For Mattherson and Waterson

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  1. Wingman

    I think this is quite fitting to put here. Its what I feel with this merge, and I think others may feel/understand this, too.:oops: This merge will be awesome, bumpy at first, but awesome. Anyway...

    From an original SolTech/Long time Mattherson player.

    RIP Mattherson. RIP Waterson.

    Welcome to Emerald.
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  2. NinjaTurtle

    Farewell Waterson, see you on the other side....
  3. IberianHusky

    Mattherson may not live on in name, but it will live on in spirit!
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  4. MasonSTL

    As a Jeager OG, suck it. BRING ON EMERALD!
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  5. doombro

    Jaeger represent!
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  6. Quiiliitiila

    Waterson since launch, I'm gonna miss it.

    But I'm looking forward to some seriously awesome fights now that we actually have more than 200 players on the server at any given time. :p (Yes, I exaggerate…)
  7. senondo

  8. Schwak

    Rip Soltech. I still remember when we capped the crown seconds before the SolTech-Mattherson merger. It was glorious.
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  9. MaxDamage

    This is like, the Higbyest post ever.

  10. Levtech

    Yep, because mattherson and emerald server IDs are the same. (I'm tried of posting this link to proof so just look it up yourself if you happen to be interested)
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  11. xboxerdude

    Dido has such a beautiful voice, so soft

    Edit: oh yea rip matty , I no longer matter, son . :*(
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  12. Tarius0508

    As a PS1 Emerald OG...Get off my lawn.
  13. Aander

    As I once bid farewell to Jaeger, so now do I bid farewell to Waterson.

    Emerald, here we come.
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  14. Dracorean

    They probably gonna do the same to the other servers, In before sapphire, ruby, and amber.
  15. RaTzo

    Great tune.
  16. Tito

    heloo husky my emerald frend
  17. JibbaJabba

    My worry: We'll get waitlists that may cause people to quit.
  18. Hasteras

    no one gives a Clegg about the actual hardware man
  19. crusaderx11

    looks like mattherson gets the last laugh since they changed us all over to mattherson during the transition to emerald
  20. Kwanza

    This is pretty much my take on them deciding to use an entirely new name.