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  1. omygash

    DB just killed the only fun i have on this game with this update, i was dalton gunner, switched to flash because was frustrated to 2 shot esf and now they nerf my flash :(
    now is just impossible to troll my ennemies more than 5 seconds, impossible to defend a facility indoor solo when my friends are sleeping
    RIP omygash VS ps4 player

    my flash stats ...
    all weapons auraxed since a long time
    Time Used

    7d 10h


    Vehicle Kills


  2. tommyrocket

    Had a great idea that keeps intact most of their changes while mitigating some of the horribleness of it.

    Flash Cloak:
    • Debuff or "Overheat" on cloak energy drain if used in quick succession, as in if the cloak is used before the 5-second debuff runs out. Will have a UI element to signify that whether or not the Debuff is active, and how much time is remaining.
    • Cloak used after 5-second debuff runs out will not drain 25% of energy- only if used quicker than that.
    • 5-second delay before re-cloaking removed, (back down to 1 second) but replaced with debuff that removes 25% energy if used during debuff.
    • 33% total energy pool increase retained. Energy Regeneration rate increased by 25% at all ranks.
    Without debuff, this would bring total cloak time to longer than 40 seconds at max rank.

    I think this would make it more usable while still having the quickness of re-cloaking possible, yet toned down. Want to get out of Dodge quickly? You get a penalty due to the debuff, but you can get away if you've got enough energy. If you wait, you get no debuff.

    Optionally it would be fine to just ditch the extra cloak delays and make a delay before you can fire your weapons after uncloaking. (This could mitigate high-ping advantage of cloak, where they appear to shoot while cloaked.)
  3. Scroffel5

    The nerf is annoying, but for me it really just means more downtime. With the 25% drain, it means you can only cloak and decloak a max of 5 times because of it recharging too, and you can't stay cloaked forever on the Flash, so you drain your energy while using it and it recharges too slow in my opinion.

    For me, I uncloaked ahead of time, emptied my mag, and cloaked and tried to drive away, but then I would run out of energy while I was being chased by a vehicle that could 1 hit me. The nerf just means a different playstyle now.