Flashlight Gels are ready for testing!

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  1. Tayradactyl Developer

    So we have an interesting new feature on PTS and I’d really like to get some feedback from everyone on how it feels.

    We've added a new cosmetic called Flashlight Gels to the Commissioner, Underboss, and their respective cosmetic variants. They’re basically an image projected on the flashlight beam. We’d like to make sure these still serve as functional flashlights and don’t get in the way too terribly much, so hop on, check them out, and let me know the following:

    · Are you still able to see/shoot effectively with a gel equipped?
    · Which gels are the most usable? Which are the least?
    · Do you notice any impact to performance with a gel equipped?
    · Would you want to use a gel flashlight on Live?
    · Anything else we need to know about?

    Obviously we don’t want to release anything that hinders gameplay, so feel free to give any constructive feedback about this feature that you have to offer.

    One thing to note, the darklight on these puppies doesn't currently work, but it should once we get it fixed up. Until then, just focus on whether or not you can see/play normally with a gel equipped.

    Thanks everyone!

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  2. RyanGUK

    Is one of them the rainbow you posted on Twitter?! :O Sounds good, people will complain that it's useless but it is a cosmetic item... Composite Armour doesn't increase your armour ya know.
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  3. Smagjus

    Definetely funny to play around with. I wouldn't mind seeing them on live. But as rather economical customer I will probably not get one if they cost more than 100SC.

    Btw I already submitted a bug report because some of the flashlights change the image after unlocking them. Seems like some images simply got exchanged.
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  4. Tayradactyl Developer

    Yep, should be fixed in the next build. Thank you! :)
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  5. o.Solei.o

    The biggest obstacle is getting used to the way the projection shifts away from the center of the reticule based on distance and angle. That aside, some of the gels (notably the more colorful, full lens ones) tend to make all the colors in the beam look much more homogenous, which cuts down on object/color recognition... which would likely undermine an already under-used attachment.

    Most usable (and attractive) in current incarnation are the skull and the bullseye one that Shaql previewed on VL. (Assuming it doesn't have some major issue that sets it apart from the skull's functionality.)

    Based on what I've seen so far, I think the key to making a gel useful and attractive is using a black background (like the skull) and low color saturation. As an example, I'd lower the "orangeness" of the sun gel and change the background to black. Aside from being less visually noisey and not obscuring the colors you're looking at as much, it also helps give the user a clearer idea of where hipshots will land, as the symbol is smaller and easier to recognize on targets.

    Not in passive testing. I'd need to see it in a big playtest session to get a good idea.

    Barring any unique problems, I think the reticule one I mentioned in Shaql's preview is going to be easy-money for SOE. The skull (which I had no desire to use, initially) I think is going to be a good seller as well. Personally, I'd probably pick up the reticule one, and might grab the skull. Honestly, given my name, the sun gel is the one I'd initially wanted, but in its current incarnation I wouldn't use it.

    Just the issues about backgrounds and saturation. I think if you clean those up, these will all be fairly useful, not just fun cosmetics to screw around with.
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  6. user101

    If you make big optic cross hair gels then you have something make the cross hair gels in colors. For get the picture gels Halloween is down the road....! This would make everyone happy...!
  7. Donaldson Jones

    I can only see 2/3's of my equipment and other menu screens.
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  8. Ripshaft

    lol "flashlight gels" makes me think of a certain male product... surely there's a better term lol

    Like, projectors... or filters? Screens?
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  9. St0mpy

    I noticed the Vanu Labs post/vid, no not for me, sorry.

    For one, im running out of SC and without an SC sale theres nothing to tempt me to buy more cosmetics.

    Im v. high BR and after chewing though a ton of SC have most all of the weapons im going to need (and make enough certs for new ones) so any future purchase of SC would only be for frivolous items like cosmos, voice packs etc

    Plus since smed never came through with his price reductions whatever the gels cost its too much, even 100SC.

    Add to that the physical working of the beam, its really short as it is (on high graphics too) and detected infils are quite dim even when fully shined on and the ones on Vanulabs vid are way too heavy, especially ones taking the whole area, the transparency would need to be reduced quite a bit for me to not think its going to hinder actually dispatching them, or ultimately give us a better beam.

