Found myself completely unable to play the game after the patch.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Roarboar, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Roarboar

    The 2 things that killed the game for me are the resource costs, and the removal of the death stat when ressed by a medic.

    When I deploy to a base to defend it, I want to pull a MAX. On the other hand, I know that if I do so, I will be unable to pull another max for the coming 35 minutes and I do not know beforehand whether or not its worth pulling a max for a specific battle at all. This results in me not pulling a MAX at all and just sitting in the spawn room until the base is lost. Also the MAX acquisition timer is rendered obsolete, which I have fully certed.

    After several attempts of trying to find a battle and play the game, I just ended up logging out every single time.
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  2. Tommyp2006

    Hold on. What do you mean that you cannot pull another for.35 min? Costing only 350, means if you die, or need another one, you can pull another immediately. Also, if you are in a hex with infantry resources, you get infantry resources based on xp gain.

    However, I do agree that aquisition timer certs are now largely a waste.
  3. sam38

    sure you can pull another one right away, that is if you never have the need for C4, Tank Mines, Grenades, Res Grenades, Smoke grenades, and everything else that costs infantry resources.

    by all means pull maxes all day folks so no one can use infantry items anymore, less c4 around to blow instagib tanks and the max we just dumped half our infantry resources into. haven't played this update yet since im still at work but im just waiting for the roffles to roll in when I do
  4. MasonSTL

    HOLD ON CRAZYYY THOUGHT!.... What if... you where in a squad with an engi AND a medic! :eek: you would never have to pull a new MAX.... EVAR! L2squadup big guy

    As for resource cost, recourses where pretty much not even worth looking at until now
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  5. MFP_TK_01

    Sounds like you need to learn resource allocation i.e. how to budget.
  6. sam38

    lol I was exaggerating obviously but in all seriousness there will most definitely be a decrease in consumables because of how expensive the max is. Not everyone plays every class and utilizes many of the different consumables so it wont be as bad for them, but as a player that literally plays every class and uses most consumables it renders it a little more difficult. im not saying its impossible, but one actually cant just pull maxes at will and rain C4 down asa light assault like you are a mini b52. Could be good for the game who knows. I was just expressing my sadface at the inability to do as I please anymore hehe
  7. Messy

    1) About MAX mostly what MasonSTL said. Today we had a MAX, Engies, Medics platoon and non of out MAXes had to spawn another one, they all get ressed and repaired. So it's only you problem that you can't wait or ask medics to ress you or play as a team member.

    2) K/D Stat? Lol what? How in the hell this affect what? If you dislike that your deaths don't count to your death counter then don't accept Resurrection. If you have problems that other people don't get their Death counter increased then you have problems not the game, tell you the secret all sane/mature people don't give a **** about K/D (CoD kids do).

    3) I've played for 30 minutes and got like 1.8k Infantry Resources so it covers all the theoretical costs on MAXes
  8. VSDerp

    i like the new resourse costs..nomore harrassers well most of the time :D
  9. MFP_TK_01

    I don't think it's going to be good, I think its going to be excellent.
  10. Phrygen

    i just afk in the warp gate for resources while i do something else
    Best option imho.
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  11. Messy

    I find it quite hilarious how people whines that "Oh Noes LA just tear everything with unlimited C4 blah blah blah" but when recources start to matter now people whines that they can't spam C4 everythere. :D
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  12. Roarboar

    An engineer and a medic can redeploy me to a new zone? Interesting ill have to look into that.
  13. Roarboar

    It has nothing to do with my deaths not counting as a death.
  14. Grimfalcon77

    Can't tell if OP is serious.

    Pretty sure it explains the tactics of the majority of PS2 players. Can't spawn MAX, sit in corner and wait for team to lose.
  15. Messy

    1) Why should they? Do you despawn MAX, spawn Flash to move and Spawn MAX again in another location? Can't you use friendly Galaxy or Sundy?

    2) Then what? How Death counter makes your game "completely unable to play"? You wrote this sentence in your post but you don't tell us what that means except that you disagree with this feature and without stated reason it's only BS.
  16. MasonSTL

    Yes! you should :D It's called asking them to pull a Harasser, Sunderer, or Gal for you. again L2Squadup

    As for K/D. If you are going to complain about the change in these forums... here take this...
  17. FinnSimmons

    Thats the catch really isn't it? If you have to relocate your force and abandon your max due to not being able to redeploy with it you are going to have a bad day(or rather a bad next hour). The resource increase was totally uncalled for. Even I as someone who didn't like the MAX spam says that.
    Vehicles die way to fast especially in big fights to make them expensive. Since they want big fights this works against it. It is gonna turn the game into even more of a tank-sitting-at-max-distance-shell-fest with ESFs-hovering-barely-visible-in-the-distance-lolpoding. If that what they want then I guess thats what well have to deal with. Until we are fed up with it and leave for good.
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  18. TheBillOf3D

    Is amazing how many lone wolfers try to play the game. Sure they are mingling with squads but otherwise oblivious to all but proxy chat. Get to some action and hit 'insert' and play along. Don't like that squad? Exit and try another. Your max can catch a ride then.
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  19. Krayus_Korianis

    The only thing I use my infantry resources for are grenades and bricks of C4... However, my C4 is now stacked to max and so are my grenades, I don't really use them unless I have to. Always been that way. However, I'll plop down anti-tank mines like the dickens for the lulz.
  20. Guadoc

    I posted a thread about this yesterday, I don't seem to get the resource ticks any more when I AFK in the WG - can you confirm that you definitely do?