Flickering on screen with new 5/22 patch

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Gammit, May 22, 2014.

  1. Gammit

    Anybody else getting this? It is most apparent on the menu screens, and I noticed it immediately when in the character selection screen.

    It looks like pieces of the screen are jumping or flickering around. It could be one of my graphics cards, but it is not happening with any other game, it only began today (yesterday or today's patch?), my GPU temperatures look OK (I have EVGA PrecisionX running on monitor #2 for real-time monitoring), and I even tried uninstalling my video drivers, using driver sweeper, and installing the latest Nvidia beta drivers. Prior to those drivers, I was using non-beta drivers.

    I have two Nvidia 560 Tis running in SLI.
  2. Octiceps

    Is the graphical corruption multi-colored? Can you capture it in screenshots or does it not show up?
  3. Gammit

    The corruption looks like somebody cut a section from a different portion of the screen (same color family, same background graphics, etc.) and pasted it in the wrong place. Or, removed some text or a picture in the foreground but left the background. Then quickly paste and un-paste to create the flickering effect.

    Ex. A "Play" button will look like this:
    PLA[missing Y but correct background]
    PLA[missing Y but correct background]
    PLA[missing Y but correct background]

    in several places around the screen
  4. Octiceps

    Full system specs? Which exact Nvidia driver version are you using? Have you made any changes in the driver for the PlanetSide 2 game profile? 64-bit or 32-bit client? Have you verified that SLI is, in fact, working in the game? (It doesn't work by default with the 64-bit client, you have to manually add it in the driver.) Are you using the official SLI profile or alternate SLI compatibility bits?
  5. Gammit

    Intel i7 920
    8 GB DDR3 RAM
    560 Ti x2 in SLI
    Win7 64-bit Pro with all updates
    bc I have a 64-bit OS, I am guessing the game is using the 64-bit client
    SLI verified set to on within Nvidia Control Panel's global settings
    I believe I'm using official SLI profile
    affected drivers: 337.50 (beta), 334.89 (I believe. I skipped the last official WHQL driver)

    No recent changes to system settings or drivers.
  6. Octiceps

    Just as I'd thought, SLI is not working for you in this game, and you'd have no way to tell in-game since EVGA Precision OSD doesn't work in 64-bit games (only MSI Afterburner does).

    Here's what you gotta do: Download Nvidia Inspector and follow the second step in my guide here.

    For the SLI bits, try 0x03500005 (Alan Wake, Alan Wake's American Nightmare) or 0x42502005 (this one you have to type in manually). They should provide improved performance and reduced input lag compared to the default profile 0x02492005 (PlanetSide 2).

    If the unofficial bits don't improve anything or cause problems for you then you can always revert back to the official SLI profile. Just make sure that PlanetSide2_x64.exe is added to the PS2 game profile in Inspector as this is the crucial step to ensure that SLI works in this game.

    Let me know how it goes for you.
  7. Octiceps

    Is this what you're seeing?

  8. Gammit

    Not quite. Some of it, yes, but it's not that frequent or severe-looking. I am also not getting the weird rainbow-effect from the beginning of the video.

    Edit: I just added the 64-bit exe to the Nvidia control panel list of games. I'll try that before I use your guide.

    Thanks for the help so far.
  9. Octiceps

    Don't add it in Nvidia Control Panel, it's not gonna help. You have to do it through Nvidia Inspector.
  10. Gammit

    Nope, still getting the issue. Trying your guide next.
  11. Gammit

    Your guide worked, although I only added the game's 64 bit client through the Nvidia Inspector. I did not change any settings in the Inspector.

    Thanks! :)
  12. Octiceps

    You're very welcome. You sure you don't want to try one of the alternate SLI bits I suggested? No harm in doing so and they improve performance by quite a bit which is something we can never have enough of in this game.

    Official SLI profile - 34.8 FPS


    Alternate profile - 52.4 FPS


    That's a 50% FPS increase just from changing one line which is nothing to sneeze at.
  13. Gammit

    I'll try it. I just wanted normal visuals again first.

    Do I have to run the Nvidia Inspector every time I play PS2? Because I launched PS2 without Inspector started, but after I loaded PS2 into the profile the first time, and the visual issues returned. Closed the game, started Inspector, restarted game, everything looked better.
  14. Octiceps

    Nope, it's set-and-forget just like Nvidia Control Panel since it applies the setting in the driver. It makes no difference whether Nvidia Inspector is actually open or not. Did you remember to click "apply changes" in Inspector?

    Something tells me your issue still isn't resolved. Try the two alternate SLI bits I suggested and then get back to me.

    BTW that video I showed is what happens when I use the the default SLI profile. The issue probably started around the time of the update that causes a flickering blue screen at every game launch. I can't be sure as I've been using the Alan Wake bits for many months. The Alan Wake profile not only resolves the visual glitching but also increases performance drastically as my above screenshots attest to.
  15. JeffBeefjaw

    Having this issue with sli 670's, map and tab screen textures flicking ontop of the menu/map and text glitching and changing. Have tried NV inspector but then I get flickering on vehicle huds. Very annoying.
  16. Octiceps

    Vehicle cockpit flickering is resolved by toggling first- and third-person cameras a few times. Speedometer and altimeter are still bugged though. Minor graphical glitches like this are par for the course when using aggressive SLI profiles since the same bit values which increase scaling sometimes cause artifacts or other problems. It's a tradeoff; in my case, I'm more than willing to accept some small visual anomalies for increased performance.