FoTM - Are People Honestly Rerolling?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Spartan 117, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. Playful Pony

    I play all 3 factions, VS trailing a little behind on playtime because I played VS almost exclusively during the BETA and kinda burned out. Seing all aspects have proved a huge advantage to me, because I feel that when I get killed by something now I always understand why I lost that engagement. I spend no time raging over "OP this" or "UP that", because I can perfectly well understand what it feels like on the other side of the argument. This I feel helps me to be far more reasoned in an argument, especially because I don't consider myself "loyal" to any one faction. I just roleplay a bit on whatever faction I'm playing at the time.

    Maybe people are re-rolling, if they are doing so for petty and pointless reasons, too bad for them. I don't consider people playing several factions a negative thing though. It can often help a lot, though unfortunately people that already have their minds made up will use those experiences to further reinforce their views.

    Honestly though. For the longest time, fighting against the VS generally ment one thing: Magriders. I consider it high time to try our hands at something diferent! That said, although my VS is a dedicated LA with it's only upgraded vehicle being the Flash (put all my certs into this class and vehicle!), riding shotgun in the Magrider we're STILL capable of dealing loads of damage. I have barely noticed any downturn in our kill count...
  2. UrMom306

    op, i'm not surprised, when they allowed multiple characters per server, on Jaegar the TR pop went down slightly, VS went down, and the NC pop went up (and has been rising ever since)
  3. JudgeDeath

    The ability to have chars on all sides on the same server is just stupid. I cant think of what the "plus side" was when they activated this feature.

    Having any faction loyalty is a tall order in todays world where greed and maxing your personal gains seems to be a virtue. I play only on one server and one faction. Simply because to play both sides ruins the whole idea of the game.
  4. PaperPlanes

    No, it's not a problem, the problem is there is no cooldown for switching empires. In PS1 if you logged into a char of another empire on the same server, it locked you into that char for a while, I think it was 12 hours, so basically more than a day's worth of play time. If they just implement this for PS2 it will really cut back on people changing chars to grief or spy and then going back to their main.

    And also yes TR is FOTM due to the Prowler buffs and people perceiving things like the Lynx, Jaguar, Carv, MSW, etc. as being easy to use (they are). Some people might have gone NC to play with the MAX after being sick of getting rolled by those shotguns, but really TR is the new flavor of the month faction.

    Another thing is most of us VS are pretty sure a lot of our infantry weapons got stealth nerfed, the VX6-7 in particular feels really off since GU2, like it has crazy spread now and the ADS accuracy seems horrible, dumping a whole mag into someone who is only like 10 meters away doesn't even seem to kill most people anymore.
  5. Chipskream

    Oh, I would actually love to migrate my VS toon away from miller and try out another EU server. But i'm sure as hell not paying for it...
  6. Deavonere

    Why would I need to fight NC MAX ?
    I can't understand the premise, that Maxes should duel each other.
    WHY would they ?
    Can someone explain this to me ?

    When devs decided that Maxes will be different and perform differently depending on distance, that was the deciding factor that they should not duel each other. NC MAX will always lose in mid/long and always win in CQC.

    Honestly I would not even touch VS or TR MAX in biolabs. I would much rather grab LA with c4.
  7. Deavonere

    Google Military Sociology. You don't have to be an expert from intelligence agency to actually know this stuff. Lack of cooperation and disability to organize and send proper units to attack is an obvious symptom.
    There might be a problem with numbers, but most of all there is definitely problem with organization (at least on Esamir on Miller).
  8. Deavonere

    Yes they are very good at what they've been designed to do.
    Somehow people think that MAX should be countered with other MAX.

    WHY ?

    Stop using your MAX in CQC and you'll be absolutely fine.
  9. Karragos

    I played two people since Day 1: My NC and my TR. After my NC hit BR 25 or so, I flipped to the TR one a bit because I really liked the music/uniforms, that sort of thing. That's the honest truth too, I like the NC Weapons better! Anyways, the TR hit BR 24 I believe, and I just kinda realized I could have got my NC Char another 3K certs instead of dividing them between two characters, so... I'm back to my NC for good.
  10. Cl1mh4224rd

    At least one reason: Briggs is the only Australian server and I'm sure many of them would have liked to try out the different factions without dealing with potentially unacceptable latency to other servers.

    Also, people were already creating multiple accounts for the same purpose.
  11. Talizzar

    Players on Mattherson switch sides constantly. TR will have the most pop, then a short time later TR pop drops while NC or VS has gone up about the same amount.

    Allowing multiple factions on the same server was a very bad idea. Yeah I know about F2P but it is another step and if the player bought SC on the main account he might not on the 2nd account. They should require proof of who we are to play and any and all accounts should be tied to that so if you cheat on one they can ban you on all.
  12. Coz

    That's something else, or at least not what I understood from your first post. What I gathered from it was that you were talking about a "perceived mentality as a whole" in the NC and VS populations (their thoughts on organisation being completely different), which is something that cannot be measured.

    EDIT: Example: I could say that the VS are the best organised faction on Miller. I'm not saying that it's true, but I could say I perceive it that way from my viewpoint.

    I reckon how the average, non-outfit player that jumps into PS2 sees a faction is dependant on how long that person plays a particular faction. The amount of posts on these forums that dictate what faction is currently OP (or seen as OP) and which ones aren't most likely contributes to faction swapping as well.
  13. Disparu

    I've rolled a tr as its clearly what higby wants everyone to play. Prowler is absurd, if you thought mag was op try certing a prowler now.

    I can take a hint, if I have to show how absurd something is to get it balanced (and have great fun being so op) im fine with that.
  14. Deavonere

    Well sure, It's a matter of perspective, but we share opinions and they are always subjective.
    Maybe it's just the location and low population that make that impression.
    I rage constantly when I see 5 engineers around me and there is no ammo deployed and none of them is repairing MAXes.
    I rage when there is a group of HA running towards Northweight Station and Phalanxes on Towers are not operated at all, and It takes about 30-60 minutes before someone actually sits in them besides me.
    I rage when no one sits in AA Phalanxes on Towers and enemy ESFs fly around podding every Magrider that leaves WG.
    I rage when I see more infitrators sniping on Towers than engineers to operate and repair Phalanxes.

    I could go on and on, but they simply don't use basic advantages and don't cooperate.
  15. Cirevam

    I don't have time to create and manage several characters... I have a BR30 NC and a BR7 VS that I hardly ever use. I get more enjoyment from building up my character than I do from choosing the "winning" team in an endless war. It seems pointless to switch so often.

    And this might be a bit off-topic, but I don't know why everyone calls creating a new character "re-rolling" when we don't roll any random stats.
  16. HadesR

    Sadly a lot of people nowadays have to be on the winning side and fights are not fun unless they win them .. Sad really
  17. Crywalker

    I think it's more due to the game design than some problem with modern times. There's pretty much no culture, no great cities, no NPCs to really flesh out the faction's ideologies and such.

    Not sure when the last time period greed was out of style was either.