[BUG] Fourth continent is going to fix it all, its totally going to work.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Daedrick, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. Daedrick

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  2. ElementalFiend

    VS never gets control on Amerish on my server :(
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  3. Xylogenesis

  4. Forumguy2

    Its going to make it harder to find fights on smaller servers

    thanks for the lol, nicely done
  5. Rivenshield

    Bump before it gets locked.
  6. Vargs

    I'm not looking forward to the population being stretched thinner by more continents.
  7. Cute-CandyPants

    thats because our high tech marshmellow launchers and foam dart rifles dont cut it :p
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  8. Forumguy2

  9. Cute-CandyPants

    got to admit this is funny xD

    to many continents means to spread out battles,area's are going to be like ghost towns and it will just be mindless capturing to get exp,even more so than it is now.and even when their is epic battles which is rarely the server cant handle it and spazz's out.
  10. BengalTiger

    If conquering a continent locks it for 48 hours, guess where all the fights will be. :p

    Also- capturing a continent and coming back in two days to see it's still there would add a sense of victory, of actually doing something in this virtual war.
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  11. Daedrick

    We dont need a fourth continent for that, they can simply lock the existing continents so we get to fight people already.
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  12. PandoraAce

    Yeah, the faction with the most people first locks 1, then 2, then 3, then the 2 factions are locked out of the server for 48 hours. Sounds a good plan!
  13. BengalTiger

    Then the continent locked the earliest would unlock I guess...

    Or the faction that won gets some cool reward and everything gets reseted for the next war.

    There definitely must be a way to avoid locking people out.
  14. Forumguy2

    So, uhm, whats good about this game again?
  15. Bananathug

    Seriously hate the continents. Indar and Esamir were cool, different enough. Then I saw amerish and thought it was too much of the same.(I saw amerish last, didnt play beta)

    I want to ******* fight in the forest. Everyone hiding behind trees. Planes scouring over the forests searching for enemy movement. Tanks having to follow dirt trails and not go into the denser wooded areas.

    I want to run around a futuristic neighborhood. Climb to the 2nd story of some hospital and snipe people, then watch their friends scatter into cover behind future trashcans and blown up future cars....maybe take over a future mcdonalds with my squad.....who knows..... im just sick of running around the barren wastelands from base to base. The fights all take place in the same tactical environments
  16. Daedrick

    I dont have any idea about locking mechanics, I really dont care about them and I dont think its the solution either. But a fourth continent only bring more of the same, only difference will be the ground texture... how great. Anyway, if you look at the picture it really well explain the current situation, its worth 1000 words.

    Only thing I know is that server merges are needed and a way to funnel players on the same continent when population is low so the players that want to play during the off-peak hours can actually do that.

    Bases need an overhaul and if that require the crew that ''work'' on the fourth continent to switch their focus then they better should be.
  17. Shralla

    All of your suggestions are unfeasible in terms of performance. There's a reason that the trees are so large and spread apart, and the bases are so barebones.
  18. Daedrick

    They can easily make a city, ground is mostly flat and so are skyscrapper. Can't be worse than the canyons we get on indar in therm of performance. Anyway, this is derailing.

    Point is, fourth continent aint gonna fix a thing concerning population imbalance and base ghost cap.
  19. NOX2097

    +1 for "UNOROGINAL"
  20. Cavadus

    Picture is completely wrong.

    Vanu are on Esamir, NC on Amerish, and we Terrans sit atop our throne in the Crown on Indar.
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