[Vehicle] Flash Cloak

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  1. adamts01

    Deci/Fury Flashes are still an issue. That said, I think Daybreak handled this nerf terribly. There should have been a 1 or 2 second delay per passenger till they could fire after disabling cloak. That's a reasonable nerf that handles solo Flashes differently than 2/2 Flashes.
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  2. Moggram

    Almost feels like one of the developer was getting camped and said "It's hammer time!"
    Maybe instead of a weapon delay, it takes a longer time to uncloak and recloak? As in the animation when you cloak to go from being see to transparent. Say about 2.5 for both?
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  3. adamts01

    That could also work. I just want a reasonably aware tanker to have some sort of chance. I also think it's important to differentiate between a solo and a 2/2 Flash, as they're incredibly different beasts.

    Another option is faction specific Flash sounds as well as a louder cloak. Though with audio currently iffy in the game, that wouldn't matter much.
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  4. Moggram

    Hmm... What if there was two types of cloak the one we have is for 2/2 flash and the old one is for solo?
  5. adamts01

    That just depends on how hard it would be to code a variable delay based on passengers.
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  6. Moggram

    Just add a new cert utility line for the old one and have it disable the back seat. Boom done... I think it can't be that hard.
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  7. OldMaster80

    It is good indeed. The best thing is it can deliver high damage very quickly, meaning the driver can appear, hurt a lot and disappear in a few seconds.

    That would already badly balanced per se, but it becomes even worse when a RL is on the rumble seat: Lightning and Harasser are instakilled even if they have 100% hp.
  8. Skraggz

    Ever watch wrel stream or in the live stream Q&A's? He hates vehicles and is pretty open about it.
  9. Moggram

    It would be like giving light assault faction specific rocket gun that is op and the ability to carry someone with them. Then go "oops light assault is op now... Nerf the JJ's into the ground!"

    I say just remove the rumble seat and rework the starfall.
  10. adamts01

    That's always been the case with the Fury/Deci as well, and still is with current mechanics. This nerf only hurts Flashes after the kill, which is why I think they took an absolutely backwards approach to this whole thing.
  11. JibbaJabba

    Once you get outside the bubble of the "me-verse" you'll realize those are other players you are cheesing. They are trying to have fun too and you are ruining it.

    So basically this RESTORES fun for lots of people.
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  12. raffa2

    The fury is not that big of a problem, it takes time for it to unload its 10(?) grenades and recloak, and you usually don't want to recloak without emptying the magazine. that's what makes fury cloaks balanced.

    The problem is with a heavy assault in the back, that's when you can instagib any tank
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  13. JibbaJabba

    Teamwork OP. As always :D
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  14. adamts01

    Lib belly guns can't instagib a tank, neither can a 2/3 Harasser, 2/2 MBT, 3/3 Sundy, 2/2 Ant,2 Lightnings, 2 1/2 MBTs..... It's just ridiculous that nothing in this game matches the near instant tank killing power of an invisible bike that most aware tankers have no chance at defending against.

    I'm all for keeping that insane dps, as otherwise there's zero reason to use the Flash. There just needs to be an adjustment to give an aware tanker just a little bit of time to react.
  15. CazadorDeLaBruja

    actually the reason the atv is getting nerfed is because the devs stupidly gave vanu the starfall no skill derp gun... even with its nerfs its still too difficult to counter so now the atv itself is being nerfed... im on the fence about if i like the nerf myself as i enjoy wraith fury combos but compared to the fury the starfall is insane... they cant just remove it... gone are the days of SOE adding and then outright removing items form the game. Daybreak cant afford to loose players like SOE could... so they have to try and balance it.

    Now i know the starfall cant kill a vehicle in a single pass anymore but all an atv needs is a heavy on the back and they still retain a 2 second TTK... so rather then nerfing heavies as well daybreak is just nerfing the cloak which as we all know controls the fire of the rear seat as well ... its the logical choice. im sure we will all find a way to still use the atv and if it underperforms more then expected the devs wont just leave the atv in an unfun state. you can still single pass a tank with 2 atvs... the purpose of this is to balance the skill/cost ratios as atvs too often win against vehicles sometimes 4 times their value.

