Focus Test: Indar - 5/11 @ Noon PDT (19:00 UTC)

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Malorn, May 9, 2013.

  1. Malorn

    This Saturday we'll have another large scale rush lane test on Indar, this time with some experimental changes. Extra emphasis on experimental! We want to see how these play out so please get your outfit and friends to check it out and give us your feedback!

    When: 5/11 @ 19:00 UTC
    Noon Pacific
    3pm Eastern

    Where: PTS, Indar

    How? Follow the link below for Test Server instructions!

    Please do not go to Esamir, Amerish, or VR during this test. Also please don't abuse the ZOE MAX during this test so we can get a feel for the mechanic changes.

    We'll also start off with a Tutorial / new character creation stress test to help ensure new players don't have any issues getting into PS2!
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  2. Puppy

    Will our current characters be deleted? Also, some people are stuck in 'Hossin' and instantly crash. Should those users delete and make new accounts?
  3. Ash87

  4. UberBonisseur

    Certs or it won't happen.

    I'm not even joking; start handing out certs otherwise it will never run at full capacity.
    You might grab 3 or 4 big outfits, but I really doubt we'll have more pop than the last even

    I wish we had 2000 players on the test server.
  5. Worph

    Lock them somehow?
    (I'm sure you can implement some way of doing that.)
  6. Worph

    And you should probably end that alert, that just started on esamir.
  7. shaql

  8. Ash87

    Thank you for fixing the people stuck on "Hossin"
  9. Leo Cyrule

    I don't even know how to get on the test server...
  10. Loegi

    You would need to download a new client here:

    It will need to download the same size as the normal game I think, so that's quite large.

    You can log in with a SOE account, so if you made a Prosieben account if you're in Europe you'd need to make a new one I think.

    You should also read this:
  11. Ixidron

    Lock all continents and force people to spawn on Indar.

    Twitter, reddit and live server in game notifications 1 hour before starting, 15 minutes before starting, at one final alert just before starting.
    Also, place these posts in the launcher, same as hotfixes and GUs
  12. FlameGankin

    I swear these are planned for the PS1 meetups on Saturdays. Since my PS1 broke and I'm waiting for some help i might be able to actually make this one :)
  13. OldMaster80

    It should be 8.00 pm in Italy. I'll try to be there ;)
  14. Loegi

    With daylight saving (or without, I don't know, the current situation), Italy is UTC+2, so it should be at 21:00.
  15. sigur

  16. Ronin Oni

    Yes, delete and create anew....

    never even bother asking... just assume that's the answer. If a character is perma-bugged out, delete 'em. This is test.
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  17. PS2viciado

    Benfica will be play, no can do for me
  18. LibertyRevolution

    Didn't make it 20mins before crashing...
    How can we test game mechanics when I get crash to desktop running at default settings..
    Yep, that is my last attempt at the test server, uninstalling it now..
    Good luck to the rest of you.

    Test server doesn't even uninstall properly..
    Icons on my desktop still, folder is still on my HDD including launchpad.exe when using windows 7 uninstall..
  19. Ixidron

    Huge failure, everyone fighting for crown and ZOE glitchers running at 30km/h, nobody advised us about the experimental changes so people was just doing what they liked, also, crash to desktop.

    Seriously, how do you expect us to test something if you don't tell us what to expect, what changed or what's new?

    This server is a disaster.
  20. LordMondando

    Tutorial and the cap time changes..

    both of which I'm actually pretty happy with.

    Zoe is not even closed to balanced though.