Flash.. Bassy or Kobalt, plus stradegy pls

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  1. Moridin6

    fury done
    roadkills done
    about to finish renegade

    so bassy or kobalt, and why/how best to use. im used to rushing through crowds pumping rounds, will that work still or sitting up somewhere to get headshots more viable? thanks
  2. badname123

    Longe range for kobalt. and dont full full auto it like a noob. single shot it at heads. observe the cone of fire.

    as for the basilisk... i dont know. this is going to be harder
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  3. CptLegshot

    Kobalt for sure, basilisk-f is awful.
    Kobalt works best at mid-range, rushing through crowds might not be the best option, try to pick off people 1 by 1.
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  4. Pikachu

    The base west of Jaeger's Fist or whatever it's called in south west Esamir has a window aimed towards the enemy spawn room where you can sit and shoot defenders running towards the capture point like typical PS2 lemmings with their compulsory disorder to defend bases when they have no hope of winning.
  5. adamts01

    Kobalt is sick. Put one on a Blockade or Shielded Sundy and mow down the C4 fairies thinking they've found an easy kill.
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  6. DocteurVK

    IMO, Kobalt, with either a scout radar or wraith module and stealth.
    As with the engie AI turret, take care of Headshots or Rocket launchers. In certain bases, you can use building windows at your advantage.

    IMO, bassie is OK-ish but is too hard to use because of Damage / cof not allowing to deal enough DPS at any range
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  7. Demigan

    Basilisk is handy for picking off damaged vehicles from behind. It's not as good as the Fury, but it doesn't need to be as close either. I also use it to pick off undefended HIVE's.

    The Kobalt is a great weapon for shooting infantry. While Badname's option might have merit I prefer to use the Kobalt in full-auto and cut people in half at mid-range, then turn away and disappear for my next run without ever coming too close. The Kobalt is immensely accurate in full-auto... in 3rd person ofcourse. Takes some getting used to (unless you are one of the sissies that uses an overlay) but will pay off in the end.
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  8. Liewec123

    my only hint is to play in 3rd person and keep moving, watch where the bullets go and you can reliably get kills :D
    (i use wraith btw)
    you don't need a crosshair :)
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  9. CNR4806

    1) He's strictly asking for opinion about the Flash
    2) C4 fairies typically don't go for Sunderers as their first choice of target, as they can't blow up a full-health Sundy

    Back on topic: Basilisk only resembles something useful when you mount two on a Sunderer. Avoid on any other vehicle, including the Flash.
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  10. adamts01

    Yeah, I noticed that too late. The araxium for that weapon is vehicle specific? I don't know what C4 fairies you run across, but they're honestly 2/3 my Kobalt infantry kills on my Sundy. Place 2 c4-s on top where engys can't easily disarm them, die/re-spawn/re-supply, place 1 more and no more Sundy. The Kobalt on a cortium shielded Ant is great to guard a deployed Sundy or just park inside a base to help the infantry, another Kobalt machine outside of the Sundy. As for those 2 weapons on a flash, I still say Kobalt, any Basilisk kills would mostly be luck on vehicles or much easier with the Kobalt on infantry. But of course the shotgun or GL would be best.
  11. Demigan

    I only like the 1) and 2), no the Basilisk part. Basilisk on the Flash is one of it's few useful places. It's not stellar, the Flash has better options in either the Fury for AV or the Kobalt for AI, but even so it's a useful and relatively powerful weapon for a measly 50 resources.
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  12. Okjoek

    I prefer the basilisk, but not for infantry kills. I use it cloaked with my infiltrator to hunt unprotected sunderers in small fights. Often the only enemies will be busy on point and they will leave a sunderer unprotected and the Basilisk seems to do the fastest job of taking them out over the Fury tested in VR.
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  13. DocteurVK

    From my testing it was 100 ish rounds in a default sundie to set it on fire / destroy it at max damage range (so close combat)

    I only liked it to shoot MAXes from balconies in buildings / outposts since you don't always come across them.
    Also, as a medic you can heal your allies with triage, which could probably be interesting (I'll think of a way the flash can be usefull in buildings fights)
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  14. DoucheSlayer

    Hi i have Auraxium flash on ps4 and this is my input.
    Why did i choose flash? Im a troll.
    Basilisk can annoy vehicles from afar like infamous tankriders, kobalt cant.
    You can two clip a sunderer up close and hug it (drive next to it pretty mych touching it, and they cant shoot down at u)
    I found the basilisk to be more fun.
    Are you going for directive efficiency? Kobalt i guess kills more smoothly but honestly with the in n out style if a wraith flash, it never mattered to me.
    Going for fun? Badilisk is the lols :>
    I take m40 for general purpose, renegade for infantry, and basilisk for annoying people and getting random infantry kills

    Sure its not as bad for infantry but given the playstyle of an anti infantry setup, i dont notice a difference

    (Btw, two clips of a bassy kills sundies i think literally, not figuratively, 80-100% faster than fury)

    Sorry for mispellings, typing from phone with no autocorrect and lazines to fix anything
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  15. DocteurVK

    I need to do more tests, but given the M40-F has its mag size reduced compared to the standard one, it's probably true.
    Plus, you have a much longer range at which you can do that.


    On a side note, strapping 2 C4 on a flash then throwing it in a building crowded with MAXes and detonating can make a huge opening. Dirty tactics, yeah, but very effective.
  16. DoucheSlayer

    I think you mean, getting a turbo engi with four arx c4 and another on backseat with 4 arx c4 And then turbo'ing in and then detonating is the best way. Lag em til their pc breaks
  17. DocteurVK

    That may work too :p.
  18. L00seCann0n

    Just mowed down 7 of them in a row the other day
  19. adamts01

    Flash/Medic/Scout Radar/Shotgun=Awesome Indoors.