FPS drop after GU4

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Matcap86, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. Sh0xy

    Well if it's a memory leak like someone else said, then i'll find out in a bit, i generally always run my memory cleaner with PS2 and another MMO i play, so if my performance remains as it was prior to update I shall post here with a link to the memcleaner I use :).
  2. WyIdfyre

    I like how everyone is complaining about 10-30fp/s, but I'm completely used to playing at that rate anyway due to not configuring my graphics correctly. :p

    Typical though that this happens right after I did configure them, so I can't really tell how much I actually changed.
  3. Patrician

    No change here - 70 to 80 FPS in warp gate and between 50 to 60 at The Crown in large battle:-

    Intel i7-3930 O/C 4.6GHz
    16GB Kingston HyperX 1600MHz DDR3
    Nvidia GTX580
    Gigabyte GA-X79-UD3
    Intel 520 240GB SSD (Windows Drive)
    2TB Western Digital Black Edition Game Drive
  4. TeknoBug

    Thanks brotha!
  5. siiix

    no change, except it seems at load it takes more time before the game runs smooth, i would say it went up from 1 minutes to 90 seconds, i'm fine with the 35 farames/s

    q9550 quad
    4gb cheap ram

    all settings on maximum, except the forcephysics = 0 and motionblur = off
  6. Rhinzual

    Let me know what you find out.
  7. GSZenith

    you need more than 1fps to spam noob pods?

    edit: anyone else have issue getting shadowq to stick to =0? mine go back to 1 as soon in game.

    edit2: delting user, RenderFlora=Off
    ps2 set to high have brought my fps 40+ so far.
    although still unable to force shadow to =0.

    2600k 3.4ghz.
  8. RadarX Community Relations

    A patch is imminent which should address much of what you folks are seeing. We appreciate your patience while we resolve it.
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  9. TeknoBug

    I did some further experimenting, I lowered my res from 1920x1080 to 1440x900 and got a significant increase but lowering texturequality also made a difference, I can now sit in the warpgate with fps in the mid 70's and went into the VR room and stayed over 40 fps. I'm thinking textures is putting a fat dent in the fps rate right now since low/high settings in graphics and lightning and other settings hardly make a difference. When I set texture back to high, warpgate struggled to stay over 40 fps an VR room went back to the low 20's.

    Also CPU usage averaged 50-60% while GPU sat at 2-18% regardless of settings, which is no good.
  10. Sandzibar

    Can you give us some details on what the cause(s) of the problems were/are?
  11. Grangg

    The problem it´s that we don´t want a patch, we want a REAL game improvement, we want a GU5 with ONLY PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTS if it´s neccesary (and it is)
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  12. LordMondando

    Not to be penicity. But as the person above says, what is doing it, also by your use of 'much' can we infer its a complex problem, that might take a hotfix or two to fix?
  13. XRIST0

    Awesome , lets do this !
  14. Evileet

    What means imminent? Today? Tomorrow? This week?

    Yes, i'm impatient! I want to play :(
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  15. XRIST0

    Imminent means about to happen ..
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  16. Kinj

    Didn't notice an FPS drop as such, but what i DID notice was at times it got REAL stuttery while flying. Like up and down between 5fps and 50fps reallll quick. At first I thought 'Wooo, realisitic shakyburners!!'

    But yeah, shooting anything proved problematic heh. Good to hear a fix is on the way, the game's been running pretty smoothly for me before the GU.
  17. Kinj

    But my joy at TOTAL REAVER CAMO COVERAGE (tm) helped me through it :)
  18. Rebu

    Right there with ya :p gotta love that 10-30 fps
  19. PS2Freak

    hehe. you saw already cloaked liberators bug ? need fix asap.
  20. Pella

    Yes, And you also need more than one brain cell. Go figure..

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