Flash buffs are overkill.

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  1. Mrasap

    This is a warning from a frequent flash user. The flash, prepatch, is already incredibly effective when used by an experienced driver in the corresponding niche. Please see the video from Paqu posted below if you do not agree. After the current changes, a wraith fury flash with an HA using a decimator will absolutely wreck MBTs from behind.

    The problem with the flash has always been the high cert cost before it becomes effective, the poor handling and the wraith visibility bugs. The latter two problems are fixed, while the first remains. I am posting this because I am afraid SOE will overnerf the flash after MBT users will whine about the OPness of the flash (with good reason).

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  2. SerasVic

    If a high experience do well with it means nothing.
    Thing is the crowd, even with a certed flash , can almost do nothing.

    It's like the dalton AA capabilities, only few guys can do it really well while most of the people just suck with it.
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  3. Xasapis

    Maybe they'll just remove the silly rear tank modifiers instead. Why pull a tank when a battle sunderer is so more durable?
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  4. Pikachu

    Flash can not be overpowered. Give back my 1HK fury btw.
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  5. sindz

    They need something drastically so people dont 9 out 10 times just pull a harasser.
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  6. KenDelta


    inb4 nerf fury thread.

    But yea would be nice to see how it turns out.
  7. DatVanuMan

    Think about it. ONE shell from anything but a Viper will bring this little weasel down. It's just to make the Flash more epic, and THAT is what SOE should be doing to everything in the game. Otherwise, can't wait to Lancer duel:p
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  8. Paqu

    It takes 20 shots from the Fury to kill MBT from the rear. You can have 12 shots on a clip with the upgrades. However 12 shots from Fury + Decimator is not enough to kill MBT. You need to add AV grenade in the mix to get the kill without having to reload in between which means the tank has to be stationary.

    So I would argue and say that two Flashes with Furys is still going to be more effective than one Flash with HA on the rumble seat. All the rumble seat change is going to do is to make it a lot more fun and add new tactics to get the job done. But I dont see it being something that will tip the balance and make it OP if people feel its fine now.

    About the new handling. It will propably be easier to use for the most players, but I found it to be less agile. I cant do 180 turns with the handbrake as Iam used to with the updated handling. It being very difficult to flip is the only positive thing I can really say about the new handling.
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  9. DHT#

    Show me 12 flashes with HAs on the back and 12 MBTs with gunners and I'll show you 12 dead flashes and 12 MBTs with little to no damage. The flash is great as a tank hunter when you can cloak. If you have someone riding with you, they can't cloak anymore, which means you're a fat juicy bunch of XP to any tank driving paying attention.
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  10. Alarox

    Since when?
  11. SerasVic

    One thing i can't handle with forumside is how **** they can say when they know NOTHING.

    YES you can cloak the 2 guys on a flash L2P before posting thx byebye
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  12. Moz

    Two things, fire power and range.

    I agree though, a battlebus is sooo much more durable (especially from the back) than an MBT. The poor Maggys are just food for a decent Sundy crew!!
  13. Xasapis

    Never rode on a wrath flash? If the driver is an infiltrator, the passenger becomes cloaked as well, regardless of class.
  14. Moz

    Wait WHAT??

    They are removing the second guys cloak? You have a source for this one DHT? I couldnt see any change to that part of things in the patch notes?

    NOOOOO00000oooooo...... Please say it isnt so!!
  15. SerasVic


  16. Goretzu

    I am a little concerned about this, and not just against MBTs either.

    The Flash needs a buff, but I'm unsure that when combined with the Wraith this won't be a bit much (and end up with them re-nerfing the Flash in general).
  17. Moz

    Thank you for your factual and coherent reply.

    DHT doesnt normally say something unless he has some ground for it, i would like to hear his opinion aswell please?
  18. SerasVic

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  19. FieldMarshall

    I have no problem with 2-3 well coordinated guys in the right circumstances being able to surprise and outplay random MBTs 1 at a time.
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  20. Yuukikun

    because a tank has way more damage than a sunderer..