For the quadrillionth time, nerf I-CAN-DANCE-ALL-DAY-kits

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by UberNoob1337101, Jul 6, 2015.

  1. FateJH

    That's because you're assuming everything is logical except the person complaining.

    I've seen this before from the perspective of latency and you often don't even see them spamming health potion until a critical point where you're going to be in trouble. For starters, from the user's perspective, the animation to draw the Medkit doesn't take long and you can stab the first one in before it finishes completely. From then on, subsequent Medkits can be chained fairly easily and frequently, if necessary. As mentioned, the kit restores full health; though the effect may have a time limit, with the speed it works, it will negate all subsequent damage received until full health is achieved once. By the time the shooter will have realized that their target has been alive for far too long on their client, the shooter will probably need to long reload.
    It's more like spamming kits is allowing them to get to cover under fairly accurate fire, or allowing them to perform extensive maneuvers when not under cover against an otherwise unrelenting source of enemy fire. (Combining this with a Resist Shield increases the time alive of the user immensely, almost to the point where he could run towards his shooter and not die and still have his Shield when he chooses to re-engage.)

    I need not remind what "getting behind cover" means in a game like this. That's almost a complete reset button for the advantage one gets out of clientside latency.
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  2. Scr1nRusher

    The only HA's that spam them are the Try-hard 1337 HA's.
  3. Scorpion97

    A thread about nerfing medkits??I'M DONE!!!
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  4. Jubikus

    True but when i ambush someone to have it shoved back in my face really sucks its the only way my class can win a fight of even skill since i have 100 less effective health than the other classes even less if you include a HA shield then to throw medkit spam on top of it well theres just not enough bullets in my smg.
    The only time i dont have issues with medkits is when im sniping because well you cant medkit tank a head shot from my Bighorn.
  5. orangejedi829

    I seem to have missed the nine-hundred-ninety-nine trillion nine-hundred-ninety-nine billion nine-hundred-ninety-nine million nine-hundred-ninety-nine thousand nine-hundred-ninety-nine previous threads?
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  6. Iridar51

    Resto kits do the same, or can do the same after a couple of small buffs.

    Or they could just tweak all of them slightly. Make Med Kit restore 250 health per second for 2 seconds, and Resto Kit 100 health per second, for 15 seconds, or something along those lines.

    Basically, one is used to quickly heal up after an engagement, and another one as a booster before the engagement.
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  7. UberNoob1337101

    "Oh no! We must baby all those unskilled players who just medkit spam in order to even survive an encounter against their better opponents not counting in the 1.5x HP boost and a superior gun!"

    Sarcasm aside, only thing I have to say is : Really?

    Medkits matter so much to you, even though how obviously broken and noob-friendly they are? You don't even consider how it is to the guy on the other end of the gun? Like, ******* seriously?! You don't have ANY other way (which there are a TON) to out-skill/out-smart/out-play your opponents except for medkit spam?! That is really, really sad, now that I know into what **** the majority of the player-base evolved into.

    In the end, I leave you with wise words of one forumsider : "Mad cuz bad" -DaRealNattyIce 4.20.2014
    Gave me a giggle, sorry for too much metaphor. Though, quality-wise on a HA medkits with resist shield are god-mode.
  8. Cheetoh

    There's medkits, a +700HP overshield, and he's carrying an LMG with 3 or 4 times as many bullets in the clip as mine. Oh, and he's got a rocket launcher which is OHK, plus stun grenades.

    I'm perfectly OK with doing away with the current pill popping medkits. Just replace them with medkits like in BF4 that heal over time. Like Engineers drop ammo, they are only dropped by medics. That would be much more team oriented, IMO.
  9. Liewec123

    if someone wants to spend absolutely all of their resources spamming medkits i'm fine with that, i'll just spend half of mine, pull scatmax and ruin their streak ;)
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  10. AxiomInsanity87

    I don't care normally but i'd like to point out that you put 'their' instead of 'they're'

  11. Nintyuk

    Cool thanks, I think that's something a lot of people struggle with.
  12. AlterEgo

    Down with needles! Yeah!
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  13. Jubikus

    Actually they have no needles.
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  14. AlterEgo

    That cheeky little...
    The sig says it all.
  15. Liberty

    Medkits are something that help keep the pace of this game fast, because the 6-10 seconds for your shield to even start recovering is an eternity given how many opponents you can face in large fights.

    The real issue with medkits is how (bad) players get so tunnel vision / kill hungry that the will go chasing after a medkit popping character forgoing all positioning / ignoring their ammo pool in hopes of getting a kill. I cant count how many times I'll be in a transition type position, pop a medkit as I'm getting shot and have the person charge after me with a pistol only to get gunned down as they are now in an equally unfavorable position.

    If you play smart and pace yourself, the med kit popper ends up just burning a lot of resources and dead anyway.

    It is also worth noting that when someone is medkit tanking, if you let them get to full health instead of continuing to full auto them they die much easier. Popping a medkit when you haven't taken damage for a split second and while at full health won't grant you that occasional overheal you get from popping as you are taking damage. As the shooter, when they start dancing let them fill up and then just kill them during their weapon swap animation rather than running yourself dry. Again it is all about pacing the fight, when someone starts to dance you have the upper hand and they are literally hoping / waiting for you to make the mistake so that they can turn it back around.
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  16. InsaneLinguist

    Just give medkits a cooldown after each use (about 5 sec should do the trick). They are supposed to be used as replenishment between fights and not as drugs-make-me-invincible panic/i-win button.
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  17. NinjaKirby

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  18. HadesR

    Should give them a cooldown of between 5-10 seconds ..
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  19. UberNoob1337101

    Made my day, they are just chilling out while I as a LA stress myself 24/7 every time I get to the rooftops and start dancing like crazy so I don't get sniped even though nobody is looking at me...
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  20. ronjahn

    Limit every player to 1 Medkit per loadout. Refund everyone who upgraded to having 4 at a time.

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