Forumside is toxic to the game.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Gorganov, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. Gorganov

    Just sayin...
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  2. SLiCKRiCK

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  3. LT_Latency

    We are a tiny fraction of the game population
  4. Gorganov

    It's tiresome.

  6. Caserion

    What took you so long to notice?
  7. Wezdor

    SOE should close down Forumside for new players. There is no need for further casualties. Enough blood has been shed here, and not enough on the fields of Auraxis.
  8. Crowne

    Ignore the riff raff. There are pretty good posts around. There's also issues raised that are pertinent and worth bringing to the fore.

    And then it's time to click the little red X in the top right corner.
  9. Pikachu

    Forum side made NC MAX not fun anymore. :(
  10. NC_agent00kevin

    There are many here who passionately defend everything that is obviously OP or broken in some way, and they will ridicule anyone who dares to speak about it. There are more who will make an argument out of nothing at all, or imply that you said things that you did not so that new readers who do not flip through the entire thread see it as they present it instead of the truth.

    I ignore these folks after one reply. There are a few who actually bring good points to the debate table without resorting to insulting people. These are the threads I like to take part in and continuously respond.
  11. phreec

    This is the secret battle that we fight so you don't have to. We're like the TR/NC/VS Intelligence Agencies fighting in the shadows (usually minus the Intelligence part).

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  12. Playful Pony

    Forumside did the same thing to burster MAXes and Skyguards, not to mention all the shotguns of this game X3.

    Many things are destroyed by the shortsighted and narrowminded. People hurry onto the forums to complain about whatever killed them most recently, without taking even a few minutes to think. Think about WHY they consider something OP, and at least try to put their own biases aside. The general atitude is "this kills me, and I can't seem to kill it with my prefered weapons and tactics. Must be OP!"
  13. asmodraxus

    Nerf forumside, buff planetside
  14. Camycamera

    forumside in a nutshell
    ...and then ruin the game in the process.
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  15. SgtScum

    It's even smaller than that. Think microscopic level around .05% of the playerbase with the forumside world pop about something like this.

    Trolls: 45% Agenda seekers: 24% Idiots: 30% Lurkers: 1%
  16. Rift23

    The devs don't actually read this stuff. We just come here to blow off steam trolling each other.
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  17. GSZenith

    pff forumside is the true PvP experiance, it even has a proper endgame, get the other players banned with good trolling and baiting before they get you banned <3 .
    hell i've logged more forumside hours this week than in game hours :D (4hours)
    this guy gets it ^^

    (edit; /sarcasm /sarcams /sarcasm /sarcasssssssssssm)
  18. TerryTenMen

    Forums are great, where else would I be able to post my facts about the prowler and TR max needing a buff
  19. Vortok

  20. HadesR

    Yup ... Threads like these certainly manage to stem the problem and engage the community in worthwhile productive discussion :rolleyes:
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