    "No wonders this game is kinda dying. You destroy the fun in it" actually salty elitist players are the reason the game is dying... rather then learn the new mechanics they rage on forums and then abandon the game THEY claimed to love like spoiled little children being told they have to play nice with others. if you are a true elite you will suck it up and learn how to keep your title... the world is always changing and good luck finding another game that has any of what Planetside 2 has to offer.
  16. Scroffel5

    To all you people mad about the nerf and your annoying "R.I.P Flash" nonsense, its just a nerf. Sure, it doesn't help solo flashes and pretty much nerfs them too, but all a nerf means is that you have to use a different playstyle. View all nerfs like that.

    For instance, to 1vs1 an MBT with a Flash+Fury combo, you would have to attack from behind AND YOU WOULD HAVE TO RELOAD your gun right as soon as you hit, or you recloak and drive away after you finish the mag. Now, come up with something else you have to do with that 5 second delay. Hows about you decloak 2 seconds ahead of time, empty your mag, reload and cloak at the same time, and drive away. Wait for them to repair or turn around or something, then do it again, but that time they will be ready. Just come up with a new strategy, because thats how you are supposed to handle nerfs. Don't get mad about them. Accept them as a new part of the online MMO game, and deal with it.

    For 2/2 Flashes, I DONT CARE WHAT YOU DO. Think about it. Do your same thing, but a little bit earlier and surprise them. If that doesn't work, try something else. Handle all your nerfs that way, and you will be just a little bit happier than if you sulked about it. You still got a dude on the back. Coordinate your attacks. And if you are mad that an MBT needs a gunner to WATCH THE FLANK, they needed that before you'd use a Flash to do any damage they can to you. I mean, thats how a tank is supposed to work. Otherwise, you'd get C4'd, blown up from behind, the works anyways.

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  17. Moggram

    As Piccolo would say "Dodge!"
  18. tommyrocket

    Spoken just like any person who's okay with any nerf that doesn't affect their playstyle directly. I want you to list here the specifics of the nerf they did, and what exactly justifies them. We're aware you know about the 5-second delay, but that's not the worst part in the least. Not every nerf the devs dish out is proper or well thought-out, and we don't have to take it. We give feedback and hope they listen. We also hope that others giving feedback have actually tried the thing pre/post-nerf before providing said feedback.
  19. Scroffel5

    It may not directly affect my playstyle, but its because I do anything that's needed. The devs do nerf some things that do not need to be nerfed, but you gotta just deal with it. I wish they didn't nerf my most prized vehicle, but complaining doesn't always solve something. They may buff it back in the future if they see the error of it, but what can you do about it? You could complain, the devs could listen, then you know who would complain? The MBTs who are annoyed at it. And I am OK with all nerfs even if they do affect my playstyle. Y'know why? Because it's a new part of the game that you have to accept until the point in time when it changes. I loved the Wraith Cloak and it's potential to do things. The nerf was overkill, but whatever. Now we just have to find a new way to play it.

    What if it was just always like that? What if the Flash Cloak always had a 5 second cooldown, drained 25 percent of your energy, but had 33 percent energy more than now? What if then that was all taken away? People would complain about it in time, and then it would most likely be changed. If we can accept the nerf for now, and learn more about it and how it truly affects the game and not just our playstyles, who knows? It could actually of helped something else out. Now its a bit more fair, cause I knew that it was annoying to get murdered by a Renegade Flash, then they drive off and you don't know where they went. That's probably what the Devs thought. If you berate them for every mistake they make and complain and complain, they may lose their potential to make a great update that draws in more players.
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  20. Scatterblak

    I could have understood the nerf if the collision detection wasn't such trash. I think I kill about 1 person out of 5 that I run directly over.

    It was more to cater to the whiners about infiltrators in general, methinks...