Forumside, I earned my first hatetell today.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Dark Pulse, Dec 27, 2013.

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  1. Dark Pulse

    And let me tell you, it was glorious.

    Apparently, if someone's back is to you, and they're standing still trying to shoot some other guy when they're in your base on your helipad, and you shoot them in the back and let the kick of your gun travel up and nail them in the head, you're officially an aimbotter.

    My K/D - on that particular character - is a whopping 1.61. (Up until this particular session, it was about 1.44, but I got to pull a MAX and have some fun.)


    He decided not to continue with the hatetelling. Maybe he realized the only way he could call my hax is if his hax radar told him I was aiming at him.

    Am I doing it right? :3
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  2. ViXeN

    Congrats! The first one on a game is always special. :D Just wait until you get your first online death threat over a video game. :eek:
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  3. Riku

    He probably thought it came from far away in front of him, which led him to believe you were aimbotting.
    Nevertheless, don't forget to trollface the ragers! :D
  4. Devrailis

    Just remind the haters not to take it so seriously.

    Less MLG.

    Moar MLP.
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  5. Kid Gloves


    I remember my first hate tell ever; WoW back in the pre-BC days. The guy spent a good 20 minutes raging at me. I relayed the entire thing on to my guild, and we all had a great laugh.

    These days I get them from friendlies and enemies in equal measure. Friendlies mostly because in a collision with a galaxy or sunderer, an ESF / Flash / Harasser comes off second best. Most of them seem to happen when my vehicle is not moving, which clearly makes it my fault for being such a noob driver/pilot. :D
  6. Blippy

    My first ragetell was when I killed two/three people with my Thanatos. I got a tell from the third guy saying that I didn't deserve those kills because I used a shotgun.

    He tried to kill me with a UBGL and failed.
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  7. Luighseach

    I've had so many of those in so many games. Every year that goes by video game communities seem to become more hate filled and enraged. I kinda miss the nice Starcraft and other online games back in the early days of online gaming where trolls were awesome at their job, most people tried to have FUN in the game, and overall the community was very accepting to new players.

    Now all new players seem to get is go L2P somewhere else you're dragging us down, you're such a noob/idiot, and Rage Rage Rage.

    Wonder why communities have gotten so bitter?
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  8. Shadowyc

    MLG is the only way to go. Absolute, total seriousness and a hatred that annihilates your hairline through sheer stress and rage is the purest expression of a gamer.
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  9. Tbone

    I am lvl 62 and i don't have one yet, ahh :(
  10. Hoki


    so aimbot

    very stand still

    much angries

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  11. NC_agent00kevin

    Ahhh always so delicious. Enjoy it, there are probably more to come :D
  12. ZeroErrorz

    pilots hate tells is the worst..
  13. Typhoeus

  14. Tbone

    It s very easy my friend. Cause they come up to show that they are the best,they the are good at least something(competitive gaming), cause you know they go to a job interview and say:

    BOSS:Why do you think you are suitable for this job?

    PLAYER: I reached lvl 100 in ps2 under two days!!!

    BOSS:eek:hh gratz ,your hired my boy(massive sarcasm)
  15. Admiralty

    You're lucky, I bought A2A missiles last week just to troll and I didn't even get one within 30 minutes :/
  16. Drowingpool

    Nothing to see here move along..

    on a side note VIX you ever gonna change that dam sig? =P lol
  17. hawken is better

    **** you.

    I hate people that shoot me in the back while I'm shooting someone else, despite the fact that I always do that to other people.

    **** you.
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  18. -Synapse-

    I got a threat of sexual assault on my entire family for plunking a couple dozen chaingun rounds into the guys noggin. I felt like I'd won Planetside.
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  19. biterwylie

    I had a well known BR100 TR player sending me hate tells yesterday when I liberated his tank as he sat farming. Very funny.
  20. Jaloro

    I bought and occasionally equip A2AM just to harvest the salty tears of self-proclaimed "skillful" pilots. I don't last long as I am just terrible in a cockpit. But in those few glorious minutes I never fail to harvest a few hate tells on the nature of lock-ons and my life choices.

    I do this to remind myself how much of an idiot you look raging at fellow gamers.
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