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  1. Mithril Community Manager

    Howdy folks. For the past few months, the team has been hard at work overhauling our Construction System. Much of this process was shared across social media, as well as on our site and forums. Today we would like to officially introduce you to FORTIFICATION. Coming May 17, 2023.
    Yes, you read that right. You can plan, build, defend, or attack starting Wednesday the 17th.
    Along with Fortification, PlanetSide is turning 20 this year! Check out the anniversary activities below.

    Breaking Ground

    This update's foundation has always kept these two core values in mind:
    • Allow builders to develop bases that non-builders enjoy fighting at
    • Reduce barrier to entry for players looking to engage with the system
    This time around we will keep this article brief, as much of the update was discussed in previous articles.

    Since first announcing our plans to overhaul construction in January, a great deal of progress has been made. Your feedback from the Public Test server was extraordinarily helpful. Not to mention all of the assistance in finding an assortment of bugs. This has culminated in an update the team is very excited to share.

    Many of the new and updated construction items have been discussed in our Update Under Construction article. Please give it a read to get a better understanding of the individual buildings and modules coming with this update.

    The patch notes from the Test server can also be found here and here. In the next few days more patch notes will surface highlighting improvements and updates the team has made since the last round.


    Along with the construction overhaul, Oshur has also seen quite a few adjustments.
    The Oshur section of the April 28th patch notes highlight the upcoming changes.

    A Concrete Legacy

    PlanetSide turns 20 on May 20th! It's been an amazing two decades of ground, air and now sea battles! At Rogue Planet Games we would like to say thank you for the awesome memories and contributions the community has given to the overall experience in game and out of game!

    PlanetSide Soundtracks

    To help celebrate PlanetSide's Golden Birthday, we are releasing PlanetSide 1 and PlanetSide 2 soundtracks. The PlanetSide 2 soundtracks will be broken into faction specific albums. These soundtracks will be available on all major streaming platforms.

    To get the party started, here's a sneak peek at an oldie but goodie:

    PlanetSide 20-Year Legacy Event and Legacy Bundle

    Starting May 17th, and running through June 4th, you will have just over 2 weeks to earn the NS-D Helios, by completing the 20-Year Legacy directives.

    A new 20-Year Legacy bundle will be available in the Depot containing a variety of items. Included is a new NS-D Helios which some may notice is an homage to the legendary PS1 Dragon.

    Brand new faction based Apex SMGs are also making their way to the Depot.

    Be sure to take a peek at the bundle's other offerings. The 20-Year Legacy bundle will be available with the update on May 17th.

    On the Horizon

    In the relative near future, the team will continue to pay close attention to your feedback when Fortification goes live. Updates and patches will continue to roll out over the coming weeks to ensure Fortification is solid.

    A little further out, we are planning some fun summer activities. Not much info to share at the moment, but we'll keep you posted. Even further out, there's already preliminary work beginning on PS2's anniversary!

    Thanks, and have a good one!
    -PlanetSide 2 Team
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  2. Spykitty358

    Just hoping that last years Legacy Bundle with the Assault Rifles becomes available. I missed out on the 2 times it released and I've been waiting for this month for awhile now.
  3. OSruinedPS1


  4. RiP0k

    You wanted to create infantry battles at the base. But we will get the destruction of the base by spamming equipment from afar. I doubt that you somehow changed this situation (I'm waiting for the latest PTS update). Unfortunately, if this is the case, then Construction will remain a piñata. And a system with current modules without the ability to set them to structures in advance through the terminal menu will be even that boring task. It looks like you have already removed the structure damage from the WLT-Yellowjacket Mining Laser. I think this is not enough.
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  5. OSruinedPS1

    E) Why in the world would I spend my valuable time planning and building a base only to have all my hard work be flipped to the enemy cause someone ghost capped me while I was afk for 30 seconds.
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