[BUG] Fourth continent is going to fix it all, its totally going to work.

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  1. Bill Hicks

    lol NC have mostly indar ? ahahahahhaahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaahah
  2. MasterChief096

    This is exactly the fatal design flaw that SOE has created with PS2's hex system and three-continent mechanics.

    If SOE wants to have more than three continents, it needs to operate on a PS1 system of continental domination. No non-capturable warpgate footholds, Sanctuaries for all three empires, and a flow similar to PS1 in regards to continent battles.

    If SOE releases 10 continents each with warpgate footholds, the fights are going to be spread way to thin, considering the hex system also spreads fights thin as it is.
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  3. Rokeugon

    my server sucks as well TR never ever get control over anything and vanu get esamir and NC get amerish
  4. Wariamu

    The problem is that there has to be a world level territory conquer flow, not a territory conquer flow over each continents.
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  5. TribbleFluffer

    XD NICE!
  6. Daedrick

    I knew I should have switched the continent names around. :S
  7. Uben Qui

    Did anyone notice the spandos got the least amount of territory across the 3 pies and the commies got the most?

    Is it a dame because Maggie plays VS, or a connotation that they are all women?
  8. ElementalFiend

    We're not all women, but all of us do have highly advanced magnificent breasts.
  9. Daedrick

    Completly unintended, but the TR on waterson really have a population imbalance in favor of them, at least it used to be like that the first weeks.
  10. Crashsplash

    Why would it?

    It didn't mean that on PS1 with 10 continents and 6 caves (from memory).

    What it did mean was that it added a strategy layer to the tactical squad game. Of course an additional continent by itself wouldn't do that, command and cooperation tools need to be added too and the ones already in game like command viop, command and leader and orders are insufficient.

    Without extra continents, imho, the game dies, sadly.
  11. FoeHammer_42

    Your sig, I like it.
  12. MrBloodworth

  13. Canaris

    excuse me but all of Auraxis belongs to the TR, we got our flags down first so fairs fair. British style

  14. Trysaeder

  15. Jeralamo

    Devs have said when they add more continents they want to have continent locking and warp gate caping maybe have home continents also.
    This is how I see it working. No I did not play PS1. Say Im VS my home continent is Amerish i have a sancurary there. I push NC and TR to their warpgates and cap them so they cant spawn on Amerish anymore. Since I captured TR's warpgate I can now travel to Indar and begin capping that continent. only there would actually be 6 continents adding complexity.

    so just wait and hope devs keep there word
  16. Daedrick

    There is barely enough people to fill a continent and a half on Waterson, and thats at primetime. During the day one continent would be more than enough for everybody. Continent locking can already work, no need for more continents, at least not yet. Everytime a two continent are locked the first to be locked unlock, ad nauseum.
  17. Kairus

    +1 for the image. Considering the continent is going to be a lava continent I think it'll actually get fought over....for a little bit.
  18. VoidMagic

    Honestly... you had me at "thumbs up Higby"

  19. MrBloodworth

    You are confused.
  20. Daedrick

    There is nothing original about that unless lava actually hurt, unless lava and fire can be used to block paths, unless lava and fire are actually dynamic... the only thing that will change is that I will have to buy LAVA CAMO. How great.