for the love of all that is holly, balance the free aicrafts event :!!:

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  1. CaptCran

  2. Nenarch

    lol, mate…. that's the whole thing, be happy. That means there's actually reason to make outfit squad to counter them with AA or in air.. they keep coming back and dying… What's the problem mate farm's a farm and fun. Wish we could have opponents pulling stuff all the time and just coming to us. The farm at enemy warpgate wasn't never that good.

    Edit: if it's only few players coming back all the time, then it's not worth getting all riled up
  3. Yessme

    this thread is so pointless.

    here one is trying to pull a sundy at an airevent.
    what else should I say?
    because he can not (apparently he does not understand the word "airevent"),
    He makes a thread here and complains that it does not work.

    pointless. pointless. pointless.
  4. Commander Tychus

    Just shoot the breeze. Do homework. Train or research in VR.


    Just pull a harasser with Flak or Skyguard. Easy.
  5. Zizoubaba

    So, if I go to a political event, it often happens in a stadium or a town hall. If I go to to an athletics event, I go to the tracks.

    This "event", (the "airevent") is not in a stadium, or a town hall, or anywhere. It's in the entire continent, it's in the whole map, it's everywhere.

    I can't "not go to it".

    See the logic?

    And are you seriously suggesting that nobody should pull a sundy during an air event? lol

    sorry for my English!
  6. Zizoubaba

    thanks for your suggestion, someone suggested it already, and someone else replied, I'll just copy paste what they said :


    )JobiWan said:
    “It lasts 30 minutes, if it's so bad, just take a break.”
    Logging off the game should never be the answer. The event was intended to be an A2A event to give something to do. Usually flak ends up farming or trying to but that's just a side effect of current meta. Pulling A2G for free to not even participate in the event but rather farm breaks the free nanites. There was already an incredible suggestion on how to resolve this mentioned in this outside of just log off.
  7. Skraggz

    Ah, the good old "don't play if you don't like this". If you were a game dev and your player base would rather log off or not play rather then participate in your game then you have failed. Should be looking to compromise and appease as many players as possible.
  8. TR5L4Y3R

    G2A needs propper buffs as well as more options .. but that has been said many times ..
    there are still more than enough cases were A2G rips G2A appart like it´s not there ..

    free nanites for A2A or default loadouts only during the event might be one way ..
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  9. strikearrow

    Then do not use a sundy - use a router or spawn beacons.
  10. Zizoubaba

    Both router and beacon get destroyed in a few bullets and they are visible from far away.

    Anything else? Should I build a construction base?
  11. FateJH

    As do soldiers; regardless, your goal is to send them to the next base anyway.
    Build indoors.
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  12. silent wave

    In my experience thus far, the aerial anomalies event is fun only when there are a lot of teammates participating. Too often, I see one faction camping on the anomaly point. This is how the event is played. It is a team king of the hill style event. But the main problem which makes it fail is noticeable if we simply look at how it should work by taking examples from the older game Halo, which had a successful king of the hill implementation. In Halo, you have the most common multiplayer game mode that has infinite lives for players, and you had vehicles already made available to each team.

    So already you can see how aerial anomalies should be:

    - Provide a limited number of special aircraft for each empire that is immune to all damage except collision damage and damage from other special aircraft. This effectively isolates the participants in the event from non-event activities, allowing them to focus on the actual event's gameplay. Ration each empire to have, for example, a up to 10 ESF's, 5 Liberators, and 3 Galaxies made available already at the warpgate, and give those aircraft immunity to non-event-related damage. Taking the cue from Halo, have the aircraft respawn automatically at the warpgate after they are destroyed or touch the ground.

    - Reduce the size of the playing field of the event, so that there is more immediate action. Aircraft are fast, but not fast enough to make the event worthwhile or entertaining, especially when you have to fly 3,000 meters only to not be able to make a dent in the predominating empire's camping of the in-air hill.

    Alternatively, disable all the bases like most are disabled while the warpgates are stabilizing. Then resume their status once the event has concluded. In this way, more players will be likely to participate in the event. And it will be an actual event, not an uninteresting detail that players can just ignore. Think of Halo's king of the hill game mode: it's the game mode, so you participate because that's what's happening, that's the objective of the entire match.


    To make this very simple,

    1) Freeze all the base timers and cortium silo timers and other temporal things that require attention, then
    2) Give players the only redeploy option as directly respawning into a new, free aircraft at their warpgate, or into any existing allied aircraft containing a pilot.

