FNO: September 14th, 2012

Discussion in 'Friday Night Ops' started by Luperza, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. iLsN

    Wow, this is out of context when I don't have my glasses on and read 'balls' :cool:
  2. Pengalor

    Gonna be a great race, guys! Excited to have the devs covering the event, hope to give you guys a great show :D.
  3. TrueDanny

    "Community" As in you don't have to join us to part take in our event. And as we do "Community" Events, OF COURSE we are using it to recruit. How in the world is that evil? We host and structure an event where you are NOT OBLIGATED TO JOIN, yet every other outfit I've seen FORCES you to make a application and go through numerous processes to part take in their events. We require you to at LEAST register on the website to some of the details of our op. Even then we limit the detail as if the enemy knew of our movement and operations, we can be countered.

    Can you please give us a lot more credit we deserve for actually running day to day public platoons and community events that anyone can part take without wearing a VG tag?
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  4. iburnmycd

    We spent 6 months last year deciding if we, as a group, should show up to events with bells or without. In the end, we decided that although the bells inform our enemies of our location, we will still wear them.

    We no longer have to hunt for the enemy as the enemy comes to us thinking, "easy targets"; however, what they do not realize is that there are 60 or more of us stacked up around the corner with one or two guys actively shaking their bells.

    Maybe you guys could add a customization for us... this one would be awesome...

  5. Rockit

    I'm really looking forward to watching this.
  6. Luperza Community Manager

    Really happy so many people are pumped for tonight's show! It'll be a blast!
  7. bionikcobra

    NC is the place to be! Hey chika bum bum!
  8. Tamiel

    Why does the time have to be so eu unfriendly
  9. Luperza Community Manager

    It doesn't have to be. I'm just looking to see if it's possible to change the time or to do a little additional stuff for them. :) After all, they are a good portion of the community as well.
  10. MacGoose

    You should have it on saturday. Then you can have it earlier and not so eu unfriendly. Additional stuff is not fun - like watching a rerun of the show when you want to catch it live.
  11. dirtYbird

    With the limited info you originally provided in the link you posted:
    What other conclusion was I to make?
    No mention of community and that reads we are welcome to join if we become recruits.
    And now in this reply you say we are not obligated to join.

    Hence I asked for more info to be reposted here.
    Good luck with your get together, hope it goes well. :D
  12. DragoValhar

    Went rather abysmally in my opinion, too many people showed up and right before go was announced many racers plowed through the starting line spinning people out. Mosquito and a Liberator or Galaxy landed in front of the line. If this were to happen again I would advise a limit to the racers and PMing the details of the race only to the Racers themselves. Then the day of the race you make the details public so people may attempt to form a defense etc, furthermore I'd only advertise the finish line so that no random people will show up to the starting line to try and join in the race, or at least less people.. I would do this at most 5 or 6 hours before the race, preferably less.. Also the checkpoint thing having to run through West Highland or whatever was a bad call, there was no real variation of routes that I saw.
  13. TrueDanny

    Oh okay, I apologize. That is my bad, I meant to word that a lot better!
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  14. Synapt

    Who cares about the race.

    How about the Validus op with BWC and how TR mowed down the NC and VS to cut off their resourse supply at their warpgates? Absolutely epic. Amazing night..

    Race? What race? I was busy dropping pods on Gal's.
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  15. Geist

    Mmmm, sweet TR domination.

    I'd just like to remind everyone that even after we cut off the NC and the VS from their resources one after another, the members of Validus and the BWC(along with the others who participated in our event) are still people. Badass people to be sure, but people nonetheless. Sometimes it's hard to remember after such a devastating victory. ;)
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  16. Levticus

    BTW That was the Enclave holding out at Vanu Archives..... Sorry Azure.... It's our stomping ground now!.... BTW i say you should do a FNO on The Enclave... we are not so bad once you get to know us... a lot of bad rep... but no one can deny that we are Effective... Just look what a motivated outfit can do... hold an outpost in the middle of enemy territory vs. an entire faction.
  17. Degrifter

    With all due respect. I can most assuredly say that it was -Not- The Enclave. it was Valdius Gaming, Another outfit and Black Widow Company.
  18. TriumphOfMan

    Levticus is talking about Azure Twilight vs TR at Vanu archives. That was The Enclave bouncing Azure Twilight off the jump pads. The earlier TR action during the first hour was BWC and friends.
  19. Remani

    This was a great attempt at a well-organized movement, but it lacked a number of things that I would like to see other outfits do better for the sake of competition and a level playing field.

    First off, there seemed to be a general lack of communication to the general population players of the outfit. Many members seemed to be running around not knowing what to do before deciding to follow the person next to them - which is fine in an average situation, but you were about to face a well-fortified defensive, communication is key.

    Second, the greater majority of the outfit seemed to be taking too long to do simple tasks such as changing loadouts or loading up in vehicles or heavy armor. Practice a bit more discipline and execution of commands.

    Lastly, your lack of diversity in your crash tactics was a bit disappointing. You proved you could coordinate mostly everyone to accomplish a task at the same time - but why bother MAX crashing a choke point if you won't bother keeping us preoccupied at a different point entirely? You fed into our cover in a steady stream. The specifics on what you should have done at that time are up to you to figure out, but I applaud the effort.

    Regardless of the above, you all did a hell of a job keeping us on our toes - but it's still all too fun rolling over every offensive we encounter.

    P.S.: Yes, the greater majority of the last hour or so was The Enclave holding the Vanu Archives, but we appreciate your enthusiasm of the cause.
  20. BWC - UFN

    Had an awesome time in the spotlight of Friday Night Ops! I hope everyone remembers that the Outfits that carved a path to the NC Warpgate and slowly choked them of resources for two hours was Validus Gamers, Rain and, of course, The Black Widow Company (the BWC) as part of ULTRA's first Joint-outfit operation. I had the pleasure of leading BWC's forces on the ground.

    And once we'd done cutting the NC off cold turkey, we went and did the same to the VS ;) isolating their warpgate and keeping them from gaining resources at nothing more than a snails pace.

    East01 was utterly devastated by the actions of this operation, with the map swinging in favour of the TR whenever we moved out and punishing whoever our target was. Others had a hand in our success, as with any battle no one goes in alone and comes out victorious, but it was unambiguously ULTRA leading the front lines for the entirety of Friday Night Ops, pushing further by design into enemy territory than anyone else.

    And of course, a shout-out to the NC at the Warpgate, You almost had us a few times...Almost.

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