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  1. AISkander

    It was fun. I actually invested quite a lot of certifications into it. I was actually ejoying the fact that i could counter some type of armored veichiled by being in a very fragile flash.

    Now this fun is endend, and you killed it

    Congratulations. Now i can't cloak anymore. Once i'm out it's over. Everything will kill you. No wonders this game is kinda dying. You destroy the fun in it
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  2. AISkander

    So i was wondering: When my certs will be refounded?
  3. Campagne

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  4. Magma52

    As the all-time top Flash killer and probably also the most experienced, I would like to say...RIP Wraith Flash. For years I knew a nerf would have to eventually come, I just think it's awfully nice of DBG to wait until I was bored of it anyway :D

    Bad luck spending your certs on Wraith shortly before the nerf - that definitely sucks.

    It's true, Wraith flash will never be as effective again, but you could still make anti-infantry effective at a lower level with careful target selection.

    One good thing about the nerf is that it kind of fixes the whole issue of Starfall being so obviously superior to the Pillager and Buzzard; doing any kind of solo anti-vehicle play on the Flash with a 5 second re-cloak delay will get you killed most of the time.

    Kind of funny that they release 3 new ES weapons only to make them redundant a few weeks later!
  5. Moggram

    All that this nerf did is slow me down. I can still kill MBTs any time I want, just now I am more likely to get a respawn. This nerf looks like it was for the haevy flash and it hit us solo flash players to. DBG should have just disabled the 2ed seat if you use cloak. (IMO)
  6. Kristan

    Rest in Hell, one of the cheesiest and broken game mechanic. :rolleyes:
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  7. Moggram

    Have you tryed to solo a MBT wiht a Gunner? You are a OHK and you need a reload to kill them. cheese < skill
  8. OneShadowWarrior

    They went overboard on the nerf with the wraith, both a 25% drain and a 5 second delay to reactivate after cloaking?

    The Wraith from the original Planetside had no weapons on it and when it cloaked their was no timer, you could even park it and it stayed cloaked, but it had no offensive capabilities either.

    This is the problem when they nerf to much without knowing the origins of the original Planetside.
  9. Demigan

    Or you just decloak 5 seconds before you attack, most enemies won't notice you and 5 seconds driving is too far away to hear the decloak most of the time... Assuming you've learned to drive stealthily without the cloak. Also it's still mind-numbingly easy to just pick off damaged vehicles.

    I think this is more a L2P issue (in the actual sense, not in the insult sense) than an issue with the cloak. I would have even done the nerf differently by making any weapon on the Flash require a chargeup before you can fire after decloaking.
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  10. Demigan

    It was most definitely not designed against the Heavy Flash. How could it? A Heavy Flash still works "normally", as you can still decloak and one-salvo a tank from the rear, you just don't cloak as fast afterwards. Hence I've been advocating locking Flash weaponry for a few seconds after decloaking but letting the Flash cloak and decloak at will.
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  11. Kristan

    I don't care much about AV flashes, since I just Vulcan them. The shotgun cheesy ones needed to go.
  12. Leidz

    Too bad the wraith flash was nerf, some fun moment with heavy and friend destroying zerg in the back, now we can just watch tank overpop.
    We called this flash ride "Zerg destroyer" now you have juste to wait like a lion to ambush the last late tank of the zerg horde and drink a whole coffee to wait the cloak bar being full.

    Idk why some guy say it's OP, it's like a "Rogue" vehicule, deadly if he feed you first, but screwed and OS if you find it first.

    RIP Zerg control
    Hail Zerg spreading
  13. Skraggz

    The shotgun flashes were not the problem though, if you got killed by it then they could have just ran you over instead in almost all situations. The problem was mainly Starfall, the AV weapons burst into recloaking. Why they didn't just nerf starfall and leave the wraith alone is still beyond me, as it is now completely useless outside of just running people over while in stealth.
  14. Moggram

    I see your point... And it is a good one. I just like to know if the nerf was because of heavy flash or just the cloak.

    Also did DBG buff how transparent the cloak is if you are at a stop? Seems like no one can see me...
  15. OldMaster80

    Ah ok, so we need a 2-men battle tank to counter a quad. Why didn't I think about it?

    R.I.P. wraith Flash, never come back.
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  16. Moggram

    Bahahahaha! "The biggest problem of Planetside 2 is it makes no sense to treat a combined arms game like a e-sport"

    If you ues a Kobalt top Gunner like a real tank and not some "e-sport" Anti-tank gun, you would kill alot more wraith Flash. It's a combined arms war game. So play like it is.
  17. raffa2

    We just needed to nerf the gun, the damn starfall, instead the whole platform was removed, this is literally vanu bias being shown off once again (don't think i've forgotten the canis or recent stupid **** like the dragoon with 8 shots default mag with the need of an obligatory "single fire attachment" and its useless exploding ammo or exteded mag to bring it on par of the other factions default battle rifles).
    AI has become impossible as being seen is enough to spell death.
    AV is still kinda possible if you only attack lone targets that are low health, or just by bring a HA friend with a decimator.
  18. Moggram

    I have only seen the starfall one time. Is it really that good?
  19. raffa2

    If it wasn't in a zerg, for a while it was impossible to pull tanks without encountering one or even worse a group of them that would instagib you.
    It was one of the most annoying thing that ever came out in the history of this game, an enemy that cannot be beaten due to its cheapness and effectiveness.
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  20. Moggram

    So... This is all do to the VS and not the cloak. Nice.
    Why don't DBG just rework the gun?