    Everything else can stay the same -- that way, you would not be able to spam the ground-to-air vehicles during the event, and you would make the event an actual temporary game mode rather than something to ignore. And the isolation and focus upon the event would solve the problem of this forum topic.
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  13. _Kettenblatt_

    I like the event, its the main action it does makes the most fun currently. I haven't used aircrafts a lot over the years, mostly only as transporter. Skyguard reached his auraxium medal last time. But the high frequency of aircraft shows significant which one is op as hell... Liberator has nearly no serious opponents if they start to hover 20metres overhead with Dalton. All tanks with small AA gun on top or 2-3 BASE defenses (Phalanx turret "Aspis" -AntiAir) are a joke - thats why do you can see only newbies sitting there and waste their time.
  14. DeadlyOmen

    Tried to do something alone.

    Got rekt by a team.

    Screams for balance.
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  15. Zizoubaba

    wait, you're talking about me? You're not talking about me are you? You are aren't you?


    -> is bored with nothing to do is casually browsing forums
    -> notices a title for a thread that reminds him of someone raging ("FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY")
    -> tries to have a bit of fun and look cool by posting some random troll post hoping to bait the OP
    -> fails cause he's so off base he's actually the one looking silly :)
  16. BigG

    You don't speak for the whole player base. Making games more inclusive and balancing things so a noob has the same chance as a vet only serves to run off the dedicated players. It devalues their time and achievements. Let's look at the world of warcraft as an example. They try to be all inclusive and look how far the subs have dropped. Exclusivity adds value. If everyone could be in the cool kids club, it wouldn't be the cool kids club would it? I would argue that pissing off your dedicated fans is much worse than going for an all inclusive experience. Just look at what happened to battlefield 5.

    and yes the aircraft events need to be reworked. Not because of balance, but because they don't really contribute to the main goal of the game. They are just something that was shoehorned in for air to do. Now that it has been out for awhile, players are starting to see some of the glaring issues with it.
  17. Skraggz

    Not attempting to speak for the player base as a whole, trying to point out how the idea of just log off doesn't solve this issue. Just log off makes your experience as both a newb or vet worse as you have nothing to play against because they logged off. No one asked for balancing or at least I didn't. I just agreed with the statement that if you don't participate you shouldn't reap the perk of free air to ground pound with. Also what is "inclusive" or not is subjective, there is obviously an issue as people don't like something specifically.

    There a far more infantry players then pilots, so Ya... I guess you're righto_O

    Also not one person here is stating we need women in our world war 2... two separate issues, you're just attempting to derail.
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  18. BigG

    My fault! I thought you were when you put us in the imaginary shoes of a game developer.

    Logging off does help solve the issue. That player is no longer in a position where the event is causing them stress and the developer gets information. It shows the devs that players are logging off when an air event comes up. If that is what the case really is then the devs will most likely address it. If your not playing, your not paying.They do have analytics for this kind of stuff.

    I don't understand the point about there being more infantry than pilots. When I say dedicated players I don't mean which is the most popular role. I mean which players support the game and spend the most time in the game. Not what class or role is the most popular. If dedicated meant "most popular" then that would insinuate that I want the game to appease to as many players as possible which is what I am speaking out against.
  19. Skraggz

    While they may have analytics for this issue, they also have Official forums that aren't used properly and reddit for people to speak up and say they don't like it. Again logging off should be the answer, waiting till someone does start logging off is the a bad starting point to make fixes. You already will have disengagement from your game.

    If you think there are far more vet pilots then vet infantry players then I don't know what to say to you. Most of these players that engage on the forums are not casuals, casuals don't care for forums they simply move on. That said I still don't see how vet/casual can counter the argument of a QoL change for everyone, it will at most upset a handful of people that ground pound only. That is if they even die while doing so and lose their esf, and don't have the nanites to pull another.

    That said, I don't hold more value over a group of people vs another group of people. I get where you are coming from with vets sticking around, but that only works so far and only stops a game (not necessarily this one) from a hemorrhaging. Got to open that door for new blood or the game will forever have a small player base. Not one suggestion I have seen in this game would ruin a vet pilots day, but most of them would fix vet/casuals day.
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  20. Yessme

    The logic is very simple.
    you try to drive with a sundy "alone" through the area.
    You will be attacked by several planes, which is common in an event on the map.

    Now you make a thread here, I can not reach the next base with my sundy, air is op.

    but that it is a 1 against several, you are probably the problem.

    have you ever tried a team?

    this thread is so pointless that it really hurts.