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  1. Lee Weldon

    If you nerf the air then MBT's simply become the issue. MBT vs infantry is already far more of a problem, it's clearly the reason why you have about 10x more tank mains than air mains is because its easy to do and it racks up the kills but a good tank player can already 1 hit kill an esf player and esf's only have directional nose guns which makes it so it has to fly directly at a ground vehical with minimal evasive tactics and yeah sure you can spin but your momentum to a good player is still relatively constant, a tank yeah sure you can hit it, its easy to hit, but it takes about 3-4 full clips to kill a tank and I often ignore the tanks just because they are a waste of ammo. But damn tanks have rained supreme for since I started playing the game and generally you could get out of your vehical in a tank and plink the esf with archer shots or lock on launchers which is typically how I also die a lot is when they simply use the tank for its almost infinite health pool and plink you with their. Then also it's not like tanks don't get free heals from repair sundies and all this, same could be said for a repair galaxy but those are too slow to pull, non viable whereas people often park their tanks near repair sundies.

    IMO make tanks really expensive, maybe even increase the cost of an aircraft. Reduce the nanite cost on things like heal packs and stuff for heavy, reduce heavy grenades, keep landmines relative. So you should have to play as an infantry to recouperate the materials to build the plane or tank. All these new things for BR 100 players like vehical cost reductions just push the direction of the overwhelming vehical swarm in a bad direction, I mean who even thinks pulling a burster max to destroy aircraft when you can't do anything with the max after you've destroyed the aircraft and sometimes they just fly away. But I also don't really agree that A2G is all that devastating, I've started to run with afterburners more and more because lolpods have already been nerfed so much and it takes too long to get to the base without the burners, but if I was a BR 100 player I'd probably just upgrade the build a base to have aircraft station and you would all hate me. But I'll just add it to the list of features in the game that could be abused but probably never will, like I haven't had issues with galaxies dropping people above based in forever, maybe because the implant is so damn rare or simply those who have it can't be bothered hovering a galaxy over a base, but if I was feeling really mean I'd probably go get a galaxy, then go make a tea, but I don't have the implant so once again don't worry, won't happen.
  2. TR5L4Y3R

    first of please format your text if you go for larger posts

    second of the best thing a infantryplayer can always do deal with a situation he probalbly won´t win is to avoid it ... which in most cases means to play within biolabs ... or be part of a group that is capable of dealing with the situations they can get into ..

    i do not have a thousand hours in game, you and i too were new players once .. each with his own preference
    what we had however was perseverance .. we know what game we got us into and we were willing to get through with it ..
    otherwise you and i wouldn´t be talking here now ..

    indeed ESF´s are not flying tanks .... that are liberators ... which are even more difficult to survive against as infantry ..
    the thing is ... ESF`s ARE overpowered vs infantry, more so libs ... why? cause almost all AA options need to be unlocked first ..
    and YES even then are not that capable to deal with aircraft .. as they only deter ..
    so what you do then? find ways to fight them that may include a noninfantrysolution or find ways to avoid them ...

    still the same can be sait about tanks with AI loadouts .. even as a HA with a dumbfire rocketlauncher you are more likely to die to it than it to you cause it has more health and speed .. the situation gets worse if it´s an AI mbt and if your position is poor ..
    any other solution as infantry may require you to get close to the vehicle which is of even high risk .. or you have appropriate numbers ..

    snipers .... ... realy unless you are a sniper yourself or a LA or have a rangerifle you will die more to a sniper than it will to you ...
    ... and these are simply they way they are .. a new player needs to understand that and adapt accordingly ....

    and that is the biggest problem of the game aside from ballance in some areas .... it makes a poor job of teaching it´s new players how to behave .. and it is not understanding that that makes players frustrated ...
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  3. TR5L4Y3R

    geez pls format your textblocks ... uurrrghhh ....

    vehicles aren´t as much of an issue realy .. light assaults deal with them fairly easy .. all you need is to give medics some midrangeoptions and give infils a bit of blackops play .. in short give both AV grenades and give medics either the LA´s rockletrifle or medicspecific AVgrenadelauncher as a primary option .. so they can give fire support as well like engineers do while repairing stuff ...

    the only thing i´m unsure about how maxes deal with vehicles with ranged AVweapons ... HA assaults have a good variety of AV tools same with engineers which all of can stay .. as mentioned light assault are king when it comes to vehiclesbusting them having only C4 for AV and the rockletrifle are sufficient AVtools .. .. realy the only thing that could be taken away is C4 for medics and engineers or change them to be AI, maybe even for the heavy assault as he has AVgrenades ...

    mbt´s are expensive already, lightnings are fairly squishy for a heavy armor vehicle .. i see no need to increase their cost ..

    while you pull a max the first time unlike vehicles so long you have a terminal with you you can easily change your loadout without extracost ... though i do not disagree that burster maxes should have some ground AHA capabilty ..

    a2g not devastating? .. any infantry that has no lockons is dead against lolpod ESf´s .. small caliber fire won´t save you most of the time other then idiotpilots .. they are worse off against a liberator no matter the loadout .. if you don´t have at least 2 or 3 skyguards that lib is more likely to bust your tanks fly away to repair to then pick off whatever it can get and repeat that process ...

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