Flash buffs are overkill.

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  1. Longasc

    Feature Request:

    Flash PPA!

    <- runs for cover ^^
  2. Mrasap

    I appreciate your comment but a level 1 wraith is nothing compared to max rank. Something tells me you havent met a proper duo if you were able to drive over them. Granted, the canister is a true flash killer (next to the basilisk).
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  3. Jackplays17

    Yes... which is ********. there nerfing the vehicle because of another weapon/class completely unrelate to a wraith class.
  4. Ixidron

    You need extended mags, so that's 1700 certs + crossbow with explosive bolts (1100 certs), and the other guy needs a decimator with rocket pouch and AV grenades if you want to do something useful.

    If you want to pull that off you'll need a minimum of 3950 certs not counting the other guy, or if we take the other guy into account and he buys the crossbow with explosive bolts, a minimum of 2850 certs are needed (fury+mags+ lvl1 wraith).
  5. Drasilov

    The Flash is pathetically easy to kill. I got mine blown up by a sticky grenade today - with composite armour 2 on it.

    Your average player just uses this to get from A to B. You'd need to be a master of it to be OP - which is the same for everything in the game.

    My basic flash with an M40 fired all 56 grenades in his mag at a sunderer and the sunderer didn't die. Of course, I did in 3 shots from just a random bloke who popped out of the sunderer. That's when I'm not headshotted while trying to climb an incline I could stroll up myself easily or dying because you cant stop when going down a moderately steep incline.
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  6. Mrasap

    Lets not pretend you should be able to down a sunderer on your own. Try a lightning however.
  7. Drasilov

    The sunderer at the time was unmanned - 1 guy spawned at it and killed me in 3 hits. I wouldn't try it if it were moving or firing back.
  8. Freedom Fries

    I love to run battle flash a lot. There's nothing quite like turbo charging through a foot zerg out of the blue or strafing a weakened tank with your fury before doing an epic turbo leap out of there.

    I always use.

    Vehicle stealth-maxed

    That being said. A flash is no real threat on it's own. It's the hyena of the vehicle game,you have to play opportunistically. You can't take any vehicle on by yourself,it always has to be weakened or have its attention on someone else(I get a decent amount of kills from MBT duels).

    A 2/2 MBT will never lose to a 2/2 flash. Especially if the gunner if halfway competent at listening for the loud whine of the flash.

    Edit: How old is that video anyways? That was recorded before Quartz ridge was updated.
  9. Scatterblak

    This. All they really needed to do was stop the flipping over a pebble syndrome. Now, the reverse 180s and quick pivot turns are screwy because of the increased simulated adhesion.
  10. Nintyuk

    For me It's all about the stealth radar flash, an engineers best friend.
  11. radrussian2

    so what? why not let things be "op"(which this isnt) quit crying. your gonna make SOE water down the game even more. just ******* stop.