Flares should not be 100% success

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by saltin, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. saltin

    Why are flares able to fool lock on missiles 100% of the time,this has never been the case in any battlefield.

    Flares and decoy should have a high degree of success but not a 100% chance of success,it's unrealistic,cheap and feeds into the idea that SOE keep wanting complete AIR dominance over GROUND.
  2. Ganelon

    They aren't... often have I used flares only for the missile to hit me anyway.
  3. Dis

    I agree. In fact, a2a missiles should one hit kill everything they touch, need a clip size increase to 100 and a lock on range increase of 5000 meters. They are simply way too hard to use right now.
  4. b0b

    Neat idea. I like prioritizing realism over enjoyment in video games. Can we add a chance for missiles to get jammed and also a chance for them to have manufacturing defects? Dice rolls are always widely accepted in FPS games.
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  5. DexterityJones

    I don't really fly, and I think flares are fine as is.
  6. Nocturnal7x

    "unrealistic", don't go there son.
  7. daskleineviech

    Although it's too easy for ESFs to not get hit, I'm still against it. Why? Because random chance is never a good idea in games that don't involve dice rolls.
  8. HvcTerr

    The only good time to have random chance is when the changes are variations are sufficiently small. That's why it's OK to have some cone-of-fire randomness to your gun, but not to your rocket-launcher.
  9. CaptainRobust

    I'll bet you can totally hover there, wait for another lock, and shoot another missile before he can flare again.

    And heaven forbid that you use your nose cannon.
  10. slannmage

    I just think reload time is too long, that is all.