Flare Guns: Different for each faction?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by PhilDun, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. PhilDun

    Heh, if you spend gold on one flare gun you only unlock it for that faction (it's not treated like a NS weapon).

    Milk it, SoE.
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  2. treeHamster

    There is actually an NS Flare gun as well and it's identical to the ES version, that is SOE milking it.

    Now lets wait for Halloween for the guns that shoot candy corn!

    P.S. I'm certing them both cause I really don't have anything else to spend my certs on anymore... >.<
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  3. Jac70

    It's just the colours that are different and you can choose the NS version if you like.
  4. Koldorn

    Screen shot / video of all of the kinds? Lots of us are stuck at work. :/
  5. Jac70

    Check this channel.

    Here is the VS

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  6. chrisbeebops

    Ah yes of course, gotta have a true 4th faction flare gun. :D
  7. Koldorn

    Looks like an NS weapon; from the chatter I was expecting empire specific ones.
    This is good news.
  8. Psykmoe

    They all look the same in your hands, but the VS version only shoots purple hued fireworks, blue for NC and red for TR.

    But the NS Patriot Flare gun cycles through all colors plus yellow, and NS guns are common pool, right? Seems like the smarter buy. They all have the same patterns of firework anyway, only colors differ.
  9. Jac70

    There are two versions available, one is a stock NS multi-coloured and one has faction colours.
  10. Compass

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  11. Jkar

    Feels a bit underhanded that the 'featured item' is the empire specific one and you have to look for the NS one yourself. That said the thing is bloody annoying, everyone spamming them everywhere. I guess it's best to not play for a few days until the vanity has worn off.
  12. sindz

    I enjoy it, i mainly play CQC and most people atm havnent got their handguns, instead they have the ****** fireworks gun, so more kills for me :)
  13. Compass

    I have the TX-2 Emperor, which is pretty horrible (WORSE THAN THE BEAMER @_@). Might as well get this instead.
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  14. TothAval

    This gun is so annoying, next time you release a fun item SOE please give me an option to disable the effects on my client.
  15. Jac70

    Most times when you pull your secondary you will already have damaged your target - it has a quick draw time and does 375 damage so it will probably save your *** a couple times. Plus it's got to be the ultimate troll weapon :eek:
  16. KlyptoK

    I would only use this for signaling. I wish I could store multiple weapons or alternative loadouts for the class I am in my tank compartment though.
  17. Koldorn

    Probably going for the multicolored variant. Wonder if I can get people yelling about TKing if you launch red fireworks into TR. (Other factions and matching colors respectively.)
  18. llPendragon

    ^This :mad:
  19. PhilDun

    Oh nice. Didn't realize there was an NS one as well. I only saw the one on the launch page. Awesome

    I take back what I said. Sorry.
  20. Phrygen

    yea i'm alittle pissed off about that.

    I think the ES ones have different firework patterns though, and the NS one may only have one spread type.

    Edit: Nope, I got screwed! I'll just pretend i got red only so i could use it as a signal in battle... Thank god i used certs instead of SC.

    Not cool SOE. ya'll should fix that.