[BUG] Floating Tank mines / Sweeper HUD

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Towie, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. Towie

    OK so Mines have always been a bit iffy but since the last update, i've noticed a couple of (possibly related) issues.

    1. Floating mines. You place your tank mine - only for it to hover above the ground before drifting off slowly. I placed three in a line last night and all hovered before floating away. Seems to happen most often when you do it quickly (ie. place three immediately after one another) - if you take your time, they are more obedient and normally sit on the ground. Must be a new Helium attachment.

    2. Sweeper HUD. I have maxmimum sweeper HUD implant and previously it detected mines extremely well - only when things get very busy would their be enough of a delay in the spotting to occasionally cause a problem. The last few nights i've driven over more mines than in the last few months - some simply never get spotted automatically.

    Have there been any changes to detection recently ?

    Anyone else noticed this ?

    There are numerous bugs reported relating to mines, mostly unresolved, but this does seem more prevalent now.
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  2. Jac70

    I have certainly noticed the floating mines. Not had too much of an issue with sweeper not picking up enemy mines personally.
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  3. JobiWan

    Floating mines have been around a lot longer than since the last update. Probably close to a year or maybe longer.
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  4. Crash Bandicoot

    I can confirm that SweeperHUD is not working properly lately...
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  5. Towie

    ...I was kinda wondering whether the non-detected mines are also those that have floated away. I check the ground when driving and can usually spot them even without HUD, especially on Indar roads, but I completely missed at least 2 mines (as it took out my Sunderer) that I couldn't see and were not detected by HUD.

    Yet - other mines are detected just fine as usual, and I can see them. There have been occasional floating mines for a long time but these seem to drift !
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  6. FLHuk

    I've found the odd non detection since sweeper launch.

    Always makes me laugh that I've relegated all anti mine work to an implant and died for doing so. Helps keep us humble ;)
  7. strikearrow

    This game is buggy and instead of fixing old bugs, they release junk like the CAI update......I've seen both these bugs and in addition the really annoying HIVE bug exploits like building HIVEs/modules inside mountains or inside each other etc....Experincethebaby is an NC player on Connery that loves to exploit those bugs.
  8. PlanetBound

    I've seen people try to put repair and shield within the hive shielding area. The modules never fit completely inside. Only once on Indar with the hive underground. Don't remember where exactly. Somewhere after the tower beyond Quartz next to a large crystal rock outcropping. It didn't last any longer than legal hives.
  9. strikearrow

    I've never seen that done. I have seen people put repair and shielding modules inside other HIVE structures - such as vehicle pads or inside solid terrain. Of course, then the base becomes indestructible because of the repair module. They do not even bother with turrets because the base needs no defense.
  10. Sazukata

    Protip: shoot the floating mine with something weak enough to not detonate it and it will correct itself. Usually.

    AFAIK, Glaive IPC disables repair modules. And the Orbital Strike doesn't care at all. :D
  12. strikearrow

    It's still considered cheating by Daybreak - exploit. And would the Glaive, AFAIK or orbital strike even do damage to HIVE structures that are inside terrain? I doubt it.