    EDIT: one more thought Taylor, the whole darklight thing is made more problematic because of it being a rail option. As you know a weapon only has two slots to tune it in any way (barrel and rail) and to carry the darklight we have to blight the weapon running with zero rail customisation. If it was a barrel clip-on option instead wed see it used far more (and youd sell way more gels ;) ).
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  10. ttttz

    Flashlight feedback

    Artistic coherence

    These flashlights look comical/joke-ish in contrast to the rest of the work done in environment/model design. This happens when masks display the big cartoonish objects.
    • Points of contrast
      • Non-sci fi theme - skulls/distorted faces are an example. These might concievably be improved by sci-fi themes but it will still clash with the rest of the scene.
      • Cartoonish figures
    Scene fidelity
    • The masks look low fidelity compared to the detail in the rest of the scene. An example is the rainbow in the full-spectrum flashlight. This is less evident for the more detailed monochromatic style masks, but still looks low res.
    • One of the strengths of this game is it's oft praised nuanced lighting - this ruins it (flashlights are used often enough because of darklight to make a noticeable difference to the experience as it stands).
    • The game relies a lot on videos for marketing, having these show up will not help.
    I actually suggested making flashlights useful as a cheap cosmetic only option a while back, instead of having a darklight mechanic intended for the stalker cloak thrown to other useful cloaks. These flashlights are very different to what I was thinking of.
    • Non-object like flash light masks - even low res sci-fi objects will clash with the scene.
    • Lighting effects which change with time (simple noise or other modulation in shader).
    • Volumetric lighting/beams - A Graphics option could do simple volumetric lighting for artificial lights on vehicles/weapons, much like is done with fog shadows. This would significantly enhance aesthetics.
    • High fidelity in the effects used
    • Screenspace lighting (post-processing) - Are these effects in 2d using scene depth for fading light?
    The full-spectrum flash light has a NSFW Icon that doesn't fit the theme. It's also misleading as it looks nothing like the mask.
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    The rainbow one would be the only one I would use... Only because it makes me sick when going over multiple surfaces (flashy colours anyone??).

    And even then I would use the new laser sight colours (Well the pink and yellow ones), because I use lasers all the time.

    If these are SC items will they have to be unlocked for each gun or will they be for all??
    If its each gun, then a lot will be upset.

    If its for all, 150-250SC (each) would work (make a bundle as well please :D).
  12. gunner117

    hay what about the new NS shotguns they look pretty cool
  13. cyb_

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  14. Heyitsrobbie1984

    Sorry Tayradactyl. its pretty much useless and serves no purpose what so ever. i'm going to join Cyb_ and say no.
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  15. Kirppu1

    Now THIS is the way to go if you want to get more money from the game while maintaining you customer base. No extra fees, no need to pay monthly, Item is completely optional but will add more variation, and no advantages.

    So yes, yes i would use it
  16. SKYHEX

    Tayradactyl, while I adore the concept, in practicality it is much more of a detriment than a cool feature, since it makes target recognition a mess. I suppose you will make some sales, but I just cannot see this being a thing (I can be horribly mistaken). Now if the light itself was clear/colored and you'd BURN the image into a close wall like a grafiti by standing moderate distance, I could see that. It's great visualy, but personaly nauseating, not to mention the image scales with the cone, which can make it washed.

    Also found a bug while sprinting and looking different directions:

    Btw, the UI cutout bug appears to be linked to aspect ratio (see the 4:3 box I used)
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  17. gunner117

    and how am I going to test it if I cant get it out all I can use is my main gun
  18. John_Aitc

    Tayradactyl is such a bully. Now she is going to force me to buy a flashlight.

    My quest for the most outrageous Infiltrator is almost complete.
    Commisar Hat
    Valentine's Day Heart Camo
    and now a rainbow flashlight!
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  19. cyb_

    This list is only missing some rattles or bells for the suite, so there will be even more noise while walking. ;)
  20. NevarxTR

    Really SOE? Flashlights have no point and now your trying to sell a stupid cosmetic item for real money?
    Sorry won't ever buy these.
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