[Suggestion] Flawed Score System

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  1. Klabauter8

    I find the whole score system is really, really flawed in this game. For example, damaging aircraft immediately gives you assist points, but for some strange reason, the same does not apply to ground vehicles. I really love going for ground targets with my Scythe, but regarding how little rewards you get for it, I wonder if it's actually really the right thing... Although I often would consider myself a huge help for my team, I hardly make any progress when it comes to points. I often totally destroy some enemies, run around like crazy and pay attention to everything, but in the end, I get absolutely zero points for it, just because non of my targets died. On the other hand, I often just follow my comrades, stand dumb around and do basically nothing, but get something like 3000 points for it in the end.

    I would suggest also really giving more points depending on how hard you hit ground targets. Hitting aircrafts with a Nemesis VSH9 is actually much easier than hitting tanks with a Hades for example, since the aircrafts hardly even notice you anyway, yet you get zero points for tanks. I find the whole point system should focus much more on rewarding actual skill, and not just rewarding sticking to a successful zerg rush army or whatever.
  2. Rayden78

    Do Anti-Air and you know why you get immediate points, as long as your not supported by other people doing AA it is really hard to get a kill on anything, if your enemy knows what he's doing. A ground vehicle can't just retreat from a fight with ESF/Liberators.
    Also doing AA you may find yourself suddenly useless as all airplanes have moved to another location.

    Even the Scoring System of AA is a bit inconsistent, i think its justified (and its not like your getting tons of XP just for doing a little damage to Air)
  3. \m/SLAYER\m/

    its because of frustrating g2a gameplay, you can't earn kills, at least you can get some xp for trolling aircraft.
  4. FateJH

    The reason for the "Air deterrence" experience is that the causations of the bonus being applied, primarily, if not entirely, Ground-based damage, is not expected to destroy the Aircraft being damaged. Also, it's not immediate. I've never worked out the formula of the calculation but only after a certain amount of damage is dealt does the reward get provided. It just so happens one dumbfire and one tank shell is usually a sufficient amount of damage dealt. Face any Vehicle using a flak-weapon and count the hitmarkers before you get a compensation. The Aircraft is not expected to be destroyed but driven off.

    That is the reality of deterrence. As I said to someone else in a previous thread, when they made the same proposition, if you want to argue that ground combat should operate the same way, you need to establish some measure for a like deterrence model.
    You don't get contributory experience when the combination of your attacks and your allies attack finally destroy the target? Alternately, I think you may need to commit a bit more to your assault. Whenever I've died to an Air foe on the Ground, they've been insistent on my demise, clever in their approach, or have foregone the whole thing and decided to roll with Hornets or a Tank Buster (depending on the platform).
  5. Klabauter8

    I also do anti-air of course, I just like going for ground targets more. Like I said, hitting aircrafts with a Nemesis gun is really kinda simple actually. And destroying some Liberators is also actually quite simple with an ESF. You just have to approach quietly and they can fall from the sky in two heart beats. This goes really fast often times. ESFvsESF can be a bit tricky, but it also just often depends on who is the one who notices the other first. If you already get behind someone, then this goes really quickly with the right weapons.

    If you try to destroy some tanks or Sunderers though, then you really have to deal a lot of damage before they get destroyed, which easily puts you into danger and as soon as they turned their guns on you, you have to back off, or else my Scythe often can die immediately with the right shot. It also can be really hard sometimes to even notice where some infantry is shooting at you, while the infantry can see you easily on the sky. Not to mention if the enemy also has flaks for defense. I am not saying A2A is easier, but going for ground targets is also really not easy, depending on the situation.
  6. Crator

    I typically don't expect to get a kill using AA... It's just a way to deter the planes from staying in the local air space...