For a futuristic FPS, Planetside 2 is missing a lot.

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  1. Lancars

    The game is already tainted. Its been infected with the CoD virus.
  2. scroogh

    Dual wielding is as effective as you might imagine.
  3. bluEyedillusions

    Fixed that for you.
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  4. Koadster

  5. Sancus

    Well, you're right that the 'technology' in PS2 is very primitive.

    But man, your list is terrible. 1/3 of that stuff doesn't even make sense(dual wield? Full metal jacket? WTF? Are you high?), 1/3 is in the game(every side has some kind of rocket launcher option for their secondary tank weapon, afaik), and 1/3 is just random crap that wouldn't add anything to the game(Wrist-fired grenade? What... there are underbarrel grenade launchers, what the **** is a wrist-fired grenade???).

    The most glaring tech oversights in PS2 are lack of any sort of automated targeting or even rangefinding in vehicles(though the usefulness of this would be hurt somewhat by very short rendering distances, it'd still make vehicle vs vehicle combat MUCH more interesting, by allowing the Vanguard and Prowler to fire effectively while moving for example, and generally push out the range of vehicle combat) and the lack of adjustable gun sights, especially for snipers.

    There's a ton of other things, but you have to understand that they want to keep this an FPS where you aim all the time and aiming is a major type of skill involved. With actual futuristic technology, there would be very little aiming involved and it wouldn't be an important skill at all, instead the ability to perform and understand complex procedures and computerized systems would be much more important.

    PS2 is an imaginary future where computers were never invented.
  6. Garzin

    Watch out we have a COD fanboy over here.[IMG]
  7. scroogh

    Thanks, I should go to sleep.
  8. Tycoh

    Few thousand years in the future. Should we place rear view mirrors on our vehicles? Lol nope.
  9. TheBloodEagle

    It doesn't have to be OUR future, as we have this stuff even now. Think of it as an alternate reality. The solutions tech wise don't need to be exact as ours, since their reality is different. Although I would like more stuff.
  10. bluEyedillusions

    Let's not forget that the people on Auraxis were originally an expedition fleet of scientists, corporate curmudgeons, and military grunts from the not-so-distant future when the wormhole from earth (from which they came) had closed and left them stranded.

    They basically had to reinvent everything on the planet after they arrived, without access to anything they had on earth. They were basically high-tech settlers.
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  11. bendplz

    i think they only wanted to make a futuristic game so that characters die less fast than in CoD/ BF3 since they have a "magic shield". also it allows for cooler vehicles but personally i dont really like the futurstic design/architecture with the jumpods, oh and every building looks the same... i wish there was some skyscrapers, somethign different
  12. MasterChief096

    It's because PlanetSide 2 isn't a sci-fi game. It's BF with skins. The mechanics are almost exactly the same.
  13. MasterChief096

    They went through the wormhole hundreds of years from present-day. They had technology to reach the outer edges of the solar system to get there, after all.
  14. Llaf

    This isn't Black Ops and I hope it doesn't turn into it, although some of these are good, like tank stabilization, rockets for tanks, bipods, but a heartbeat scanner? Seriously?
  15. HerpTheDerp

    Heartbeat scanner is UP because TR have no hearts.
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  16. Sapare

  17. Dingus148

    That's because we needed to make room for our massive **** bulges
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  18. MrLee.NO

  19. MrHenderson

    Seeing as so many futuristic video games are based on visions conjured by film, I find it funny that the climatic battle in Return of the Jedi, which I watched before doing incomprehensible damage to my liver last night, featured actual dogfighting without the use of lock on missiles.
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  20. bluEyedillusions