Flinch can never be balanced between the factions, remove it please

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by haniblecter, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. haniblecter

    No idea how many kills I've lost because some scrub TR with their machine pistole is lighting me up despite the fact I've got the drop on the sucker with my ******* machine gun.

    Please remove it.
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  2. 4GibMe

    Please do this,, pls
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  3. Nocturnal7x

    Its a crappy mechanic. Idk how many times an explosion somewhere near mea ruined a kill. Idk how many times my soldier slid down a 4% grade causing my gun to shake all over the screen ruining a kill. If im jumping its one thing, but just goin about my business trying to kill people the friggen screen shouldn't be shaking like a grandma who heard a bang...
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  4. SharpeShooter

    ohh god yes, a 100x yes! This stupid screen shaking all the time is also doing my head in.
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  5. riker

    yes plz
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  6. Tasogie

    Shoot first, nothing is broken.You obviously got beaten by someone who was faster an better shot than you.
    Move on.
  7. Sifer2

    It could be balanced but it would be a significant undertaking that would force them to go back through every gun an readjust it's firing rate in proportion to how much flinch per bullet. Where as right now they seem content to just pretend this balance issue doesn't exist.
  8. Aegie

    I do not think they should remove it- I think it adds a lot to the atmosphere of the game and the immersiveness of large scale battles.

    I do, however, think they need to adjust this so that flinch is based on damage or recoil because I agree that right now this is not balanced in terms of weapon choice (high ROF > low ROF even if dps = dps).
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  9. Fraya

    So says the TR who loves the fact that his ROF makes anyone he hits a sitting duck that can't see a damn thing.

    Flinch is pointless and only further encourages AI rocket spam and gives the person with the advantage in a fight (hitting first and/or faster) a bigger advantage.
  10. LibertyRevolution

    You dont get it man.. As NC our rate of fire is lower, so when in a 1v1 you flinch less times than we do. So you keep on target more.
    We flinch every bullet, and your ROF is way higher than ours, so our screen is shaking the whole time and we cannot stay on target.
    There is no compensation for your lesser bullet damage on our flinch, we flinch just as hard as if your firing shotgun slugs..

    While under fire your screen goes shake, steady, shake, steady. NC goes shake shake shake shake, no steady between rounds.
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  11. vilehydra

    You shouldn't be flinching when the shields are hit at least. They are shields, they absorb the force before it reaches the user. It evens it across factions a little more then it does.
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  12. Tekuila

    You guys know that the night vision scope negates 90% of flinch right.
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  13. Antivide

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  14. Oreo202

    It is a terrible mechanic. If you could reliably compensate for it, it would be OK.
  15. HyperMatrix

    The problem is that against players with high latency, bullet flinch doesn't work. You'll start shooting them and they'll shoot you back and you'll both kill each other before the other person receives your damage and is affected by bullet flinch. Even if you do start shooting first. In general I've noticed flinch be completely weird and random with higher lag players.
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  16. Tasogie

    I think it wouldn't matter what the issue was, you would find fault because you dont like to lose. One of the fun things about FPS games mate, someone is always better than you. Get over it, its nothing but a computer game, eg its irrelevant.

    As for NC, I get it better than some, I have a NC engi BR 45 on Briggs called Fragkat, this is a fact, an I am very well aware of how they work. NC guns are more powerful than others, an that is a good thing, just because you flinch if you get hit to much, too bad. dont get hit. or make sure you shoot first, a heres the fun bit.... DOnt run an gun. This isnt COD.
    If you shoot first, an shoot fastest, then that is how games work, you lost, because you were unlucky or jsut not as good.
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  17. Zorro

    At least have it so that shields mitigate the effect, and harder hitting bullets cause more of a flinch. Not flinching at all would be unrealistic, even in the future.
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  18. Tasogie

    People with high ping, are jsut SOL mate. The game cant be tailored for them when their issue is not fault of the game.
  19. Antivide

    "Weapons aren't imbalanced, you just suck".
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  20. sunjo

    It's a horrible mechanic that exists solely to further lower the already extremely low skill ceiling of PS2 to allow lesser skilled players that can't aim or position themselves properly a chance to "fight back" and get kills against more skilled players. It's not as awful as Battlefield 3's Suppression system since at least in PS2, you have to actually hit the enemy but it's still very awful and should be removed, especially if SOE wants to make this game competitive and dive into the E-Sports world.
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