FNO: October 5th, 2012

Discussion in 'Friday Night Ops' started by Luperza, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. Tamalan

    HIGBY!! As has been shown our glorious leader is not above using his mad hacker skills to make sure the fight turns out just as it should http://www.own3d.tv/CurseTV/video/814409
  2. dirtYbird

    I tipped this. :D
  3. TUFCommander

    RadarX summon us to fight for you we will uphold the GLORIUS Republic!
  4. Reizod

    As long as there are no Admin commands used... the T-Ray (should be the name of an uber gun we can get from shop) and the VS will def show why we have all the badass ladies, coolest style, totally tear **** up at night, and where all the smart people from TR & NC end up eventually.

    This is how VS roll, if you don't get it... don't bother, it's a Vanu thang:

  5. Basti

    Ah you guys.

    Let me tell you a secret: Im front the future. A future where VS won, over and over, in the most glorious way. The reason why I came back was to win again, because i already know we will win. Those NC goons are just no challenge. :p
  6. TUFCommander

    TR are the winners vs are the whiners lol :) jk
  7. Reizod

    *looks around for TR* "Do you have an invitation to this party sir?... please exit... this is a VIP event only!" :p
  8. TUFCommander

  9. DiddyMao

    Actually TR is the Final Boss the NC and VS are fighting to see who can face us!
  10. Reizod

    Do you mean like the video below... Brue Lee being VS and O'Hara being TR? Some "boss" you guys will be. Sitting on the sidelinde looking all nice and dressed up, but all fluff when it comes time to throw down.

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  11. DiddyMao

    Obviously not fair to make the Vanu to be Bruce Lee as nothing the Vanu offers is Bruce Lee-esque!!!! I don't think anything in pop culture can reference how the TR anxiously awaits to face his new opponent!
  12. cc2001

    After this match, Higby and Tramell should switch factions and go again. Make Higby play VS and Tramell play NC.
  13. Armored Gorilla

    Will the match still go on without the patch?
  14. Luperza Community Manager

    The patch has to happen for the match to go on because we need Esamir. =P

    But there's always next week! I'll have an FNO for you no matter what! ;) Maybe the guys will still want to do the match without being on Esamir. :) We'll see how things go!
  15. masterremodeli

    This made me chuckle because it rhymed :rolleyes:
  16. TartarusMkII

    No worries, I'll be there.
  17. shinjorai

    Hey luperza great show last night. I hope the FNO will continue once the game launches. That and all the developer interaction with the community. To me all the great things about the game aside thats whats really making this such a great experience for me is that you guys arent deified and godlike but come across as real people and gamers and its an awesome thing. I wish more developers would treat their communities the way yall are. I also appreciate the fact that SOE is for the most part hearing what the member base is asking for and doing their best to deliver. Anyways im kindve rambling but just wanted to say great job so far.
  18. Aldman

    Just wanted to thanks to Luperza on behalf of everyone at Sturmgrenadier. It was fun having you run around in one of our squads, even if you were a magnet for the cray Luperza cultists. :D
  19. Laraza

    Great playing with you Luperza, thanks for the opportunity. Above all else, this was certainly a fair representation of SG and Dinger's squad.

    You are welcome to play with us again anytime.
  20. Regime

    Had a great time yesterday thanks again!

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