Flash Handles like GARBAGE

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by PhilDun, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. PhilDun

    Spend vehicle resources on this thing, and the damn thing drives like it's a sled on ice.

    Is there some trick to using this, or the devs just not know how to code vehicle physics? Are they attempting to balance perceived overpowered-weapons (i.e. fury) by making the underlying vehicle garbage, even when it's used for other purposes?
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  2. Cougarbrit

    The trick to using the flash, is to avoid terrain while driving it.

    All terrain. Even bridges.
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  3. QuarterPro

    Pick up the surger chassis, it makes the flash far easier to control and much more difficult to flip. It really should be the default for the thing.
  4. Nocturnal7x

    Flash has been getting worse and worse. When I first got racer 3 on it, it was great, I rarely flipped it. Now I can hardley drive 50meters without flipping it.

    Whoever messed it up should be re assigned...to another game.
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  5. Pikachu

    It seems better at not exploding while landing these days, but somewhere at GU08 they removed the feature of it automatically trying to turn it self back up again after flipping.
  6. zukhov

    Racer 3 is the suicide cert.
  7. KAHR-Alpha

    It's ever since they gave up the ability to steer it while flying, it's been very bad ever since, and the resource cost increase sure didn't help.
  8. SShocK

    even with surger 3 it's garbage
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  9. TeknoBug

    Even with Surger 3 I can still flip the Flash, man I don't even pull Flashes anymore since Harassers are faster and offer better weapons and defense only for a mere 200 more resource points.
  10. jihon83

    When I first started to play, I was pulling the Flash to drive myself to a conflict zone. Luckily, I haven't killed myself like James Dean too often, but I've left quite a few Flashes to just rot in some gully when I couldn't climb out of it; or worse, get caught up in that endless cycle of doing reverse donuts. I guess in the future, there is only war and bald tired ATV's.
  11. Stellus

    So...don't drive my All-Terrain Vehicle on terrain.

    Sadly, yep. The damn thing flips when you hit a tiny pebble on the ground.
  12. TheBlindFreak

    It isn't really that bad once you get used to it. It isn't exactly garbage, it's just different than you might expect.

    Try driving it around in the VR a bit and drive it intentionally on rock hills and rough terrain. One tip to prevent a flip is to turn in the direction you are sliding/flying/falling so your vehicle gets driving straight again.
  13. sindz

    Agree, ever since they made the flash handle like a harasser it became complete garbage, sliding around like there is no tomorrow.
  14. Qraven

    There's 2 vehicle spawn places on live Esamir that will flip the Flash while it is on auto-pilot, pulling out of the 'garage bay' prior to the player getting control over it.

    I've found binding all keys on my keyboard to 'EJECT' has solved most of my problems with the Flash.
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  15. Torok

    bump, flash really flips too damn easy :\
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  16. Bruiserdog

    I lost a lightening and a harasser in 2 minutes going down a hill, wasted 600 resources for nothing flipping over. ATV is terrible, 100 resources for throw away vehicle, that's pretty much what it is. Needs to be a flip back over option, its not even fun playing vehicles when going around rough terrain, more worried about flipping then fighting the enemy.:(
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    now that the flash is more expensive it is a truly a joke option for transportation. and the terrible physics changes turn the turbo function into guaranteed suicide.
  18. Remonew

    flash is a loltastic death cart, the only real use I see for it is scout radar (I guess death races too if you like to torture your friends...). I regret ever sinking certs into it.
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  19. Excretus Maximus

    I like convincing my roommate to get on and then flooring it in a straight line to see who has the balls to stay on the longest/
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  20. PhilDun

    Even with the chasis it's still crap. I know SoE KNOWS how to code decent vehicle handling. The Harasser handles pretty well (at least it did a few patches ago when I tried it) without skidding everywhere