Flares not working on scythes

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Jakrah, Apr 4, 2015.

  1. Jakrah

    I have bought the flares utility for my scythe and the control settings say that they have been mapped to the down directional button but they do not seem to activate when i press the down button even when I have been locked on to by a missile. Has anyone else experienced this or can tell me what I'm doing wrong?
  2. Cz4rMike

    Why aren't you posting in PS4 forum? Anyway, do they work at all? You don't need to be locked to fire your flares.
  3. Ballto21

    Just slap your flares the second someone starts locking on if you cannot reasonably fly behind a hill, should work fine.
  4. Xiad

    He is saying that the keybinding isn't working.

    Talking to people from the PS4 side of things is like going back in time two years. I'm willing to bet that he has bought the upgrade and not equipped it. Jus' sayin'.
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  5. Ronin Oni


    Intentionally bad advice as joke or...? o_O
  6. Ronin Oni

    ^Prolly this
  7. Ballto21

    well i pop my flares if im locked onto and cant get behind a hill, never been shot down VIA lockon when running flares. Maybe im doing it wrong and just lucky
  8. Jawarisin

    Please let this thread die down... It's a ps4 thread and should honestly be removed from here.
  9. Zapon


    okay, so if this is on a playstation 4, then yea, this is a diff forum, but

    did none of you guys think to cover if he is on PC? I use a DS4 on PC for flying gals and liberators

    if that's the case, yes,the dpad is buggy a little at times and you have to try mashing it- if it still doesnt then...could be the controller, or the mapping- shouldn't be
    /game controller to pc
  10. Jakrah

    didnt realise ps4 closed beta had a different set of forums as this was the website i was sent to from the link in my closed beta invite, I have equipped the flares but having gone to the other forums i can now see that utilities have not been properly implemented into the beta yet, thanks to those who helped, sorry to those who got annoyed :)
  11. Ronin Oni

    You can wait until they actually fire, and let them waste their round, as well as get more distance covered before the 6 second no-lock shield goes away.

    popping flares immediately upon lock attempt seems crazy :p