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  1. PS2_Luke Lead Designer

    Hey Everyone,

    We wanted to take a minute to address some of the concerns about the changes to flight input in last weeks update. First we want to thank everyone for providing feedback on the recent changes, especially those of you who took time to participate on PTS and provide us your thoughts. While these changes were necessary, your feedback is helping us iterate and make improvements to provide the best flight experience possible. We also want you to know these changes were not made lightly and there were several reasons it was global instead of just for consoles.

    That being said, let's talk about iterations moving forward. We determine where to target iterations based on two factors:
    1. Your feedback posted on Reddit, Twitter, the Forums, PIT, etc…
    2. Internal testing and measuring of current input values vs. former values.
    For internal testing our admin client version of the game has features to write out vehicle performance profiling data. We can see frame by frame the angular and linear velocities and compare the dynamic characteristics between the old and the new. Graphing the output data lets us see where specific differences are and adjust input level filters to compensate. As of now all of the data points we've graphed match what was formerly Live, internally.

    Based on your feedback we are targeting iterations to the following:

    On PTS now and up for Hotfix as soon as possible:
    • All aircraft were showing a difference on keybound Pitch. That has been adjusted, so that pressing the key more instantly changes the pitch.
    • The non-ESF aircraft were showing differences on Yaw and Roll. They have also been adjusted.
    Being investigated:
    • Timing when using multiple inputs, ie. Pitching and rolling at the same time
    Please continue to provide us your feedback on these changes and let us know if you experience improvements. Thanks in advance for your continuing feedback!
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  2. CursoryRaptor

    Should be interesting to see how the flyboys react to this news. Maybe it'll be enough to soothe some ruffled feathers.
  3. St0mpy

    Will my harasser now stop turning in a circle on its own when I use the controller ive used to drive for 2+ years?
  4. day ofm one

    I would like to fly, but I am too tired of being screwed over by BR100 pilot farmers scrapping away my *** within 10 seconds.

    The only thing I say is, add sliders to controll horizontal and vertical flight sensitivity seperatly.

    Until then, screw flying, screw aircrafts, screw controlls, I don't touch that death guarentee anyways.
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  5. Takara

    I have noticed of late that when I land on the ground with my Scythe it will sometimes just....FLIP over upsidedown and blow up. Usually it's to the right....but ever once and awhile it's to the the left. It seems that sometimes the vehicle will continue to provide random thrust when I exit. This is especially prevalent when I am landing under a bit of duress or coming in low.
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  6. JobiWan

    For me, the oddest thing that's changed is that when hovering, landing, or taking off, the slightest touch to vertical lift also adds forward momentum, which is less than helpful when you're hiding behind a tree or a rock, then start to lift upwards, and you shoot forward and ......splat.
  7. Nerp

    Pitch buttons are nice to have back, they feel more or less ok. Maybe a little bit more sluggish than before the flight control change but I can't tell for sure.

    In any case, another significant issue still persists : My aim feels very very bouncy. I can't make minute changes in pitch with my mouse because small movements get amplified for some reason. Because of this, I can't aim at things, and it makes it very difficult to hit other esf, infantry, and even vehicles ( Flew around in vr on test just now, and I've had trouble nailing the stationary dummies with hornets, something I could do consistently on moving targets on live before the changes. I made sure to set my settings the same as they are on live too. ).
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  8. Wonabe

    There's a same latency on button input like esf pitch on harasser/lightning. Also turrets are shaking from time to time(halberd-h for example)
  9. Tiedemann

    Will this impact lightings etc. too or is this only for ESFs?
  10. Stormsh7dow

    Yes, I would have to say when aiming from hover and in general precise aiming is more difficult due to the mouse control seeming to over and undercorrect thus making it a bit jerky. That seems to be the main issue the aim is shaky
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  11. GaBeRock

    lol. Attack ground and people complain about "airfarmers." attack air and people whine incessantly about elitism. Either you take the time to practice extensively in VR, like each and every one of us did, or you don't complain.
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  12. Darkghostppl

    Yup i can Totally confirm that, it has happened to me waay too many times since the last patch, and this problem was only on PTS server before.
  13. Zeblasky

    Thank you so much for doing this, but please, please, please next time do this before its go live. Please. I hate when such drama storms are getting provoked.
  14. Nerp

    I pulled a tank in VR and it still felt like the turret was swinging around like crazy.
  15. Thurwell

    So what is on live right now? You guys keep pushing patches with no announcement.
  16. Tiedemann

    Ah ok. I hope they'll fix them later then. Thanks.
  17. Epic High Five

    Does this mean the Phoenix will have its keybinds moved back to Aircraft keybinds instead of the keybinds for tanks, too? I submitted a bug report on this on the PTS and it was changed but it looks like it still got pushed live
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  18. DoctorXqY

    Try increasing your joystick deadzone.
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  19. Minnie Lavellan

    Please also fix the weird zero'd scopes/weapons as well. I never asked for this.
  20. TheKhopesh

    Please revert the Phoenix to flight controls.
    It was changed from an "aircraft" control input type vehicle to a ground control input type vehicle, and this has been a considerable detriment to the weapon's use.

    One of it's key features to it's versatility (the analog throttle) has been instrumental to it's use by the experienced and dedicated users of this weapon, and the vehicle hand brake does not function properly enough to allow it's use in the same manner.
    (I suggest buffing the Phoenix' input reaction speeds -only as much as is needed- to counteract the latest changes to aircraft handling which appear to cause aircraft to react slower.)