Flinch + Hold Breath is too much

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  1. AnnPerkins

    A heavy 100m away spamming away with an orion will beat even the most skilled infiltrator just because of the combination of these mechanics. Considering most infantry won't render much further than that this is pretty much "long" range.

    A heavy generally takes 5 hits to kill with the semi-auto which is usually not difficult unless they're shooting at you even at long range the most glancing hit makes your aim bounce around like a drunk sailor. Don't even think about trying to get a headshot. It is not fun and really limits the class.
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  2. FateJH

    Armed with a high RoF weapon, I've run into no end of Infiltrators upon whom I have opened fire, and am hitting, but they still one shot me. Personally, I also think the "hold breath" mechanic can go away along with the "artificial scope sway" mechanic as poorly-implemented crutches, but the flinch mechanic is fine. It never seems to inconvenience me, and it never fails to inconvenience the person who kills me.

    And, after using the AMR for a while, a weapon that requires multiple shots to kill but is only semi-automatic, I find it much more useful than my spray Carbine for things that are not guaranteed CQC events like Bio Lab defenses. Even then, it might be a smidge more useful.

    Edit: clarified what I mean with the AMR.
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  3. Antich

    Yes, any weapons shoot easier at range then sniper rifles, deal with it. Infiltrators are a broken class in every way. Till i won´t see on the roadmap a class revamp: infiltrators instead of MAX and LE i won´t believe devs actually understand how badly they screwed it up with everything involving infiltrators.

    Well, it can´t be an invonvenient for you cause ... well ... to be able to 1shot you they need to use a bolt action rifle so they only have 1 shot. What should they flinch you with, hopes and dreames? Also, tell us how many times you didn´t got 1 shot at the same high range(where a sniper rifle should be king) just because you flinched them in time.
  4. Lakora

    You must be on a very populated server... I'm on miller and easily render people out to about 400-600m :S But I have to agree Flinch is annoying... Imo the Flinching is the main reason people claim NC weapons are UP and VS are OP. :S

    This might be complete ******** but if someone knows exactly how the Flinch work feel free to correct me... But currently I think flinching basically uses our recoil modifier on a weapon and doubles that. So for NC that would be .4 ( +- .05most weapons) and if flinching does double it that would be .8 while VS would only get .4 (Normal .25 +- .02 most weapons) when flinching... Now do note I said it might be complete ******** since I don't have any hard numbers or data on how flinching actually effects your character.
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  5. ChaosRender

    If you take the sway off sniper scopes they would far to strong. As it sits the only thing that keeps me from owning a battle field as a sniper is the sway and breath mechanic, remove them and sniping would be a joke.
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  6. {joer

    Without the hold breath mechanic the name of this game would be "sniperside" instead of "lockonside".
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  7. AnnPerkins

    honestly, my experience has been the complete opposite. When I spot an infiltrator when I have a high RoF I just keep popping short bursts at them and they will never be able to get a good shot.
  8. Mylon

    The sway and breath hold mechanics need to apply to everyone, not just scope users. Being able to snipe with perfect accuracy using low magnification sights is silly. On the other side of the coin, soldiers shouldn't be asthmatic when it comes to lining up a shot.
  9. Dubious

    Sway should be connected to scope magnification
    any weapon with 4x+ scope should have sway

    hold breath should be able to be certed, for longer duration, universal cert, like medpacks

    snipers need bipod when crouching
    foregrip does nothing and silencer and those stuff dosent do much good either
  10. Sulsa

    I have decimated groups with a Silenced 12x/Parallax at 300+ yards. Juggling cloak, breath and bullet drop requires a huge amount of patience and is quite challenging but is extremely rewarding and fun.
    Removing/dumbing down what the Infil needs to juggle to get those streaks of One Shot Kills would make them so OP at long range that the forums would be ON FIRE with whining and screaming and crying.

    Now I agree some things could be more polished in the class, but as it stands, it is SUPER powerful when played correctly.

    Infiltrators work. It seems your infiltrator does not.
  11. AnnPerkins

    ah, the passive-aggressive character attacks. How mature.

    Anyone can do well when no one is shooting at them. And doing well with a bolt-action at long range is not what I'm talking about here. There are a number of rifles the infiltrator has access to that are essentially useless because even the slightest amount of damage done to an infiltrator renders them unable to return fire and to me that is a problem.
  12. {joer

    If you are getting shot, then you already failed.
  13. LameFox

    They probably wondered how you shot them so much without a head.
  14. Dubious

    My suggestion would do nothing to infiltrators with 4x+ scopes, it will just make it harder for any none-sniper to be a sniper..
    Im not saying we should dumb down the Sniper, im saying we should up the level of skill for none-snipers

    Having the ability to hold breath like a soldier and not some grandpa....
  15. AnnPerkins

    are you trying to say cloak renders you 100% invisible at all times? Because that would be funny.
  16. Crywalker

    At 100m....no.
  17. anaverageguy

    Scope sway, flinch, and the hold-breath mechanic are fine as they are for snipers in my opinion.

    Scope sway is not that difficult to learn to compensate for if the player isn't the type to slowwwlyy move their crosshairs over to the target.
    Moving to the target in a single motion makes the incredibly slow scope sway negligible and due to the sniper rifles' unique aspect of having zero CoF, the player can strafe left/right (to help with sway compensation if need be) and the bullet will still go exactly where the scope's pointing.

    Simply put, the sniper can duck and weave while scoped in and still fire perfect shots, though I personally prefer to do this with bolt actions, mainly because of the flinch mechanic. The bolt action deals heavy hits and only needs one moment to send a bullet flying in the right direction. I could take a couple hits while out in the open and still come out on top as long as I evade long enough to land the second shot.

    As for breath holding to steady the scope.. given how little time it really takes to aim at a target and "pull the trigger" with a mouse, it lasts for a really long time and helps at ranges where there's only small gaps between rails to hit a target.
  18. that_darn_lurker

    You're right. It would become sniperside for a while, until everyone wised up and then it'd become spamjumpingADADADside.
  19. Funguy

    I have been attepting to play as stricly infl. - long range shooting (sniping) is frustraiting. Your gun shakes at any minor explosion at the distance. Very bad environment physics - you think you have a clear shot and you shoot at an invisible slope right infront of you. Targets are so tiny through the scope its' like shooting at ants.

    TTK is way too long - you start with 15 rounds (using a bolt) and you cant one shot kill anyone anymore (even headshots dont do it anymore). Unless the guy is AFK or looking at the map or running towards you good luck landing a kill. This is not sniping.... It takes no skill, but when you try to lead a target you run out of breath or hit him in the upper body (need 2-3 more hits).
  20. Ash87

    You have to get behind enemy lines, at which point the render issues tend to evaporate I have found.

    That is the odd thing about rendering, if you are looking down range at people, it limits the render range, however the moment you crawl BEHIND an enemy line, you can be 300m out and still render absolutely every single one of them. That is why people recommend if your going to be a sniper, get behind your enemy. Plus, if the shot is behind, they have to turn 180 degrees, and then start trying to locate you, which is much more difficult than if they are noticing the blip in a direction they are already looking.