For Those That Have Never Used A Compass Before

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  1. DeadlyOmen

    Tthe position of North never changes.

    Who thought it would be a good idea to make the minimap spin around the compass? Who approved the resources to change a static north? Was that the best project on the deck?

    Thanks for listening.
  2. Wafflepancake

    A: most if not all gps map displays rotates the map
    B8: There is a fixed minimap option
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  3. FateJH

    There is an option under the General Tab for this. In UserOptions, it's called FixedMinimap, under the [General] category.
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  4. vitanidb

    If you turn left ,North is now to your right. It's not North that changes, it your relation with it what does and that's how the default mini map works. But if you dislike it so much then, as was said, you can select "fixed minimap" in your settings.
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  5. DeadlyOmen

    Thanks for interpreting my rant as a cry for help. :)
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  6. Moridin6

    my settings got wiped recently, and i discovered i was on the fixed before, and the spinning was quite disorientating.. but im getting used to it
  7. Stigma

    You know you can choose whether you want a static or dynamic minimap right? It's an option in the game, so just use whatever you feel most comfortable with.

    Personally I vastly prefer the dynamic version - because the minimap isn't a traditional map meant for navigating the world - it's mainly about being aware of threats and spotted enemies in relation to yourself - and having it always show forward-facing as up helps a lot in quickly referencing where spotted targets are likely to show up in your field of view.

  8. Pikachu

    DeadlyOmen making a happy face smiley? Now I have seen everything.
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  9. Riksos

    I personally enjoy a fixed minimap, but don't see anything wrong with the default being rotated. I don't see what's wrong with having a personal preference. I recently started The Witcher 3 and had to change settings for a fixed minimap as well, it takes only a few seconds.
  10. Daigons

    So is it wrong for me to call out targets via compass direction? Sometimes I get yelled at because I don't call out targets "Left/Right/Forward/Rear" of the driver. It's not like everyone knows where everyone is facing. :(
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  11. DrakeFang

    No, you're absolutely right.

    If they're getting pissed at you for that, then you're gunning for the wrong drivers. Tell them to learn their cardinals. It will save them a lot more headaches than it will cause.

    The best Combat Sundy driver on American PS4
    (not a hard title to claim when there's so few of us)
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  12. QuebraRegra

    fun fact... "orienting" the map used to refer to turning the map EAST up... Maps at one time always had EAST at the top.
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  13. vortex-5

    Because of how this game works everything described in the game should be in compass directions.

    heck some drivers and gunners have no clue what SSE or ESE means but at minimum I expect them to know what SE is.

    In larger operations because people are on different sides of the base not only do you have to give a compass direction but also a point of reference.

    So don't just say the enemy sunderer E. Since people are spread out it's far better to say Enemy sunderer E of Alpha Point.

    In my outfit long time ago we'd use compass along with grid locations and subgrid locations which was an extremely precise way of communicating to the PL and SL high value targets. Now that we don't play a lot it's a forgotten system.
  14. Rikkit

    Well, shure, north is somewhat static, but who wants to go north?

    When i move in the real world or even in a game with a map and a compass, shure the map keeps pointing north (or in what ever direction the map was drawn), but i am moving around that map, when i change direction.
    So relative to me, the map is rotating.
    But and that is important to me, relative to the enviroment it keeps it's orientation.

    This makes reading the map way easier, as you can quickly see where something is relative to you (infront to the right..)
    And thanks to the compass on top of the map, you can also quicly and precisly communicate in which direction( south; west;...) you are looking.

    With the fixed minimap, i would always need to look at the tiny arrow at the middle of the map, and rotate the map in my head, to match my actual enviroemnt. And if the game delivers me an option, to rotate the map, while still dispalyning a compass, i will always prefer this option.