Flying Vehicle Lag/Glitch Issue

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Crysander, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. Crysander

    I appear to currently be experiencing some sort of lag/glitch that only affects Air units. Units on the ground seem to be behaving normally, with little/no lag at all. Yet I am watching Flying Vehicles spiral and jerk through the air for a few seconds after flying perfectly normally and then it suddenly corrects itself after a few seconds.

    However I have noticed a worrying side affect: Before the flying vehicles start to jerk about I can keep hitting them (playing as an AA MAX) as they appear to me to be moving normally and my hits are all registering. They then jerk/spaz about for a second or two and are moved suddenly across the sky (as if they had suddenly had a massive lag spike) but the hits I was getting are still registered even if this 'lag jump' has taken them behind an object.

    Its very hard to describe but if required I shall attempt to record a video. Is this something on my end, something on their end, or something in the middle?
  2. Jachim

    It's a desync issue :( known problem
  3. Bloodlet