Flying Tanks

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by akariiiiiiiiin, Dec 18, 2012.

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  1. akariiiiiiiiin

    [IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG]ID:Skroot 3camp
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  2. Xylogenesis

    Welcome to Planetside 2.
  3. foam

    Working as Intended
  4. Goomba

    Why did they waste resources getting tanks?
  5. Szioul

    Must've run out of air resources.
  6. LtJoeBob

    Hes been doing this for the last 4 days or so SOE doesnt care the actually locked my thread about it and then sent me a nice email that they took care of it... Seems they lied and i trusted SOE sooooo much
  7. Blaf

  8. Wintermaulz

    Massive lag does funny things in this game.
  9. Harmon

    It's not a bug, it's a feature :)
  10. Hodo

    Or hacks.
  11. KraggTheGrim

    some one had posted a video of a balloon sunderer was really funny watching it blow and drift in the breeze.
  12. Scure

    i was playing with my friend, we both used tanks... he saw me flying with tank, so this is a bug for sure...
  13. Sevrid

    Saw a vangard doing this last night on Mattherson
  14. powerz

    lol a that pic with the tank up on the aircraft repair pad.......who needs air resources?

    yea.......sure was smart to taunt the hackers wasn't it smed?
  15. Sebyos

    Well considering he's doing it with a Vanguard a Mag and a Sundie I find it hard to believe that this is legit.

    I'm pretty sure it's hacks and I'm especially sure that SoE can't do **** against hackers other than putting a scarecrow so you'r wasting your time.
  16. Rothnang

    It isn't lag, it actually is a hack. There have been flying infantry and vehicles from desyncs, but you can tell the difference pretty easily, when you see someone who desynced they move in a straight line, or are warping back and forth. These flying tank hacks on the other hand cause the tank to litterally handle like an aircraft though. I've seen it myself today, I was flying a Liberator on Amerish, when suddenly a Vanguard flies at me and starts firing its main gun. I evaded it and started plucking away at it with my tankbuster (lol, tankbuster vs, flying tank) and it started rolling and evading like a fighter would, flew a nice smooth arc and started heading away towards its warp gate. That is not lag, lag doesn't cause people to pull maneuvers in the air that are clearly not random.
  17. Compass

    Has anyone noticed how much flying Magriders look like alien craft from Independence Day?

  18. Punchdrunk

    i have seen libs render as tanks during heavy lag earlier. but i have also seen videos of Skroot before...thats obviously a hack
  19. powerz

    yes, it is a hack and all SoE can do is just ban accounts.......and those Hardware ID bans are circumvented in less time than it takes to make a new account.

    Note to Smed and anyone assaciated with SoE who tweets...... don't openly taunt hack developers who are smarter than you on twitter when your game uses Punkbuster as it's's a defeated put the first nail in your very own coffin with your arogant tweets.......and the irony.......SoE will close this thread and sweep any mention of the problem under the rug.
  20. Rothnang

    They can stop the vehicle hack no problem, they just need to restrict the client output that the server will accept when you're in a given vehicle. The most likely reason why this is happening is simply that all vehicles are the same class and how they move is determined by what the client tells the server the vehicle is doing.
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