FNO: November 16th, 2012

Discussion in 'Friday Night Ops' started by Luperza, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. Luperza Community Manager

    This week on Friday Night Ops:
    • Launch updates
    • Dev Q&A
    • Observer mode + commentary
    • Special guest: King Foom from Destructoid
    • Special guests: Matt Higby (Creative Director) and Tramell Isaac (Senior Art Director)
    • Player made videos. If you have one you'd like us to share, email us at fanspam@planetside2.com with the title "FNO: <Name>"
    Let us know you'll be there!
    >>> RSVP here <<<


    When: 11/16/2012 4PM - 6PM PST

    Server: To be announced before each segment on the live show

    Don't forget to use our hashtag #ps2fno and follow us on Twitter @Planetside2, @PurrfectStorm and @Jimmywhis
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  2. MeerMusik

    As Beta ends this Friday officially, i thought the Server will going down til November 20 for CharWipe/Hardware (Preparation)Configuration and all those things needed to make a stable Launch. Hmm was i wrong? Or will they going down after this FNO? Thank You for replying and greetings from Germany :) Oliver
  3. Luperza Community Manager

    Not sure what they have decided for that. We will have FNO this Friday either way. :)
  4. MeerMusik

    Ok thank you!
  5. Luperza Community Manager

    Yeah, NP! :)
  6. Jarcko

    I just assumed that it was gonna go down at midnight PST like the scheduled downtime always was.
  7. Luperza Community Manager

    Talked to the buildmaster and the servers will go down at 11:59PM PST on Friday. :)

    So there's your answer! <3
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  8. zgunner

    Noice. Only 5 more days until I lose hours of sleep playing on launch.:cool:
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  9. Luperza Community Manager

    YEP! Launch is just around the corner. :D :D :D What are you going to spend your certs on first?
  10. Jac70

    Magburner - what else! ;)
  11. Luperza Community Manager

    Nice :)
  12. OceanFire

    A shotgun for my purple LA and then C4 or stuff for my Scythe. :)
  13. Hannes

    Will I get all of the things that are listed in the Alpha package list on Launch? Like the SC or did I only have the SC under the beta?
  14. zgunner

    I'm not 100% sure, but I will probably save up so I can heavily upgrade my Vanguard.

    You get all of your goodies on launch. Wouldn't have made sense to give it early because SC wasn't even usable in beta, and you will have to create a new character.
  15. SolLeks

    you should have the station cash already. log in to the main soe site and you should see your balance. The rest of the goodies from Alpha squad should come on the 20th though.
  16. Luperza Community Manager

    Just a quick update: King Foom from Destructoid, Matt Higby (Creative Director), and Tramell Isaac (Senior Art Director) will be joining us for tonight's episode.

    It's going to be loads of fun!!! Please, join us as we enjoy the final day of PlanetSide 2 BETA!!!
  17. MorbX

    Nice rum and cola ! Hopefully Matt will be wearing his pants tonight :p . Gonna be a cool show as always. Krohn for the win .
  18. Dasbag

    Excellent stream guys, thanks for traumatizing me with the drop pod carnage!

    Hope to see more in the future.
  19. MeerMusik

    Yes it was great. Like i said, its worth staying up this late. Sadly it was the First Time i could see you Live. Had to watch the Videos in the past. Hope to have more time in the Future for being on the LiveStream: Our Outfit has the Operation running every Friday evening (german time) - its a nice way to come down after that and in addition, to see what you Devs are actually doing and whats (possibly) will come to PS2 :)

    What i like is, that you are just be 100percent natural yourself. Please be always yourself. Personally, i h*ate nothing more than People pretend to be the nice one, just to try to make a bigger marketing impact.

    P.S.: It would be fantastic to have fully stated Patch Notes on LaunchDay or the Day after so that we can see what things we should keep an eye on or try out - would be nice if you can bring this up to RadarX or whoever is in Charge of writing Patch Notes then.

    Hope to see you on AGN later today if iam back home in time. Greetings
  20. Luperza Community Manager

    Haha! Thanks. <3 :)

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