Flash killstreak at Allatum Biolab 2 hours ago

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by veselie, Mar 22, 2014.

  1. veselie

    Flash slots : Max wraith , auto repair and racer chasis
    Camo: Industrial mix.
    The extra kill sounds are provided by Real Time Stat Tracker
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  2. KnightCole

    Funny stuff lol.

    But infil killstreaks dont impress me lol. They are prolly the easiest class to do it with. Sneak, pow pow...stealth..pow pow stealth, wash rinse repeat.

    Still, good work dude.
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  3. Kristan

    BR1 Kill "Welcome to Planetside". Niiice. :D
  4. PlatoonLeaderG

    At the end you got killed by the flash most hated enemies.......
    1)The lib and 2)the flash turning over
    dam you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. NinjaTurtle

    Impressive how'd you get such tight control over the Flash.

    When ever use one it skids and flips around like crazy
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  6. ExarRazor

    how were you aiming like that? a dot on your screen or something?
  7. veselie

  8. Rikkit

    thanks for the trick to switch to rumble seat to heal up, i never mentioned this bevore...
  9. gigastar

    Surger chassis, i think.

    Its unlikely that SOE actually improved the Flash's handling.