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  1. Uncle_Lou

    If the current controls work for you, thats great. Maybe it truly is better, I don't know. Personally I find it counterintuitive. What I really cannot understand though is why we can't have the option at least to customize the air vehicle control mapping. Thats all I really want is choice. I don't think I'm asking for anything unreasonable.
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  2. See0507

    When I want to aim an infantry-soldier or a tank, I want to do this with an accurate, one-handed mouse-motion, not with the one hand on the keyboard and the other on the mouse.
    Anyway is PS2 a more a "arcade style space shooter" then a "flight sim".
  3. Thurwell

    Not joysticks but I've flown extensively with an xbox controller. Which is 2 small joysticks. It worked quite well, very intuitive. I gave up and relearned to fly with mouse and keyboard because I needed the precision of the mouse. But that won't be an issue on the PS4 since everyone will be using controllers. Plus console FPSs usually have some aim assistance built in to compensate for those little thumb sticks being fairly crappy joysticks.

    The controller did work very well for rocket podding and A2AMs since no precision is required with those weapons. I got thousands of kills before switching.
  4. Hosp

    I'v been on this since early on in PS. Would make Dog-Fight Frame more useful, and possibly just as useful as the other 2 Frames. Would also allow many entry level, and older but frustrated, players access to a part of the game they otherwise would be unable to competently access w/o days of practice flight time.

    Fixed that for you

    Anyhow, for a game that's geared toward instant gratification in just about every other area where unneeded, why is it not in the 1 place it seems greatly needed?
  5. GaBeRock

    dev time, I presume. No one is agaisnt the change, but it would be virtually meaningless, so the devs don't want to waste time on it.
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  6. TheBlindFreak

    So, you're saying that basic flight maneuvering is too complicated? Because that's what I'm seeing.
  7. Thurwell

    No, he's saying that in a game where most of the basic functionality is broken 2 years after release, adding in a flight mode that no one should use anyway is not a high priority.
  8. John_Aitc

    You got your point across just fine, See0507. Pilots, for years, have asked for what you mentioned. Mostly, pilots just want more freedom to map the controls in any way they choose. It may be for HOTAS or gamepad support.

    Unless these features are needed for the Playstation release, I do not think you will ever see the change and will need to either adapt or stay on the ground.
  9. Hosp

    If people are saying they want it, it may be meaningless for those whom don't care about it. Not meaningless to those who actually want it. And asinine for someone to make the assertion "it would be meaningless so devs shouldn't waste time" But as we can't do polls here, kinda hard to judge just how many people really do want it/don't care/don't want it.

    Now, I'm not a coder, but they had it in Alpha -(early Beta from what I've heard). So the code to use it is still floating around somewhere. Probably needs some tweaks to work with today's game. But I don't believe its been tested on a large population. Only a small sample of testers. So, besides this latest patch that they should really fix up before trying anything new...why not take some time and throw this thing onto PTS. Then people who feel they need can try it out?
  10. GaBeRock

    We're not saying "don't waste dev time," we're saying that the devs don't want to waste their own time. We don't care one way or the other.
  11. Hosp

    Most of you guys are saying that. There was a guy who said what I mentioned. Hence I called it out.
  12. See0507

    It isn´t my/our wish, that this "mouse-aiming" will be the regular way to fly an aircraft. What I wish is only the possibility to change the control. Hence all people seeing a danger, that their way to fly isn´t possible anymore, if this issue find his way into one of the next updates, could go home sedatet.
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  13. AlCohonez

    It would be great to have a dog fighting game where your ability to chase, use the terrain for evading attack and blocking line of sight and counterattacking.

    Unfortunately we are sticking to the hover twitch fights or lock ons.
  14. Goretzu

    Interesting, I couldn't do anything that remotely could be called flying with a proper joystick, too much dead zone and the whole thing was basically on/off.
  15. Thurwell

    I had 2 software layers between the controller and the game. The first was joy2key I think. It has some competitor which is basically the same thing, might have been that. It let me remap some keys which didn't work, like the 4 way switch (been so long since I've consoled I can't remember the real name). It also let me map the analog sticks to mouse movements instead of using planetside's joystick interpretation. But I still mapped the other functions, vertical thrust and yaw, directly to joy sticks in planetside so I could analog control them.

    The other was some little autohotkey script that was a pain to set up, I got it off the mechwarrior online forums. It translated the controller analog sticks to virtual analog sticks and let me set up non-linear responses for them. Which did a lot to fix the all on/off issue you mention. But there's nothing you can do about the physical dead zone, and the precision issue.

    A real quality joystick might solve a lot of that, but I don't know how you'd arrange the controls. You still have 4 analog axes you want to control. I actually think 2 joysticks would work better in PS2 than a joystick and kb or joystick and throttle.
  16. Leeloo

    A while back ago I was developing a game, where you were able to turn around with your dolphin and swim towards the camera. Both the camera and the controls were awesome... except a lot of people still complained which I found stupid... because they wanted something much less good than it was already.

    Then I read up on the subject and learned that about 50% of the population simply cannot drive a remote controlled vehicle if it is facing towards them. 50% of the folks simply do not have the 3D orientation mechanism developed enough to do the transformation in their head intuitively.

    After realizing this I changed the game controls, because... it is obvious why... no?

    I accept that the corrent flight control is more advanced than what we ask for... can we also have a n00b control regardless please?
  17. taod3mon

    Most people against mouse yaw can't seem to grasp that people don't want to yaw turn their air vehicles in place of rolling and pitching up. Those that do realize this and are still against this should be ashamed of themselves for being against something that has been one of the most basic of basic OPTIONS in pc games going at least as far back as 10+ years with the first battlefield game and likely even longer with other games I never played. You can rebind mouse axis in all the BF games, at least ARMA 2 and 3, and likely most flight sims released on PC.

    In PS2 they are still derping this one up this long past release with it having been brought up even before the beta.
  18. DrMegavolt

    Actually, I'm fairly good at roll+pitch turning (I play Robocraft, and that is the primary method for turning an aircraft in that game), but I still find the Planetside 2 aircraft controls a complete hassle. They don't feel responsive enough, and there seems to be no way to configure mouse sensitivity separately for aircraft controls.
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