Flashlight and forward grip.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by AzuratteV, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. AzuratteV

    Why wouldn't I be able to equip the flashlight and forward grip, I'm probably one of three people who like the flashlight and see no game-breaking reason why the two couldn't co-exist. They're not even located in the same location.

    Thanks for any info and reduced flaming.
  2. FateJH

    You can't equip both the flashlight and the forward grip because there's no duct tape on Auraxis.
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  3. Kalocin

    Why would you willing sacrifice the forward grip for the flashlight is probably the thought of many people. I think they just want more places to spend certs...there really is nothing game breaking about having a flash light and a forward grip. Most people will agree that the flashlight is more of a disadvantage than an advantage, so I don't see anybody disagreeing with this idea.
  4. Tobax

    Take the flashlight please, always like getting a warning when someone is coming so I can aim and kill you the second you walk in.
  5. Pixelshader

    Does the flashlight blind people like bf3?
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  6. AzuratteV

    Well, it does blind to some degree, but I really like it because the Vanu where black and purple and the TR wear crimson red and Black. I play NC and it is friggin' hard to see you SOB's bouncing around when it gets dark.

    Yea yeah, I could turn up this and turn off that, but the game looks great the way I have it set and using the flashlight is fine for me. I'm also the crazy that likes using the burst guns. So, yea.
  7. rumblepit

    i think the flash light should blind people using the irnv scopes...... this would make it very viable....
  8. Nocturnal7x

    Or if it would blind anyone using any scope. Like a tactical flashlight would. Would be great in CQC. Especially since you can turn it on and off in this game.
  9. AzuratteV

    NOOoooo, don't make it tactical then it'll never be able to click on with forward grip and I will be blind in the dark, so, so very blind.

    note: not that I mind the dark, I wish it were darker, game looks epic at night.