flying with mouse pitch/yaw

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by HellTiger, Jul 8, 2014.

  1. HellTiger


    I would love to play this game, especially the flying part, but i want to aim in the plane as i do as soldier.
    Well i dont mind if people say its bad to fly like this, i use a joystick, and it works for most flying parts, but you cant aim/shoot seriously with it, no one can aim and shoot with joystick or joypad as you can with mouse, never.
    If you ever played a shooter like quake you will absolutely understand why you need to aim in the plane as you do as a soldier. So please explain why not add a option to use yaw on mouse. Its even ok if its very slow, as long as its possible to aim how you aim with a mouse. There is no need to increase the rate of yaw which is maybe the reason why it didnt happend yet, i personaly can still fly with the joystick and then use mouse for the shooting part, and yes this makes sense! All other games provide this option, or its legal to use external tools to change it, but i fear that could be even cheat!
  2. Paulus

    When the game was in Beta, we asked for proper joystick support. We were told "not many gamers have joysticks these days, so we don't want to make people buy a new peripheral just to play our game". Fair enough we said, but please don't make it as easy to just sit there and "turret" with your aircraft, that's boring and it was part of the problem we had with aircraft in PS1. SOE agreed, and the flight mechanics we have are the compromise for not having full joystick support. I can't see them doing what you've suggested, as it would make flying way too easy, they deliberately designed it to be awkward to use until you master the controls.
  3. DualDesertEagle

    One word:


    For some ppl it would just make flying POSSIBLE! Sure u can get used to STOOPID control setups like rolling and pitching with the mouse but yawing with the keyboard but it's just IMPRECISE and TAKES WAY TOO LONG to line ur sights up!