Flash needs stabilization

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  1. Vaphell

    Flash is pretty much unusable in 1st person because the crosshair jumps like a monkey all the time. If you feel like hitting anything smaller than a barn semi-reliably you pretty much have to stick to 3rd person.
    Especially kobalt and baz suffer from that problem. Baz is crap but kobalt is a surgical tool on the vehicle with the worst stability hands down. Any pebble, small crevice or even slightest acceleration/deceleration move the crosshair way off target. Parking to shoot is pretty much a suicide, too easy for any tank and your average HA has as much firepower and has easier time aiming because you can't strafe.

    "B-b-but flash is a throwaway vehicle for 50n to get from point A to point B" you say.
    Maybe, but it has a directive built around kills, surprisingly enough (unheard of in PS2 that is all about team effort), and FOUR weapons. To max the directive out you need at least 3 auraxiums.

    It's not a l2p issue. I am almost done with the directive (and after that i go back to fury for AV capabilities) but i would love to see more people use flashes for combat and stabilization would possibly encourage more players to pull them. Flash dogfights are amusing.
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  2. Crayv

    The Flash would have better handling if they had the tires in the air rather than the ground.... seriously aircraft in this game have a better "grip" with the air than the Flash has with the ground.
  3. Vaphell

    yeah, that too. You can max out the steering and it still slides and spins out of control, of course whenever you need the control the most. Loss of control is gg pretty much by default. Bam, tank round to the face and that's it.
  4. Ballto21

    Give it the space engineers method.

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  5. Some1

    I dont understand why they didn't apply the patch they did for tanks to flash weapons. And yes, traction is still a problem for flashes, hill starts. While were at it I'll mention that tanks need some form of suspension and ground clearance. You bottom out over the tiniest bump or un even terrain and regularly get stuck on hills and bumps.
  6. Rikkit

    I agree, first person on flash is pretty bad, but to be fair, third person is accurate enough for most cases.
    the first person is only needed for Furry long/mid range sniping, the kobalt, and don't know about the basilisk.
    But in 90% of my time, i just make a quick driveby, while unloading my gun in the general direction of my target at almost point blank...

    oh and often the greatly reduced fov and in conclusion reduced awareness leads to your dead...
    so better get familar with operating your weapons from third person...
  7. Vaphell

    yeah, 3rd person is THE modus operandi, but i don't think it's "how the devs intended the flash to be played". **** should be usable in its default form even if mlg-mode exists.
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  8. PrimePriest

    What Flash needs is 360° view. Gun angles sure have to stay locked (meaning your camera can spin beyond gun movement). Being able to look around in 45° cone is ********.
  9. Fry_Poncho

  10. Rikkit

    surger? lol worst chasi ever, take scrapper so your flash drives on rails, or take racer, to run away from / chase harassers and other verhicles. also scrapper and racer allow you to climb more hills.
    surger even slows you down, becouse you will loose a lot of momentum, when you land after a jump with surger. and you know, you will jump when you dirve a flash...
  11. JudgeNu

    I figured they wanted it to be this way because then the flash would be too OP.
    Same with all the different 3rd person views.
    I thought this was what was intended, for whatever reasons they had to keep them from being too easy to use.
  12. Liewec123

    i've given up asking for this and i just stick in 3rd person permanently :)
  13. Vaphell

    Flash would be too OP does not compute. It would be still a platform with a fully exposed driver that can be OHKed with rocket launchers or tank shells, trivially so, eaten alive by harassers and plinked to death by small arms spray. Also if they were better, then both sides would have more of them which would neutralize their OPness to a degree. Flash users tend go after other flashes first so that would reduce the amount of pure AI farm.

    Flash is not easy to use and never going to be if only because its wheel spacing doesn't smooth out the underlying terrain to a degree remotely comparable to other vehicles. Compare it to the harasser, most terrain is smooth sailing for it. Flash on the other hand feels every single knee high bump, every single one of these 'ribs' on slopes that are supposed to be remnants of water running. Everything is a threat to its stability.

    I can paint a dot on my monitor and drive in 3rd person, so what's the point in making 1st person useless?
  14. Cz4rMike

    Yes, for close range you use 3rd person. There is no need to draw a dot...

    For longer distance you can't use 3rd person since you need to be accurate. That means using Kobalt for example. So here comes 1st person which is not useless anymore. And you will have to stop for this to get infantry hits, even if you had 1st person stabilization.
  15. JudgeNu

    All they have to do is stabilize the 1st person view like they do/did with the secondaries on MBT's.
    With this kind of stabilization the good flashers will become more effective and ok Flashers will get better.

    Many times I have lost the battle because it was too unstable while moving. (1st person)
    I use 3rd a lot too but I wont put no dot on my monitor.

    What I was saying is I believe the current views correspond to what the Devs had in mind in terms of balance.
    Secondaries were at one time unstable and they changed them back iirc.
  16. Vaphell

    Draw a dot and suddenly it's not only a close range. Take the center of the screen in 3rd person and your CoF center is like 20px down on all weapons for whatever reason.

    Define longer distance. Sure, 100m is not going to happen but 50? No problem and you can be on the move for certain values of 'move' which is better than being perfectly still. Also in a game where movement is life, being somewhat accurate and not a sniper/tank bait is better than being really accurate and dying right off the bat to the first halfaware person looking your way.
    Also the arcs on flash weapons are very narrow, you often have to reposition yourself which means your aim goes off. I wouldn't mind if i could drive that 1m with a slight turn without losing my target.
  17. Drasilov

    I don't get why a 4x4 cant climb even a relatively staid slope? Does Auraxis have oil covered hills or something?
  18. Cz4rMike

    Longer distance for me is... 100m. With crosshair overlay it was easy getting kills at such range. So I guess you're right in that 1st person mode doesn't have much use now.