Flying aircraft in PS2 is suicidal

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by omega4, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. Laraso

    Wow, either you're the worst pilot in video game history, or you were trying really hard to make it as easy as possible for those VS MAX to shoot you down.

    Honestly, it looks like you purposefully died there. You flew directly at them, and once you got over them, you pointed your aircraft directly up and then let go of the controls.

    A squad of players shooting you with small arms could have killed you in that situation.
  2. ThundaHawkPS

    I have some small hope.

    OP is secretly a martyr and a genius. Suicide himself into Bursters to further the movement to restore airpower.

    What a bleeding hero is OP

    /emote cabbagepatch
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  3. omega4

    Thank you for sharing this.

    As a casual gamer, I didn't have the time or inclination to spend that much time to eliminate a camping enemy force outside their opponent's warp gate. I agree that this should not be allowed when the camping force's nearest friendly territory was Rashnu bio labs.
  4. omega4

    I forgot to mention that I have the highest level of composite armor that is SUPPOSED to offer some protection from flak and small arms fire.

    SUPPOSED to....
  5. Laraso

    That protection is meaningless if you just go directly into heavy AA and then fly directly up like a moron.
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  6. S1eB

    I think he came to PS2 expecting it to be like BF3 judging by his BF3 comment.
    He probably also expected to be able to air **** like you can in BF3 without getting killed.

    This is not BF3, OP. This is Sparta.
  7. omega4

    Yes, I am a bad pilot that still managed to shoot you down a few times one on one....
  8. Jezs

    I love how he turns and flies directly parallel to flak, having never fired a round at aircraft himself to see how hard it is to hit an ESF going perpendicular
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  9. Raap

    ESF pilots aren't the only ones affected by the rocket overload. But hey, atleast you can still exploit that rapid fire bug since forever.

    This is the game these forums and 'twitter' users have been begging for. Enjoy it.
  10. omega4

    Vehicles and aircraft are supposed to be respected, and perhaps slightly feared, in games (e.g. BF3).

    In PS2, vehicles and aircraft are a JOKE and only represent big XP point pinatas for infantry to farm.

    THIS is why PS2 is failing and will continue to lose its customer base steadily.
  11. Purg

    They are feared - by many. Just not when you're piloting them, it seems.
  12. Teegeeack

    Didn't read this thread, but I watched the video and what you did was ********. I fly scythes once in a blue moon but by golly I try and show some caution over enemy territory.
  13. AceMF

  14. Laraso

    You're a joke. This thread is a joke. Not only were your piloting skills (or lack thereof) terrible, your reasons for why you believe aircraft are underpowered are equally as bad.

    This video implies that all pilots are being killed immediately upon leaving their warpgate, which is simply not true. Your faction as a whole failed in many different aspects to even get into such a situation. The VS were clearly dominating you, and had you locked into your warpgate.

    Your death could have been easily avoided by simply not flying in that direction. If you flew west instead of north, you wouldn't have died. Instead, what you did in your video was fly directly at an AA MAX squad, then flew up at a 90 degree angle right as you passed over them. Anyone would have died under those circumstances. You put yourself into a losing position and you got blasted out of the sky. That was entirely and completely your fault.

    This isn't a balance problem. The game is working as intended in this video. You're a terrible pilot, and you got yourself killed.
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  15. ThundaHawkPS

    Lordmang shot me down one on one.

    Ya right, buddy. Ya right. You keep on making stuff up.

  16. LanceHavenbay

    A) You should have turned around and hit the floor rather than flying up/forward
    B) Bring in some tanks/infantry, problem solved.
    C) This happens to everyone, regardless of faction
  17. CrispyHaze

    Yes, just another tipoff that what you did in the video was just terrible altogether. See how fast you got shot down flying in a straight line under heavy AA fire, despite having full composite armour? It means you need to avoid flying in straight lines away from the point of fire. You completely mitigated their need to lead the target by doing that. Use the landscape to your advantage, dip into the valleys, and if that is not possible, weave away so they can't accurately judge how to lead you. It is hard to lead a target that is constantly changing direction.
  18. SgtBreastroker

    I hope you realize Battlefield 3 is a more popular game because it has a significantly larger fanbase than Planetside has.
  19. Czuuk

    Was ceiling still in range of their MAXes?
  20. Notyoz Tacoz

    You had to go there? Mmm, Kay, in BF3 there is camping of the enemy spawn as well! If you happend to be on a poorly organized team, it's very easy to find yourself "camped" right outside your main spawn. In fact, due to the smaller maps, it's WAY easier to get spawn camped in BF3 than PS2. Plus there is NOT a "No-Fly" zone above your spawn in BF3 so the enemy can Rain down rockets from Jets and Choppers all they like cause there is NO SHIELD in BF3.

    Also, the limited number of Armored Vehicles available and with spawn timers on them, makes it REAL easy for the enemy to destroy your vehicles before you can even get a chance to load up in the Main Spawn area, thus leaving your team without even the ability to mount up in Armor for a Counter Attack.

    True, there are problems with PS2, but the situation your describing really isn't that hard to deal with. Group up and take out the threat or you can always go to another Continent. In BF3, with no shields protecting the spawn area, getting spawn camped is a REAL pain in the back-side.