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  1. ShotMeTender

    Ok, 99% of flying players use .exe assisted aim of any kind.... Considering the message of DEVS into main sheet "Everyone do it, get a premium" my question is: Why the ******* hell should i give u 1 single ****** € while people keep hacking beneath ur nose??

    P.s curious thing is hacking pilot only show up during late night and mass xp alert... What a curious thing, and most curious of all they are all fashion item depot clients... Mmmh...
  2. Gundem

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  3. AxiomInsanity87

    Esf hackers are usually really easy to spot and they seem to know it and not do it. I have seen some pretty stupid stuff and i know many others will have where esf or lib hackers are about. It is usually really obvious lol.

    Have you got any videos?.
  4. oTec

    Pretty much.
  5. SoljVS

    I always lol when other players who can't aim think that people who can aim are hacks. In my experience I have seen maybe a handful of true hackers in ESFs and its usually pretty obvious whether it be speed hacking or the fact that they can't even properly handle the ESF yet have laser like accuracy on all their shots, but thats about the 2 or 3 cases I've seen myself.

    The lib is another case I have run into quite a few dalton gunner hacks (there's one in the video in my sig the very last lib I fight). They are trickier to spot but once you notice that a guy is making dalton shots at all ranges and angles always towards your center of mass its obvious. Changing trajectory or rolling will make the shot miss if theres enough distance between you and the projectile when its fired, but you can always tell that if you had kept going in the same direction it would have hit you dead center. 1 or 2 shots out of 10 maybe but not all of them.
  6. zaspacer

    I fly ESF a lot. My Aim is Really Bad (in Infantry and Air and everything else)... but I still do above average in Air cause I have experience, I take certain cautions, and I can control movement pretty well. I don't think many pilots are using Aim assists. Even the Lib Dalton users haven't been OHK sniping much lately.

    I think some Valkyrie users are doing the repair exploit (though that may be condoned by DBG now, it's unclear). And I think some number of Infantry players are using hacks (I see a lot more superhuman abilities while playing Infantry). But most the Air seems fine in terms of hackers.

    I'm not saying Air gameplay is great, especially the learning curve or advantage players have for Aim/Dodge, but I don't think hacking in Air is a big thing.

    ... but if I learned tomorrow that my Aim was so subpar relative to so many other pilots because they were all tampering with some ini file (etc.), it wouldn't totally surprise me...
  7. fuzzbuket

    flying ESF is hard and has a very high learning curve. Many people in the air have may several thousand hours flying.
    Obviously they will obliterate you the first few times, this doesnt mean that they are hacking.

    cosmetics dont affect your hitbox, nor your standing with DBG.
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  8. Chubzdoomer

    Sounds to me like you got outplayed, then cried hacks. Happens all the time in MP shooters.
  9. ShotMeTender

    "Sounds to me like you got outplayed, then cried hacks. Happens all the time in MP shooters."

    Sound to me u are one of those pilot i am talking about... And many other replies tell me people are doing the same s**t... No problem, noticed purchasing depot item equal to do the hell u want without ban...
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  10. Saturax

    I didnt meet cheaters in air long time, only classic laggers and warpers... +some have hit box moved from texture be few meters and hitbox jump just be presing ↕ ctr+spacebar ( its anoying, but thats how game work for now.... ping limiter or dont give advantage to laggers can solve it, but noone care... )
    + when you dogfight 1 v 1 some one while back flying, you have time evade bullets and if some one shoot perfectly where you will be if you dont chance speed direction he will miss moust of time.
  11. ObiVanuKenobi

    You're wrong in so many ways... I had a friend who had spent hundreds of euros in this game and he got banned for stat padding.
    When i was new and was flying my first esf that i actually got into battle without crashing in one of those magnetic trees i couldn't believe the accuracy of other pilots as well but it comes with time and experience. I bet you were flying in a straight line and not dodging all.
  12. tommyrocket

    Here's the kicker- once you learn how to fly great like everyone else, you actually start to notice how many cheaters there actually are in the sky. You know, the ones that snipe you while you're reverse-thrusting in a loop around them, be it 50 or 200 meters away with a rotary. Yes, a slow velocity rotary, the hardest thing to aim with as far as ESF guns go. (Looking at you, Mosquito rotary.)

    The most difficult hack to pinpoint is one that removes any kind of dead-zone from the vehicle movement and aim. If you look closely, they may appear to warp on occasion. However, you'll notice how fast you die now matter how you move.

    So yeah, play on Connery some time. If you're good, you'll see plenty of cheats in the sky every day. The Japanese players that do it are so painstakingly obvious it makes my eyes bleed. Of course, people hold their pride so hard they all get away with it, with the "I don't wanna be called a whiner." attitude. Help clean our game, people! It's our jobs to report.
  13. Saturax

    How you want cheat when you shoot not 200 if you are good but 800m... and bullet fly almost 2s... its about skill no aimbot can read future where will you movement on 800m.... in 2s...