean seriously, this game is lots of fun. Invisible airplanes, hands backwards, weird effects you can use to make Autechre music videos. :D

    Of course, if I had spent 150 pounds on this game, I wouldn't be exactly laughing. :D
  19. Rak

    It's double XP weekend...they are showing the game off at MLG, they need this performance **** fixed before they go home for the weekend.
  20. AZAN

    Performance has reduced even further for me too with this latest hotfix, to the state where its unplayable (<20 fps). Getting 30 max where previously I used to get 70 when nothing was around and about 30 in the largest battles.