Flashlight Gels are ready for testing!

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  1. Kail

    · Would you want to use a gel flashlight on Live?
    I would not.

    · Anything else we need to know about?
    If this does make it live, I would advocate having it be 'personal' cosmetic - ie, to everyone else in the game it's just the normal flashlight.

    If this is stemming from providing more infantry-station-cash-spender options, I would much rather have things such as alternate weapon models or projectile effects (and of course, more armor options). Or empire-themed explosive effects. Etc.
  2. LordMatt XLVIII

    To be fair, I wasn't trying to trick him, I just thought that if he got composite armor he'd like it.
  3. LordMatt XLVIII

    1. I hope that you can't just buy these as attachments, you should have to cert it first, or it should provide no benefit.

    2. The flashlight gels make the flashlight a lot better for disorienting your opponent.......Tone it down? Could be a good feature really.

    3. You should make each faction come with their color laser sight by default, then sell green, orange, and non-faction color ones. It kind of jips NC and VS when they have to buy a faction color laser when TR just gets one. There'll be a good amount of outrage if it goes in as it is.
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  4. mavix

    Tested out each gel and the yellow faces are the only somewhat viable ones (because of 1.yellow and 2. solid). I was hoping Sol would be good but all of the ones that aren't solid circles(lot of alpha bits) make for a very poor flashlight. Having a small range of light colors works ok but the full range of colors on the rainbow aren't good, too hard to make out what you are seeing with a lot of extra color.
    IF you are using the decal's alpha then it can't be too thick or very close to the center where you are aiming. Some on the edges is ok but too much gets very distracting, like with Sol.
    The crosshair gel looked kind of cool and that would probably be the only kind of one I'd consider. Other ones to consider would be a solid hex with thin lines around the border.

    It was a interesting idea but I don't know how well gel for every decal will work without tweaking each one.

    For just as a fun addon and not meant to be functional...not to crazy about this.
  5. Sagabyte

    Can we have a bat gel so that we can call the batman whenever we're in trouble during the night?
  6. Flea6.8

    ·Would you want to use a gel flashlight on Live?

    No, nor do i want to see a god d*** rainbow light while I'm trying to immerse meself into an all out war for dominance. Please make it cosmetic for the purchaser only and don't make others be exposed to this crap.
  7. Nighda Venesis

    I find the flash light gels very cool, and I can see pretty well with them (even the coloured ones). Though there is a glitch where I can't use the Rage flash light gel or the Red Hot flash light gel. Really, it's the only thing I have problems with. Keep being awesome ;)
  8. Acceleratio

    Hmm Im sorry but those are pretty *meh* for me

    Talk about different colored lasersights though and I'm all in
  9. Fned

    ·Are you still able to see/shoot effectively with a gel equipped?

    Recent testing seems to indicate that a lot of them are less obtrusive than earlier screenshots, they don't seem to be that much of a problem. Have to do more testing.

    ·Which gels are the most usable? Which are the least?

    Have to do more testing to judge this.

    ·Do you notice any impact to performance with a gel equipped?

    No performance issues noticed so far, I've been testing framerate with shadows/effects/particles and haven't noticed any.
    However, I did notice a slight hitch with the equip screen, when I unlock a gel for the first time, I can't equip it without backing out of the Rail section and going back in.

    ·Would you want to use a gel flashlight on Live?

    I might, actually, if they weren't too expensive. Having a narrower beam can be an advantage on some loadouts in terms of being spotted by enemies at a distance at night, and I can see outfits possibly standardizing on some of these for morale purposes.

    ·Anything else we need to know about?

    Glow effect on non-red lasersights needs to be toned waaaaaaay down.

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  10. LordMatt XLVIII

    Calm down there brah....
  11. NovaAustralis

    SO bad.
    SOE get on it.
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  12. Fned

    ·Which gels are the most usable? Which are the least?

    Did some testing in VR, because that's where everyone was for some reason.


    QQ and that awful dragon one. Full Spectrum is next step down, followed by Sol, Lucky Shot and Undying Loyalty.


    Amerish Bloom and the Grim Reaper one. They're the best at breaking up people's outlines and making their movement confusing.

  13. Azumi

    I don't really like the gel system in my honest opinion. I can see some people would like them but to me the next stage of development is rainbow contrails on aircraft. The game is turning way too much into a joke for my liking with stuff like this. I know its a game and I know being free to play there has to be a source of revenue. But if the game descends down this path we may aswell start turning the tanks into unicorns, make auraxis pink, that sort of thing. The amount of Player Studio items I imagine never get released because they are off theme with the game then this sort of thing comes around. Rainbow flashlights... come on.


    To turn this around the concept is not entirely bad but bring it back home. Lets get rid of these decals simply turned into light projectors. Ideas do not need to be far out either. Start simple have a flash light that projects your faction's logo. It would make for awesome screen-shots before you blow that infiltrators head off. Maybe go a little bit out make a red flashlight for the TR, blue for NC that sort of thing.

    Projected logos worked for Batman but come on guys... I do not want my battles turn into a disco party of rainbows and unicorns.
  14. ARIES666

  15. LibertyRevolution

    I would buy colored smoke for my lib if they sold it.
  16. Runegrace

    Actually, why are cosmetic engines and thrust effects not a thing? I'm not talking rainbows shooting out of aircraft, but stuff like different colored thruster exhaust, or maybe some having a more old-fashioned flame or some other particle effects. Glowy cosmetics like Lumifiber tend to be pretty neat, after all.
  17. Rayaziel

    It's a good thing SOE has people making stupid crap like this. I mean, it's not like they have more important things to fix.

    Oh wait.
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  18. stalkish

    What about holding off from releasing crap content?
    You could hold that off forever for all we care.....
  19. John_Aitc

    Haha, you are correct, that would complete the set nicely. I have said it many times before: I would trade my primary weapon for a squeezy ball honk-honk horn.
  20. Nighda Venesis

    OK everything is working fine for me now!