Flickering/Flashing Screen Issue

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by iAmFATAL, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Axael

    Posted in a few of these threads already, but will continue to add information so it is addressed.

    i5 2390 (no OC)
    8gb ddr3
    Win 7 64 bit
    SLI 560 (disabled SLI, no performance change so I guess PS2 isn't using it yet, still flickers)
  2. codeForge

    This is what we refer to as the "Flicker Bug". Basically a bad value gets into our visibility system and suddenly it thinks you can't see anything around you.

    I hate this bug. Hate like the blinding fury of a certain green Marvel superhero. Want it to die in the worst way.

    The reason it resurfaces is it can be caused by any number of systems, from particles to screen shake... we've got guys looking into it, and your repro cases can definitely help narrow it down.

    Once you get the flicker bug, it MAY go away but it may just keep turning on and off... constantly making you think it's fixed then not. Frustrating as heck.

    We'll find it and it will die a horrible death. Then I will sit back and drink a beer.
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  3. GraphicJ

    Kill away. Kill like your life depended on it.
  4. darkduke

    I'm playing on Miller with the following specs:

    Intel i5-2500K
    Windows 7 64bit
    Radeon HD 7870
    16GB RAM
  5. TankMaster

    What I found to help "fix" this for me, was to go back/reverse to a prior section/region that it did work, stay there and if it comes back, keep back tracking. Now I am sure it isn't 100% of the time fix, but helps when the game starts doing it when traveling. Just an idea is all.
  6. KI-Natas

    I got a workaround that may help...

    When the flickering starts, turn on the vertical sync in the graphics options.
    After that it stopped flickering.

    Just try it.
  7. PeZzy

    I get this problems after playing for two hours or more. I usually have to restart them game. It's definitely not overheating of the GPU or CPU as I keep monitoring the temperatures. I am using an Nvidia GTX480 with 310.61 drivers. My graphics are set to Medium at 1920x1080.

    I will try the vsync suggestion next time it happens.
  8. MrRoelHorse

    Same problem here but with me I have it ALL the time. Even the soldier model in the soldier selection screen is shown without textures as shown in attached screenshot.[IMG]

    I have Win 7, 64 bit, AMD HD Radeon 7800 and 16Gb RAM.
  9. Andrew-Anderson

  10. Andrew-Anderson

    on a gtx 470 here
  11. Gaff

    Thank god you know about this, it is so annoying and I am glad to see a red post on the subject.
  12. PinkRibbonScars

    I've had it a few times. Relogging temporarily fixes it
  13. Varen

    Had this too, and still have it.
    However, I noticed that opening screen-wide menus, so far, sort of "Fixes it" in background.
    As in, under the overlay, it doesn't flicker anymore. However, as I go back to the game view, it starts again.

    Win7 64
    Athlon II 620 x4
    Asus EAH4850 (Radeon HD)
    Playing on medium / Low custom settings.
  14. Bacardie

    Any update to why this happens? I had it last night during a heavy battle, had to quit the game it got so bad. Everything just turned WHITE. I've set everything to low or medium. My system is GOOD, exceeds minimum requirements and exceeds in parts so I know it's not me. As far as vid drivers, I CANT use the most recent nvidia drivers, it screws up my resolution in other games too badly so I have to stick with what works.
  15. bonescraper

    Same here. Lithcorp server.

    My specs:
    Win7 x64
    AsRock z77 Extreme 4
    i5-3570K @ 3,40Ghz
    GTX460 with latest beta drivers (310.64)
    8 gigs of RAM
  16. Takoita

    How's the progress on this? I still have it happen to me from time to time.
  17. XiriC

    I remember fixing this twice by simply using the zoom of my weapon. Hope it helps.
  18. Thundrax

    Yep, you guessed it, same problem.

    Win7 64
    i52320 @ 3Ghz
    8gb RAM
    NVidia GTX 460 + latest drivers
    High settings + everything else 'on'

    I've been worse than a drunken elephant who stepped on hot coals, dam* I hate this bug!
  19. botosan

  20. Caliban

    I got the same issue. It started while I was jumping up a hill and couldnt quite get over a bump. It looked like I fell through the world and then popped back in, after that the terrain was flickering on and off like the camera was stuck half way in the terrain or something.
    I could still see actors and explosions etc.

    i5 @ 2.6GHz
    Geforce GT240
    Win7 64

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