For those confused by the Negative feedback.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Jourmand1r, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Jourmand1r

    If you play on Matherson, Woodman, or Miller, you don't really understand how bad this game can be at times.

    See if I played on Matherson (which i did before switching) with the reddit players, on the most populated server where the faction numbers are balanced, I'd enjoy this game a lot more.

    Reality check, most people are on empty dying servers.

    Try and be sympathetic towards others.

    And please, no "just switch servers" posts. I have 120 dollars invested in my NC on Waterson. An SOE live chat person named (American Name Here) said that server transfers are coming.

    Then the Developers went on a (going on 4 weeks now) Christmas Vacation.
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  2. McGubble

    Your NC on waterson? Of all Servers you choose to be NC there. Indar is usually only 15% NC
  3. Gladio

    Woodman is fine
  4. Xiphos

    The server also matters when it comes to balance problems.

    I played first on Cobalt as TR, now on Woodman as NC.

    Cobalt has a smaller population and TR usually had the higher population on both.

    I didn't start to see how bad aircraft are balanced and how overpowered Magriders are until I started playing on Woodman where there are more vehicles. High explosive weapons and grenades are more powerful on servers with higher population. Since render distance is typically lower on Woodman, snipers are also less effective.
  5. humpmasterflex

    Miller is the only server that i see get HIGH population consistently every day pretty much. I played on mattherson since the game launch, and the last time i seen a high population on that server was back in november.... so yea...

    populations took a nose dive fast. Releasing a game then going on vacation and not supporting it at all just pretty much made this game Dead on Arrival
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  6. St0mpy

    There was a burst of interest on launch and that was always going to happen.

    This game isnt what I call mass appeal just yet, close, but many gamers dont like sci-fi based games, plus it takes a beefy PC to enjoy it so combine those two customer segments and PS is appealing to a fairly small market from the outset, add to that the impatient people who dont see the long game and want all their weapons uberstrong from the get go and whats left are the people that said hey, I am that segment, im staying.

    Now look at say, Battlefield Heroes, that F2P game started small too and has been a jewel for EA, games houses dont want boom and bust, they want solid constant growth and that will happen here however it wont be overnight and we have to get over the post release interest bump first.

    Again this friday there was a re-mention of two things SOE want to do for us, account portability and some universality in unlocks ... honestly this game was released as an improver, as in, this is good enough to get it into a live production environment, and there are several units that are being/will be adjusted and built on, the outfit part is going to see several improvements soon, but dont expect everything to come tomorrow, or next week

    and if thats not good enough, byeeeee *waves and see you in 6 months when things are more to your liking, SOE and the committed players will still be here, this is too awesome to die.
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  7. SikVvVidiT

    It's like a freaking Ghost Town on Matterson at times now.... Someone posted a link of when PS2 first launched it had 60k Steam users, now it has 11k....

    I find that comical, SOE did there best to make a BF3/COD clone but I guess they guys they hoped to attract were not attracted to all these freaking Vehicles dominating gameplay.. Kinda blew up in SOE's face, then agian what doesn't...
  8. itzCujo666

    Makes me glad I'm on Woodman. As mentioned higher up, it seems to be a good server since there's always a fight on.
  9. ItchySox

    Miller appears to have a good player population most of the day, but not so much in the morning any more. I think NC is consistently the lowest faction population, I've been taking screen shots at login for a while now.
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  10. iamrob7

    I play on Cobalt and I've never been lacking for a good battle, there is normally multiple large battles on Indar and at least 1-2 on Esamir. The only continent that is dead is Amerish, where I've only encountered a truly huge battle once or twice ever.

    It's more vehicle dominated than in the early days though which is a shame and certainly the general population is not what it was on release. I don't have any complaints about my server just yet though, it is at "medium" 90% of the time and I find that sufficient.

    Still in future perhaps they could merge some of the extremely low population servers with some of the moderately populated ones. That would seem to me to make sense. I definitely feel like SOE need to make an announcement soon over their plans. I do very much enjoy this game but there are a few distinctive themes and issues that need to be dealt with asap.
  11. wrenched

    $120 so early?

    They got you good...
  12. maxkeiser

    Woodman EU is balanced, with no one faction dominating and the battles are just INSANE. I've had the most fun in the last couple of weeks on Woodman since the first days of Wake Island on BF1942.
  13. Zakuak

    I think SOE should give all players 2 free transfers.....this would allow the players to try two places out to find a new home. Any transfers after that, they could charge for or something.

    I play on Jaeger and seems we are doing fine with population but I can imagine how frustrating it is on low pop server.
  14. Domnonos

    Yea Miller seems to be okay. The world pop is usually spread around the 30-35% for all factions, although the continent balance could be better :)
  15. Uben Qui

    What faction and outfit are you running with on Waterson?
  16. NoctD

    I'm hoping for server transfers to come sooner than later. Think I'd go mid-high pop though, tried Miller and its a bit too much of a madhouse at times. Probably just what some are looking for though.
  17. Uben Qui

    I am with this guy. Well said. ;)
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  18. BlueyTheWolf

    aside from TSR Alex and TSR Julia noone give me damn about my refund requests.
    I had 90buck NC in Miller which became unplayable due to lag.I said airight lets contribute this money to devs.
    Before New year I had another problem with another NC char in another server accidently got deleted.

    Chat person said "Server transfers are comming" I said
    "Please dont combine those two different matters into one <.< that was 3 weeks ago THIS is another brand new problem another SC amount,another server ....".

    Today I get another answer for deleted char *Its your own profile and responsibility* *All purchases are final* " I heard several fuctions are comming to help in those matters. " OWW YOU HEARD IT how original - 17k SC -

    I asked one question in these refund chat.NOONE in the help section can answer it xD.
    "I asked I lost 2 NC chars that have similar bought items will I get refunds for 2nd ones when accountwide unlocks arrive"
    * We have no knowledge about this matter * *I dont know yet* *We havent heard details*

    Lets see what future brings.Well Im a pro gamer its not the first time I lost this much money <.< I hope one of these days someone will make a brand new company that helps players and wont think players as cows.

    Its SC man SC unreal,untransferable,un covertable,unsharable and IN game currency.No need to be so strict about it ,not like we gonna use them for something bad <.< Its a money will return back into your unreal money bank.

    Well Im still here cause game is fun when OPriders and libs arent in sky and when have massive numbers which is not common anymore and second I think they can turn this game from this mess it has potention lets see what future will bring.
  19. Jourmand1r

    Not DVS or Digi-Rev
  20. Uben Qui

    Is that the full name of those Drev guys? On the point, that could be 20+ other outfits.